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  1. You can check your hours here by typing your steam name in the search bar: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  2. Do you remember what it was you did?
  3. I was thinking something along these lines: or perhaps this
  4. #AsianGangRepresent Stay cool zynix and get that A+++++ then come back to cg!!!!!!!!!
  5. This gives off "james bond has a stroke" vibes
  6. Ezygle

    Im hot

    Hi hot, I'm Ezygle, welcome to Colossal Gaming Military RP
  7. thats me in the background o7

  8. All that can be said, has been. Thank you for being an amazing friend and for exploring cg together these two years. I will not forget this journey for a long time to come. I would say good luck, but you don't need it. o7

    ArtStation - Godspeed, you magnificent bastard., Gregory Comey

  9. Ezygle

    IM BACK!!

    Don't forget to drive to the shop in your brand new Chinese Land Wind! But not before you stop at Sunbucks for your coffee!!
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