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  1. Hey all, i originally asked for Feedback a couple months ago, and around a month or two ago i finished the LHD , and now i've Finished the Island part of it, and i'm rather happy with how it turned out. I'd Love some feedback The Story behind this map - i wanted a map like this ever since i played the battlefield map where there's a Carrier and you invade the island. I was working on it after i'd gotten banned, and feral wanted me to make a map that could be used for events to "demonstrate that you care about the community and that you want to give back", and i was making this map so i showed him it, he thought it was good, and gave good feedback, and i then finished it, gave it to him hoping he'd put it on the server so i could get feedback after a playtest, but that didn't come to fruition, so i just went "fuck it" after a couple weeks and chucked it up on the workshop. I'd Really Appreciate ur Feedback.
  2. Hawken

    Ghett Abusing

    The Time Doesn’t matter. The player count doesn’t matter, what matters is that this video clearly shows ghett abusing the Q Menu, and not just despawning it when people had been using it, but intentionally using the physgun and despawning it to kill people. This is a Clear Rule Break on this part - and there’s no excuse for it. The helicopter thing with “PolAir” seemed very Mingey as well, it seemed like MP’s wanted to fly (which is fine, as there’s plenty of ways to do it), but just straight out creating a airline instead of RPing as an air Unit for MP’s seems mingey, but I wasn’t there so this paragraph is pretty much my opinion.
  3. 1 - no 2 - Low Hanging Fruit 3 - How does being banned prevent me from commenting on someone’s maturity? People can be mature in different situations, for example you’ve always been immature when playing with friends, whether it’s Teamkilling or Insulting people, but the second somebody from colossal is involved, you straighten up your act. I was just immature in a certain situation, as I thought “meh the servers gonna die, might as well have some fun”. While I didn’t expect the punishment, I took it, and moved on.
  4. At the same time, your response also shows the same immaturity you critiscised ghett for. You had nothing further to add, and instead of ignoring it you decided to respond. In terms of ghetts response, perhaps he was attempting to call attention to nana’s earlier response, but there was better ways he could have done this (quoting or saying he copy pasted it from nana’s response)
  5. Suggestion Name: MV 22B Osprey Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Vehicle Addon Pack (Optional): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1435326802 Addon Pack File Size: 5MB Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Because VTOL Aircraft would be a Cool Feature, and also be Unique for EM's and Regis to Use, as it can fly fast to avoid Ground Fire, and would be great for many events. it also has a working attitude indicator. Screenshots (Optional): the only reason im doing this is because wiskey wanted to suggest it so i beat him to it
  6. Hawken

    the LHD Map

    Hey Everybody, i've Uploaded Just the LHD. i'd appreciate Feedback, and what you'd like to see from the Islands. you can download it here
  7. Nah dog y9, could be u, can’t tell.
  8. Wiskey I only - Stole Your Water Bottle Twice - Unplugged Your Charger - Untied your Shoelace after you put your disgusting feet on my bag. In a 3 Hour period, that’s like 1 thing every 45 Minutes. I never threatened you either, I just said that I’d reveal what you did to me to make my asshole hurt if you didn’t +1.
  9. -1 This is Really Stupid, aside from In RP Reasons, it's part of what makes Al Shabaab Dangerous, and Means that even unarmed Heli's have Teeth, meaning that US can be Punished for Shooting Unarmed Heli's.
  10. SteamID: STEAM_1:1:99246644 In-game alias/rank: MSGT Hawken ( think, was either MSGT or SSGT) Ban Reason: 35x Kills with Gas Grenade during GOA Tryouts Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Permanent Why should we unban you?: I've been playing Insurgency with several Community members, and i was encouraged to Appeal again, as apparently there's been a relaxation around Permabans's, so here i am. i (And Others) feel like my Ban Was too harsh for a Solo Raid. i'd like it if my sentence was reduced to that of a solo raid, and i've got many things that could be useful to the community, or it's members (Custom WAC Skins, Maps). i feel like i could contribute to RP, as that was something i enjoyed doing while i was on the server Evidence in your favor (Optional): I questioned several admins around how they would treat my ban, and the majority of the answers i got was that they would've treated the whole thing as a Solo Raid, with 2x RDM (2 MP's i Killed with the Gas). for the Technicality - It was a Briefing/Tryouts. when i raided, i was unaware of rules against killing personnel in either. I checked in the Tab rules section and the Gate, and there was nothing against raiding during a Briefing, or Killing people in tryouts. I was told that there was rules against this inside of the training room, but i was unaware as i've been killed by US and been told "no" by admins when attempting to access the training room so i could review the rules.
  11. Yes that was some great CGI, but it’s nice seeing people actually flying on the server rather than some USAF with a green screen
  12. Hawken

    Top Gun Parody

  13. + 1 this would really counteract the Tali Space force. the only issue would be getting them up there in RP, as the taliban space force can easily get very high, but the US Can't as they can't smoke drugs.
  14. Oh Ok. Yeah, that’s more or less where I’m gonna put the island (albeit, I’ll probably put up a version of the map with just the sea so people can dogfight/do RP on the ship.)
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