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  1. No response. Closed. Before reposting, please respond to my question.
  2. Ban reduced to two weeks from original incident. Done.
  3. Denied It hasn't even been 24 hours since your incident. You may reapply when you have done at least 50% of your time (I.E a week.)
  4. Gonna go through and respond to a lot of the posts here. Its not. They don't. I even googled it! The only references to aircraft usage was when they hijacked them, and they only lasted briefly before being shot down. Practically speaking, anything bigger then a littlebird wouldn't survive long enough after its hijacked to make its way to the battlefield. Absolutely no. Not only isn't there any reference for in real life, it just doesn't make sense RP. With the new rules, it will make it so that US Officers won't be able to spawn attack helicopters, with them being limited to non attack ones. The attack ones will be donator only at this stage. There is stuff coming down the pipeline in relation to the non-attack helicopters. When it comes down to it, Taliban don't need attack helicopters. There's one simple reason. US doesn't have a counter for it. At the moment, Taliban currently has a counter for helicopters (Guided RPGs) while US has to rely on bullets. The only way I would even consider supporting the idea would be if US got rockets too (I.E Javelin or something similar). Before we start making changes, lets see how we go with the new regiments first yeah?
  5. The ban only has a few hours left, you can wait it out Closed.
  6. Waiting on a response to that before I consider.
  7. @Asatru Since your the banning admin, Thoughts?
  8. Your ban will legit expire just as you wake up. Closed.
  9. I think an auto afk detector would be better so that way it can work for both players and staff. At this stage I'm not gonna force staff to have afk in there names (while I will recommend it) because I dont want it to turn into a "gotcha" type of thing.
  10. I've lifted your ban. Do not disappoint me.
  11. Must be something new, since I use to be able to 😛 In relation to the ban, you understand if I do unban you, if you cause problems, that ban will come back?
  12. I just checked to see and it seems your not banned? Can you confirm you have given the correct SteamID?
  13. But if you were cheating, why should you get another chance?
  14. Who banned you and how long ago are we talking.
  15. And that's why Spetz kills you all the time!
  16. Just remember guys when giving feedback, Please ensure its useful (I.E They obviously have limited control of player-models (Feel free to put suggestions on the fourms for new ones with links to proposed ones)), and ensure theres enough in it so that they know where to improve (Saying "Roleplay" without elaborating doesn't help)
  17. Well, The 12 hours is up. Welcome back.
  18. Can you please expand on your answers, as they seem short.
  19. Thank you for your application. Your application has been denied. This is due to the fact you have only recently returned to the server. Feel free to reapply in two weeks.
  20. Who? Have you gone by any other names previously?
  21. Thank you for your application. Your application has been denied. The reason for this relates to your in-game behaviour not being consistent with the required expectation of the respected rank. You are eligible to reapply in two weeks.
  22. I'm more then happy for Taliban to run something like this, as long as its contained (I.E in Debrief) and doesn't cause significant disruptions to those that don't want to participate.