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  1. Request Approved. Welcome back. Please remember to read the rules and ensure positive behaviour.
  2. Unban appeal accepted. Don't let this happen again unwanted
  3. Denied Your behaviour is still not to the standard we like Please feel free to reapply in 2 Weeks when your behaviour improves further
  4. This seems like something not intended. @Feralswan - Anyway of getting the menu updated so a "kick" command can be added for removal from Regis like the old system.
  5. In a practical sense it would be very hard to get it to work. Best bet is to shoot them
  6. This wouldn't work I'm afraid. Quite a few reasons Firstly, Civis wont be watching chat to see if a message pops up while they are doing donuts of the US base. It would also be hard to police it due to not being able to tell if the message was in range when the player posts it Simple solution, shoot the cars!
  7. From my understanding its based off the number of people your allied with I.E If Every Faction has ganged up on US, the deaths in each of those factions count towards the tali tickets. Intel doesn't fall into it. I am happy to be correct if i'm wrong tho.
  8. After speaking to the owner, you've been unbanned.
  9. I've referred this appeal to the owner, who will deal with it when he can.
  10. Alrighty, I'll explain it here to make it easy for everyone. Firstly, in relation to exploiting, I've discussed this with Pingas, and we are in agreement that it is not exploiting. It would be exploiting if the Helicopter was godded preventing its destruction. However, since the helicopter could have been destroyed, its not exploiting. Its the same with the RU helicopter being an effective Intel defender, or the tali heli bombing the buildings killing people inside. You can shoot it down (I believe ISIS have rockets do they not), Shooting out the tail also makes it harder to control. It is entirely doable to kill helicopters / vehicles. If tali had no way of taking down the heli (I.E The heli was godded, tali having no air capacity etc) then it could be unfair, but considering tali can legit spawn little birds that can launch rockets that can take out helis, you have an effective counter measure, use it. There are many things in the game that don't "make sense in real life" however they occur still (Like Tali/Civs sitting outside the main gate at a hostile area). Taliban have other methods of getting cash / levels, as do every other faction. We can't nerf or prevent other factions getting stuff because a faction doesn't like it. It would be like a rule being brought in preventing Taliban from continuing the raid the base once the intel has left the base etc. Short version Not an exploit, currently allowed within the rules.
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