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  1. This whole appeal has been such a rollercoaster of emotions lol
  2. psst grey on grey possibly is not the best idea
  3. Asking for a friend rp name: ian discordid (ian#8208😞 ian#8208 rank current (is that like a blackcurrent or smth? idk): lof lol do you understand the m&m's: absolutely but i think he prefers skittles
  4. Isn't it longer to appeal a 24 hour ban than 24 hours lmao
  5. +1 good person but i think he may have raided the vault too much
  6. I believe he meant for you to write it on a google doc then copying it over to here. If you look at the formatting of other apps, few (if any) would link to something else externally.
  7. lol never forget https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fqb5fZ6yFhIdOJhwIM5V_JfrB7mb1hkVDHaF-jZnsBA/edit
  8. bye bye mister, have fun not gmodding ps major general bob was going to get promotion rip pps still gay lmao ❤️
  9. Cant tell if this is a joke app or not lol
  10. we have big problem. 75th are trying to take the pond and the medbay
  11. *Prevents taliban littlebird from taking off by crashing into it with no effect to chinook* lol
  12. Ezygle

    so uhhh yeah

    i prefer my cup phones thank you very much
  13. +1 Having worked with several Rivers in the past (but also many Oceans and even Ponds), I can say that this River is a good river. Not to be biased at all, but a medic event? 👌👌👌💯💯 if you were looking for a proper response you've come to the wrong place 🤷