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  1. i let u into spets and didnt even mention me
  2. yeh all g no need to rush it better to take time on it and make it fucking epic then rush and make it shit
  3. marmite can i join seals pls @Marmiteinajar
  4. no wtf u mean it was massively overpowered, lol. It was a 2 shot ONLY SOMETIMES for people with armor and it used to be a one shot if u get lucky on non-armor people.
  5. nah this doesnt make any sense, the fucking grenade launcher the 75th get is legit like a nuke its so op it doesnt even compare to the rpg, so buffing the rpg would be amazing since the US get the opposite of an rpg just 10 times stronger.
  6. +1 would be cool to have this on the server
  7. nah no p2w everyone gets 100 HP and the same gun so its fair.
  8. Okay some of the people who have played for a while already know what this is about. I am talking about a Colossal Gaming 3v3 Tournament, this event was held ages ago and it was amazing, people were cheering for different teams there was cool rewards everything was good and the server enjoyed it. I say that this should happen again, but no money is needed in the rewards it can just be extra exp, levels, or the same thing that we had last time, each team represents a regiment then if the team wins they get to do any change to their regiment. This is a fun event for the server and I reckon everyone would participate, I am just giving this as a suggestion the staff and owners can sort out the details, all im saying is bring this back because I would love compete in this tournament. It will be live streamed like the last one, the hosts can do interviews and all of that shit that we had last time. If you want this to happen +1 and try and get feral and badger to actually organize this, so we can start making teams and have some fun!
  9. Dragoul

    The Dayz

    gambon the meme
  10. Dragoul

    remove p2w JUGG

    its a dumb idea considering they can get to u in the same speed as everyone else, but they dont even use flamethrower they hide, spine, and play like everyone else. They are walking tanks, no excuse can change that.