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  1. As a rule, the community does't unban people caught with cheats. Your best bet is to get in contact with Ian, over discord and see if you can talk to him about it. Denied.
  2. Sad to see you go, take care of yourself and best of luck with future endverours. o7
  3. Staff Management is currently reviewing your ban, and a decision will be made shortly.
  4. When was the original ban?
  5. Also, if you submit another ban appeal like the last two, you'll be prohibited from posting new ones for a period yet to be determined.
  6. Good luck with your future adventures.
  7. Your ban has been lifted. Please ensure you re-read the rules upon your return.
  8. Higher staff have discussed your ban, and have come up with the following unban conditions. Please accept them below to be unbanned. 1. Not be toxic towards other players (Including telling themselves to KYS or using offensive and racist language). 2. Follow all reasonable staff directions. If there is a disagreement about if a staff direction is reasonable, it is to be taken to the Management team. 3. If another player causes and issue with you, you will not engage with them, rather you'd bring it to the attention of staff. If your not happy with how the staff deals with it, you are to bring it to the Management team. Try to be the bigger man in these situations. 4. Don't intentionally be annoying to be a meme. 5. You're on Probation for a period of three (3) months (exp: 14/06/2021) during which time any breaking of the rules could result in the perm being re-instated, at the discretion of the management team.
  9. If you were to be unbanned, You'd be under the condition that you can't be doing what you were doing (using racist language etc). Would you accept that condition?
  10. Good luck with everything. Thank you for your service. o7
  11. I'm looking into this. I'll get back to you shortly.
  12. Sigh. How long and by who?
  13. Just for the record, I was the one that told Snake to ban you. Your history is atrocious, with 13 warns for spamming / Racism, 8 for misuse of ticket system (Spamming, putting porno links in etc), Q Menu, RDM etc etc the list goes on, your currently in the top 1% of worst offenders on our warn system. Be glad it was a day, because I was of the mind to consider it to be longer. If it occurs again, it will be.
  14. Another Moderation note: Please don't keep posting the same thing over and over if your post is hidden. Decision makers can still see it, but it all does is get you warned.
  15. Moderation Note: There has been a number of posts hidden on this thread due to not meeting the forums rules (not relevant to CG, player doesn't activity play on server etc). Please ensure future posts are on topic. Regards Canoon
  16. Maybe don't fire it at close range to objects, just like in real life? The RPG in real life is notoriously bad at unexpected explosions.
  17. So to confirm, Your a tali, and what faction was Zynix?
  18. Its not what I learnt at School that helped, but the skills I learnt to learn other skills that did.
  19. The Rocket launchers were balanced in a way that made it useful but not overpowered. You shouldn't be able to take out a whole squad with 1 rocket.
  20. Forum Moderation Reminder: Your post must be relevant to the discussed topic and not be personally attacking another individual. Those that don't comply with this rule will be warned / moderated I'll add my thoughts in relation to the above posts when I get home tonight.
  21. Request Approved. Welcome back. Please remember to read the rules and ensure positive behaviour.
  22. Unban appeal accepted. Don't let this happen again unwanted
  23. Denied Your behaviour is still not to the standard we like Please feel free to reapply in 2 Weeks when your behaviour improves further
  24. This seems like something not intended. @Feralswan - Anyway of getting the menu updated so a "kick" command can be added for removal from Regis like the old system.
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