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  1. -1 I think you need to play the server a lot more before you wish to apply for a staff position, i think your answers need to be a lot more improved as well.
  2. Really.. your making a ban appeal with only 3 days left? you can wait out the time, you were the one in the wrong, you got banned, than you tried to ban evade, your a well known player, you should know ban evading is against the rules. -1, wait the ban
  3. +1 Great member of the community, old Event master - still has some great ideas - would be a great event master once again Good luck Mr Papa.
  4. I was trying to train you and all you kept doing was running away, this is when the threats of being banned came from Ian and I, but ian decided to take over, i was watching the whole thing and you were none stop yelling in your mic "why dont you answer my question"
  5. It was a good new years, thanks for playing the music
  6. +1 Papa is a well known member of the community, active, amazing application and would be really good for the moderator position. Good luck in the future Welcome back to the community ❤️
  7. +1 great idea, brings another way to get money aswell
  8. Probably denied. -1, not enough time, no effort. play more, get well known, put effort into your next app, than apply
  9. I think we should add a car NPC. Reason being: 1, dont have to put tickets in. 2, could use money to buy the car other than guns.
  10. Who are you? I don't even know who you are? -1, haven't seen you at all, get more active / well known and i'll consider changing my response.
  11. This appeal is a waste of time, your in the wrong, and so is the other guy, matrix stated you shot this player first, which is probably why he started killing you, but if he continues call a admin, your not gonna do anything killing him back. Wait the ban, you should learn your lesson on not to kill back on rdmers