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  1. Habibi

    remove p2w JUGG

    model is broken af too like that shitty spetsnaz one just to make things harder
  2. Tried that and its still broken with all the guns in my original post
  3. But my scout could never be selected again even tho I was a higher level than what you need for it
  4. I cannot equip most of them and not too sure why. I did swap them out for other weapons to test out but then after I do so they just glitched. For example this morning I swapped out my ACR Sleight of Hand prestige 4 for a MSBS Sleight of Hand prestige 5. All the weapons that are currently broken are my M249 Sleight of Hand prestige 4, ACR Sleight of Hand prestige 4, Honey Badger Bandoiler prestige 2, Scout Bandoiler prestige 2 and my Scar L PDW Sleight of Hand Prestige 3. A quick fix would be nice. Cheers