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  1. Dragoul

    Go to KFC Order?

    pepper mayo slider n a pile of dog shit
  2. Did I read that correctly? you said u found a BF?
  3. Your boss literally made those pictures and shared them around first, HXTP reposted them in a discord where they were already seen by the community, he also "leaked" ur YT which was public, like what??? its not doxing HXTP literally repasted what was already public to come at you because you were being a twat to him n a few other players. Obvsiouly HXTp was in the wrong coming after you but you also need to realise that you were provoking him and other players which you still do to this day, stop being a snowflake and get over it. Get over it Rito and stop decreasing this mans chances at playing the server again, this is his third appeal he clrealy is sorry for what he did n just wants to play the server. Who the fuck would make 3 appeals in a row after getting denied 2 times and still put this much energy into them, only a player who truly wants to come back to the server.
  4. +1 Need some actual good guns since all the new prestige weapons were a scam.
  5. Dragoul


    i thought u got rdmed irl
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