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  1. +1 I do believe Midday deserves another chance on the server, I talk to him on discord a lot and he does sound genuine about returning and playing the server properly. BRING BACK USAF!
  2. +1 Active player, Responsible, All round good player & would make a good mod Good Luck
  3. Good idea +1 dart gun is poopoo, I would also recommend that all donator class weapons are auto equipped since the addition of the PLA and them getting the same RPG as the paid class in ISIS makes paying 35$ for special classes kinda dumb, give moneys worth, Except maybe Delta+malakand since they already get the HP buff, Just half a thought
  4. Its only 11 hours, best to wait it out and come back on and read through tab rules, Might not hear anything before your ban is finished
  5. +1 Decent application, matured alot and very active
  6. Easy +1, Good player, respected with-in the community and was a good past EM
  7. +1 Active player within the community, very well known and Very Mature
  8. If you go in game and click F4 you can see all the sub divisions and their perks/equipment
  9. https://www.gametracker.com/player/✧ Blaze ✧/ Here is your game tracker for colossal You only have 8 hours in game, You need a minimum of 60 to apply to be an event master. You have also locked your event crafting so no one can access it
  10. Not really sure what your trying to say there? its not really relevant, and if you got prestige 1 level 80 you been afking, we don't care about the time you spend afking.. The main thing is your activity is basically non existent and you should wait before applying, we want to see you play consistently and make yourself more well know in the community. I remember you tho o_0
  11. Game tracker shows you only been back for 3 days and you already applying for staff.. What other name/s did you go by?? https://www.gametracker.com/player/Y0v3sh/ I think you need to spend more time on the server and try to get yourself known to the new people that have joined the community since you left, and show some proof of your game time or just work them up before you apply. SO -1 For this until you get yourself known and your hours up Also try involving yourself on the forums more as your first post shouldn't be an application.( that just my opinion)
  12. I think your application needs some work, the answers to the questions are rather short and with your event crafting its also short and could use some more detail especially the second part of the event . I think its a good start just need to fix some things up! Also try making yourself more know in the community, Good Luck! You only need 60hours to apply for EM and Dominic has 77 on record Also Is Tet Offensive a map you can use? Those are the maps in the event channel
  13. +1 Iv'e seen you around you seem responsible and capable of being a staff member, Your event crafting is practical and well thought out. Overall good application and crafting. You also have a good amount of game time and you are very active during the week. Good Luck
  14. Legit went incognito earlier while making this and went on the forums and i could type comments.. just tried it again and I get that message?? wot
  15. Can we restrict access on the forums for Guest users, they shouldn't be able to make comments on a thread. Reasons being. * People Not using display names properly (Guest 123) * People commenting on there own posts as an anonymous person * Could be used to harass players without repercussions I know its not that big of a problem, but it just seems strange that they have access to comments, They don't have access to the chat chat-box so I assume its possible to restrict commenting
  16. If the player that is getting harassed and feels offended and wants something done about it they can make a ticket, staff are more than capable of dealing with this issue in game. **You don't need to get offended about something that has nothing to do with you**
  17. +1 Good app and would make a decent EM, Great job with the event crafting alot of detail and time put into it, Good Luck! EM= ded reg
  18. NPC


    The time it took for you to regain sight of him again as basically 4 seconds, he could have thought it had been 4 , Also this seems like something that should have been dealt with in-game, Its not that big of a matter to have bring it to the forums. Did you make a ticket about it?
  19. Game time refers to time spent of the server. Here is your game tracker- https://www.gametracker.com/player/BLT./ You have 119 hours on CG. Also try finishing the application before submitting it
  20. 8/30 days you have played in the past month and you only have 30 hours all up on Colossal. Looks like you just copied another persons app (Lindy's) then tried made it your own. Its just a really trash, rushed app Also the questions ask for a paragraph each not a sentence, try making your answers longer!
  21. NPC


    take a screen shot of the ban info when you try to join the server and upload it to here- It should say who banned you and the reason
  22. -1 You dragged me into a sit yesterday because I blew your truck up while you "where making a delivery to the US". a few problem with that is 1) You took your own sit and demoted me for blowing up your truck 2) I was trying to explain why I have done nothing wrong, but you kept telling me to "shut the fuck up" each time I tried to explain myself I don't see that being a good example of how you should be taking sit if you where to be given Moderator... (I was re-promoted not long after, got a Moderator to take a real sit, i explained what happened to the moderator)( I hadn't done anything wrong to have been demoted.)
  23. -1 Rushed App Not the best response, try improving you application And for someone that wants to enforce the rules as a moderator but says "i try to follow all rules" not a good fit to be a moderator, especially with a attitude you have shown with the response to Ian's reply
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