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  1. then thats my other suggestion that I made ages ago, which says to have the same kill mechanics as cod, the +50/100XP on the middle of ur screen everytime u get a kill
  2. dayum dis post still alive, suggestions still stands tho @Feralswan
  3. Dragoul

    RDM Warn

    Yeh maybe in US it works like that not in Taliban, someone not getting out of my bunks isnt a staff issue and you should already know that lmao. Taliban quite clearly operates differently from US, and if you havent realised taliban execute people all the time for not following RP rules its how it goes in the taliban. You still never teleported me back after I got rdmed and I didnt even get to say my side of the story, and ignored my messages, fag move from a mod.
  4. Will the reload time be decreased?
  5. i robbed ur house and raped ur wife in ep 11, shuddup
  6. as soon as we start getting those views
  7. Yeh they are required to do it but they aint doing it
  8. The problem is 80% of the US trainers dont even bring up taliban when training trainees. They dont ask them if they wish to join taliban or how to join taliban, I suggest fixing up the US trainers.
  9. I am leaving for around 3-4 days, going somewhere with the family. Just letting everyone know so I dont get -1's for being inactive. Thanks
  10. The only active chiefs are me johnson and rhys, we do regular tryouts and try to improve our regiment everyday. The reason our regiments are a bit crowded is because all players want to go to our regiments if we dont do tryouts for them they leave to US. Just assign chiefs to regiments who dont have chiefs and that should fix it. Dont get staff to just give them self roles and lead a regiment, this has happened in the past and it never ends good. Give chief to players who are dedicated and active in taliban.
  11. update: 25 armor is the exact same as 30hp legit theres no difference, so changing from 30hp to 25 armor doesnt change anything.
  12. Just to do a quick update on this post, giving 25 armour instead of 130Hp wasnt close to being enough it still takes around 6 shots to kill people unless u hit a headshot everytime (which noone does) and from what ive seen none of the higher prestige guns were even buffed they still have the same stats, maybe thats just me idk
  13. just cuz he has bad english doesnt mean its a joke lol
  14. I cannot agree more, but lets be honest the real problem here is CG itself. CG needs fixing. I know I am not the only one that has this mindset, this server died when this class update came out. It was dying slowly and slowly and now its at the peek of dying. CG is boring, destroyed, toxic, p2w and mainly fucked. WE as a community cannot get more than 30 ACTIVE players on the server for events or the weekend, but as I last recall the server would have 90+ players everyday before this update came out and YES its true the server still had a large population after the update came out but all of the "ogs" and all the active dedicated and "minges"as eleventeen stated (including myself I stopped playing) and the server eventualy started losing players very fast. I have left the server around 4 times ever since the update and I keep coming back because I still have hope that this server can go back to what it used to be. The owners need to start listening to players and stop doing what THEY want to the server because since the update feral and badger have never been this invovled with the server and it looks like the owners being too invovled in the changes of the server was its downfall. I hope you understand what I mean by this, Im just one of those people who has been playing the server for too long and just wish that we could go back to what the server used to be like.
  15. It would of been better if you made it the donation packages give you armor instead of the health regen since the health regen is pretty useless tbh
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