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  1. +1 Good Admin and great person to play, good application!!
  2. +1 Good person to hang around with, well mannered and would truly deserve the rank of TEM. Good luck
  3. Thanks for tagging me with such a good reason :) just came back Friday and see you go and rippo
  4. I can still be on the forums cant i? or dat illegal now?
  5. Bye my friends thanks for all the good comments
  6. Hey!!! you back man hahaha welcome back on the forums anyway
  7. It has been a pleasure serving with the Colossal gaming community! But my time has come and it is time for me to leave, Thank you to the following people that has been friends with me throughout the whole time i was Colossal Gaming: Canoon: Giving me the chance on becoming staff Views: ^^ Etho: Fag Brad: Thanks for the position of Colonel Feralswan: Not responding (Kept going the feral time) Halstead: Idk Ezygle: Who are you? Cap: Arma 3 man Jesus: Goodluck with the mining job Rhys: Keep going with the good job mate Gayblade: You to GooseBumps: Helping me with many things RUNNNNNER!: Fucking legend Tyran: Mad lad Badger: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Asatru: Making me RPO and me training you 100% Ellion: Fag Miller: Keep up the good work with secops! Thank you to all the people mentioned above, if i missed you, to bad I have had a lot of memories with this community. Throughout my time in Colossal Gaming My Staff and ingame ranks have been: Colonel of secops Commander of Navy Seals and 31st Commando LT of military police in FS2 Admin Event Master x2 Roleplay Overseer Again thank you to everyone for the wonderfull time in the communtiy @Bobby fix my rank please
  8. You can have your opinion, but if you have evidence of me being so called "bias" back up your statement with evidence.
  9. Correct, but everyone makes mistakes and learn from them, thats how they become a better staff member of this community
  10. When I was TMOD i had a lot of pressure dealing with these type of sits, its possible that Crysis had a lot of pressure also, he will learn from his mistake.
  11. T-MODS learn from mistakes, you could also give feed back from what happened. He might have been BIAS, but he is only a new T-MOD who still needs to learn a lot, being a new T-MOD does have a lot of pressure during sits like this.
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