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  1. What happened after the video cut off?
  2. Thank you for your application. Unfortunately, I've denied your application for now. Your still really new the server and can benefit from more experiences.
  3. Denied. Feel free to reapply in 1 month.
  4. And don't both reapplying to get unbanned for the duration of the ban. It'll be denied.
  5. Your not flagging as banned.
  6. Canoon

    Ban Appeal

    Yeah denied. If you can't follow the template, I can't expect you to follow the rules
  7. According to game tracker, you haven't played since the 13th? Denied for now.
  8. Doesn't meet minimum requirements. Denied.
  9. Feel free to apply on the first of March, 2020, and hopefully I will have forgotten about this.
  10. Your appeal has been accepted. Do not let me down.
  11. Denied. You've only been playing for two weeks.... Feel free to reapply 1st of January.
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