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  1. spend all your life savings on a gun for it to only get nerfed to the ground is a pretty common thing too
  2. He has been around in the community for so long and is easily considered a veteran. When he came back to the server he joined PLA while I was the leader and ever since he came back it took him very little time to learn the new rules and things added into the server. Quick learner very experienced player ,does not break rules and is extremely mature. He is a perfect fit for the staff team and a much needed addition. +1
  3. +1 I believe in people maturing over the years and 2 years from his permanent ban is definitely plenty of time for someone to mature up and become reformed from all their toxic behaviour. Give him a chance and we can see how it turns out.
  4. +1 old player thats been a staff before and many commanding roles and a good bloke so he definitely deserves another chance on the server
  5. +1 Known him longer than most people here and I know he will do a great job
  6. Not enough of a playerbase for my other answer.
  7. +1 top bloke and definitely worth giving a shot at em
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