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  1. *Prevents taliban littlebird from taking off by crashing into it with no effect to chinook* lol
  2. Ezygle

    so uhhh yeah

    i prefer my cup phones thank you very much
  3. +1 Having worked with several Rivers in the past (but also many Oceans and even Ponds), I can say that this River is a good river. Not to be biased at all, but a medic event? 👌👌👌💯💯 if you were looking for a proper response you've come to the wrong place 🤷
  4. +1 Bought like 3 prestige guns and now am broke. Also increases incentive for US to leave base and gives more money, especially to the newer players.
  5. Bananaking more like Bananaprince see ya mah dude!
  6. Say Hello to Adolf when you see him in Hell.
  7. +1 Although you may have been somewhat of a minge previously, I believe you deserve a chance at EM again and that you will bring new and creative ideas to the EM team and the server. Willing to see past previous mistakes for a better future.
  8. Your app seems to be unfinished, there are several questions that are unanswered as well as the Event Crafting which shows how you would run an event and is probably the most important part of an EM app. As I have seen you around in the past, and you seem to be a capable person, I'll let you finish your app before giving a proper opinion and feedback.
  9. +1 Was a SEM previously (And a damn good one at that), Funky has continued to show good RP characteristics and those of an EM. Great to see him re-applying and if you get accepted I'm expecting some fun events coming.
  10. Your Suggestion has been accepted. US Army's Got Talent is returning to Debrief on the 17th of April after the 5:15, with a completely new range of amazing acts as well as a new independent judging panel. All US & RU are invited. Civs can attend if stripped.
  11. 10:04 best part Not to flex, but that act won first place and $200 000
  12. +1 Fun guy to be around, would make a good staff as well as continue Delta's staffing history. Would change to +2 if you made me some food.
  13. That happens to me as well. Things seem to become pink if i spawn in a certain prop maybe a css prop or something. But once the prop is spawned in, lots of things gain a pink tinge
  14. I think the 2-3 events a day is fine now, its easier for players to come on at various times instead of once a day for a several hour event.