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  1. Probably denied. -1, not enough time, no effort. play more, get well known, put effort into your next app, than apply
  2. I think we should add a car NPC. Reason being: 1, dont have to put tickets in. 2, could use money to buy the car other than guns.
  3. Who are you? I don't even know who you are? -1, haven't seen you at all, get more active / well known and i'll consider changing my response.
  4. This appeal is a waste of time, your in the wrong, and so is the other guy, matrix stated you shot this player first, which is probably why he started killing you, but if he continues call a admin, your not gonna do anything killing him back. Wait the ban, you should learn your lesson on not to kill back on rdmers
  5. +/- Not much detail in questions, add more detail and ill think about changing responses. Other than that great guy, follows rules, and well known.
  6. +1 Nerves is very active, i see him on everyday, Not mingy, follows the rules, and does what he is told to do. Good luck in the future Nerves.
  7. -1 Your pretty inactive and your applying for EM? i think you need to bring up your inactivity a lot, so for now -1, and you are pretty mingy during the time you are on.
  8. +1 This RPG looks more realistic, this one doesn't have aim control, and it does have drop down which real RPG's do depending on the length that it is fired. The current ISIS one is more to be used on movies with futuristic type of Rocket launcher, because of the aim control. This is a really good idea so it makes it better for the US, because of the non controlled rocket.
  9. Yes, but he should wait a little longer, as he think that hes scale of being well known is 4, meaning not many people know him, i think he should wait a little longer before applying again
  10. -1, i don't see why you just make the application instead of putting it into a document, you do not have enough play time on the server to get Event Master, I have never seen you on the server. I think you need to have a lot more play time, get a lot more known to the server, and maybe try again in maybe a few months from so you have more time on the server.
  11. pfff, what a waste of time this post is, your not gonna get unbanned, you don't deserve to come back after the shit you did to everyone, enjoy your ban Ghett.