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  1. +/- You were an Event Master with me a long time ago and i believe you were also 1 of my staff too. You worked very hard and you were active at the time too, but now like seen above your activity doesn't shine very well and that's you're biggest issue at the moment. I believe if you become more active then you would make a great Event Master again.
  2. I believe everyone should get a second chance, but for all the trouble you made when you were on the server like the mass shootings you did with 3 others for 'fun'. The toxic behaviour towards the players on the server for example starting fights with other players and once you're called out you act as you didn't do anything and their at fault. Even when you were my staff member you manage to get on the bad side of players causing them to not only hate the EM team but also make me look stupid for trying to help you. You tried also doxing me by giving out a house address that wasn't even mine and then gave that address out to everyone. I believe everyone should get a second chance but I believe you don't, for all the trouble I listed above cant be changed. You've gotten people perm banned because you either wanted help (the mass shootings) or you did everything in your power to get them banned. For that I'm giving this application a -1
  3. As Event Master you didn't do the job very well, when it was time for events you would run off. Event Master is a big roll and if you're running away from your job then I cant see you being a mod because either you wont do the tickets or you would run like you did as EM. For that I'm giving you a -1
  4. -1 I may not be on the server much, but when i'm on I see you minge. Respect is a rank for people who have played the server and are 'respect' on the server. With you I cant say you're not respected and I cant say you are. If you try to be a better person and not minge, listen to staff members and officers I think you'll be a good person for respect but for now my vote stays for now. Had to edit for Pope
  5. DENIED Copy of Ellions Event Master App
  6. +1 I would see myself and the rest of the staff team working with Tony very well, he can be very responsible when it comes to issues on the server and i feel thats what the staff team really needs

    Support The EGG

    I love this egg man, it's extra thicc and very smooth to the touch. This egg will 1 day be our leader
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