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  1. +1 Even though you have just come back to the server, I still think that you'll do a great job as mod, given how good of an em you were.
  2. rip mundy :((((((((
  3. I wouldn't mind having an xm8 or a stunstick, or even like a couple extra frag grenades to make me feel special like the other regis +1
  4. retracted statement didnt know this was a meme
  5. Doesn't look like he needs an exorcist, looks like he needs some nbn
  6. Hello its me Ezygle. Some of you might have known me as Captain Ezygle from the US Medics #bringbackUSmedics but now i have resided to babysitting the most e l i t e regiment, US Army as well as looking fly af at debriefs. 16 y/o from NSW, spends most of his time playing War Thunder & Gmod but other games sometimes. Don't be afraid to come say hi if you see me around! spent as much time writing this as i did choosing colours