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  2. yeh nah I remember when u joined I was legit one of ur first friends on the server. If ur truly ready to make a change than atleast dont lie in ur app. All Im saying is be truthful in ur appeal and make a new one in about 1 or 2 months since the community hasnt forgiven you yet. Take it or leave it. Good Luck.
  3. u joined the server late jungle...
  4. +1 knows his stuff, hes a real person and from what I can tell really cares about the server and wants to help it out.
  5. I cannot agree more, but lets be honest the real problem here is CG itself. CG needs fixing. I know I am not the only one that has this mindset, this server died when this class update came out. It was dying slowly and slowly and now its at the peek of dying. CG is boring, destroyed, toxic, p2w and mainly fucked. WE as a community cannot get more than 30 ACTIVE players on the server for events or the weekend, but as I last recall the server would have 90+ players everyday before this update came out and YES its true the server still had a large population after the update came out but all of the "ogs" and all the active dedicated and "minges"as eleventeen stated (including myself I stopped playing) and the server eventualy started losing players very fast. I have left the server around 4 times ever since the update and I keep coming back because I still have hope that this server can go back to what it used to be. The owners need to start listening to players and stop doing what THEY want to the server because since the update feral and badger have never been this invovled with the server and it looks like the owners being too invovled in the changes of the server was its downfall. I hope you understand what I mean by this, Im just one of those people who has been playing the server for too long and just wish that we could go back to what the server used to be like.
  6. I know this post been made before but since they arent being taken seriously imma make another one. Suggestion Name: Kill feed Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Kill feed Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): like nothing really to say we all know why kill feed should come back , just bring it back the community wants it and misses it.
  7. It would of been better if you made it the donation packages give you armor instead of the health regen since the health regen is pretty useless tbh
  8. Suggestion Name: Fix the whole pvp thing Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): HP, Guns, PVP Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): OK so as you all know everyone has 130HP now and all the guns stayed the same in stats. First things first this is retarded. Now rifles take up to 5-6 shots in the chest to kill someone and 3-4 headshots, even tho theres medkits and heatlh regen and the P2W class (delta force sential) which if I am not incorrect has even more extra hp. Snipers have remained a 1 shot to the head, but rifles are now 4-5 shots to the head, cmon thats ridiculous. Another problem is all guns basically have the same dmg, a prestige 9-10 has the same dmg as a prestige 1 gun and even half of the unprestige guns have the same dmg/recoil/firerate/ammo as really high prestiges. For example the Golden honey badger, used to be the top dog of guns now its prestige 10 and some non prestige guns are better then it, and basically more then half of the prestige guns are better then the GHB. Its not just the golden badger this is the same with all guns. 1st option to fix this: Buff guns and bring back armor. The old way that everyone liked, it was balanced since guns were buffed and made to shoot trough armor and non armor. Prestige guns were stronger and stronger as you went up in prestiges, thats how it should be and its way more logical then what we have now. Bring back armor, remove the health regen, extra hp and buff the guns. It probably sounds unfair for the new players that guns get buffed again and that armor comes back but thats why you gotta play and level up and earn the guns like everyone else. idk if its just me but the server population has gone down slowly ever since these little shit changes and the update happened. fix the fucking server im done shooting cunts 7 times with a rifle , its unrealistic
  9. do u even play on the server anymore?
  10. +1 even tho i feel kinda betrayed cuz ages ago u begged me for isis and gave me ur word that u werent cheating and now u get banned for cheating not cool. but anyways we been boys for a long time i think u deserve a second chance at the server just this time dont let ur ego control u