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  1. -1, What you did was your choice, no one else's, if you break the rules and get banned for it, that's on you. Wait the ban
  2. -1, where would you get the attack helis from? just gonna keep stealing it or get the US let you steal it?? Chinook and Venom are both a US Helicopter, not taliban.
  3. This wastes your time, there is no such thing as Officer Applications, what you do is you stay in that regiment you like and you go up the ranks, than you will receive the rank of officer, which takes some time and patience
  4. Congratulations.. I don't think we care?
  5. +1 another way to get exp will be good thanks
  6. -1, Improve you answers, before i change my answer to a +1.
  7. BananaKing


    lol, mmmmm
  8. +1, active, mature, and very nice and detailed application and i believe he should have another go on being a T-MOD. Good luck
  9. Bit irrelevant there helium, that is about ingame things which will be probably improved in the near future. Forums are different. +1 views can handle himself well, active on the forums.
  10. Isn't there already a sub class chat? I believe when i was POLICE SGT, i couldn't see rc chat or negotiator chat?
  11. +1, Active on the forums, deserves position