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  1. +1 One of my good Majors, only has been shot a few times by canon
  2. I am similarly not very certain about this either. In rp, medics already would have a lot of kit and gear that they have to carry including defibs and morphine and stuff so I don't think they would have any space left to carry additional smoke grenades.
  3. That looks like the US Checkpoint! Always nice to see local businesses supporting themselves with aid from the US Army!!
  4. So for US theyre adding a long-range ballistic missile, an M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, Walmart, Aerial Strike Drones, Stealth Jets, the USS Gerald Ford Aircraft Carrier, and an enhanced Scar-H. And for the Taliban, they get one of these bad bois:
  5. If nothing else, this alone is enough for a -1 from me Good Luck with your app!
  6. Ezygle

    how to promotion?

    nonono that wont be necessary i think ill just take general
  7. so ive been playing for a few days now and i keep seeing like captains and generals around and i wanted to know if i could become like a captain or a general because i've been playing for a few days and i think i am ready to be a captain now and my dedicatedness to the server. thanks for reading my promotion application. asking for a friend
  8. Change the perms on your event crafting doc so you dont need to request access to see it k thx
  9. Ezygle

    G'day boys

    yes because pp smol
  10. Ezygle

    G'day boys

    "Life is like my penis. Guys just make it so hard." Life is also short.
  11. bro that's actually fucked
  12. Ezygle

    adios bb gril

    sad gamer moment right here pretty sick lof, almost as good as a us private
  13. Ezygle


    got our pickaxe swinging from