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    Regiment Artwork

    Request by Tali Ashley (No @ cause dont know forum name )
  2. Hey Yunder, I'd like to have a chat with you on discord. Please add me when you get the chance. Views#9218

    Regiment Artwork

    Request by @Kaptian Core

    Regiment Artwork

    Request by @Gizmo

    Regiment Artwork

    Request by @Ezygle

    Regiment Artwork

    Request from @Merlyn

    Regiment Artwork

    Request from @midday

    Regiment Artwork

    Basically I enjoy making scenes with the content that's on colossal and other content packs. So any Commanders or Leader of a Faction wish to see a type of scene with a particular regiment hit me up on discord (Views#9218) with what kind of scene you want and I'll make it and send it to you on discord and post on this page. You can supply your own content you wish to see in the image too. I'm also down to make desktop backgrounds if that's what you want, don't need to pay or anything too which is the very nice so don't stress about paying me. Here our some examples, they can be made by the servers content or some of the content I have.
  9. ACCEPTED Congrats on trial, you'll be trained when you're on. I'll be happy to work with you
  10. DENIED I'll speak with you about on what you need to improve on for next time
  11. I've never seen him get heated in a sit or never heard of said thing, saying 'shut the fuck up you should've been banned ages ago for minging' without context is a bit of a yikes and is a big card to be throwing without evidence. I can see you don't want Spicy to be staff and you cant deny this as I've heard a few things come from you, you like asking for evidence against said claims so I'll be interested if you have anything like you've described above. If you can provide the info I'll be happy to agree with you.
  12. If you updated your app I would give it a +1 but you haven't updated it and copy and paste is bit of a yikes, at least update it if you wanna do this, I'm giving a -1
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