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  1. can i get some f's in the chat f
  2. yoy0yo guys Draogul here back at it again with another vido, enjoy! My channel: SPoonJ ( camera man): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oVAJR7bDEo&feature=youtu.be
  3. +1 Tropica you are a good dude and have been apart of the community for a while. You know how the server runs and who plays it. I have no doubt that you will be a better staff member then all of the current 11 year olds who are being accepted.
  4. yo yo yo waddup guys Dragoul here back with another vido, today we introduce the new homies at the hood keep in mind the people who were roasted in da video were fine with it so dont report us pls You can also find the same video on SpoonJ's (camera man) channel: will put the link in once the video has been made public
  5. as soon as we start getting those views
  6. yo yo yo Whatsup guys Dragoul here back at it again with anopther video! ALl of you guys r new and probs dont know wot prank nation is but we are back and will start uploading vids again Video on my channel: SpoonJ's channel (Camera man):
  7. raspy go back to csgo nigga
  8. +1 Hes been on the server for ages, hes mature, respectful and understands how the server works. He would be a good addition to the staff team. Hes also very friendly and fun to talk to, I think he would get along with the current staff members.
  9. Dragoul

    My Time Has Come

    wow, how did u get that
  10. Dragoul

    My Time Has Come

    u will never get to see my face now
  11. +1 Known him for a long time. Other people have been unbanned for hacking, so I think he should get a chance as well. Ive done a lot for you, sooner or later you will look back and see how much I helped you. Good luck on your appeal I look forward to seeing you on the server once again.
  12. Dragoul

    bye man

    ill be seeing you on the cotton fields my friend
  13. +1 Been on the server for ages and obviously knows what hes doing. This man deserves Respected.