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  1. Dragoul

    able introduction

    shut up hacker pls
  2. when did i blame it on views homeless bitch
  3. Dragoul

    Gaming clan

    well imma make a discord just need people to actually say "yeh im down to make a clan"
  4. Dragoul

    Gaming clan

    For all of you noobs out there this is a legit post, I want to start a clan/group/community where we meet up and play games together.
  5. Dragoul

    Gaming clan

    well not a specific game its like a place for ppl to fuck around and play any game with their mates
  6. Dragoul

    Gaming clan

    before I start this is not Clickbait! ok? anyways I want to start a PRO gaming clan
  7. Dragoul

    Farewell Ting

    "walking around like everyone else" He was such a nice GUY!
  8. its not the number of the ems thats the main problem its how fucking inexperienced and bad the ems are. In the most respectful way the ems are really bad (not organized. abusive, dont really care about their position so they lack in doing their job properly). I agree that ems need more people on their team but you guys shouldn't just be accepting everyone and if your going to be accepting half of the ppl that apply actually do regular training with them and meetings.
  9. get that ruger shit out of here
  10. Now for my actual response. I've known you for a while and you can be a pretty chill dude but at times your also a massive dickhead. I dont see you being a good moderator because I have a past with you abusing and breaking a lot of rules and just not giving a shit. You dont know how to properly use your powers as a staff member. -1