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  1. Hello i would like to learn about your lego collection on nintendo
  2. Ezygle

    ban appeal

    You posted this as a reply to someone else's ban appeal lmao Might wanna try starting a new topic here instead https://colossalgamingau.com/forums/index.php?/forum/21-ban-appeals/ also +1 to lights appeal
  3. 团结就是力量 团结就是力量 这力量是铁 这力量是钢 比铁还硬 比钢还强 向着法西斯蒂开火 让一切不民主的制度死亡 向着太阳 向着自由 向着新中国 发出万丈光芒
  4. Ezygle


    detective jake peralta and the rest of the brooklyn 99 r on the case! they need the means, motive, and opportunity for this murder tho
  5. hi guys this server looks cool i might join in the future
  6. i answered the survey you might not know which response is mine tho but thats ok
  7. hello yes thats me the ccp (cool chinese person) i am watching this thread
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