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  1. Another Moderation note: Please don't keep posting the same thing over and over if your post is hidden. Decision makers can still see it, but it all does is get you warned.
  2. Moderation Note: There has been a number of posts hidden on this thread due to not meeting the forums rules (not relevant to CG, player doesn't activity play on server etc). Please ensure future posts are on topic. Regards Canoon
  3. Maybe don't fire it at close range to objects, just like in real life? The RPG in real life is notoriously bad at unexpected explosions.
  4. So to confirm, Your a tali, and what faction was Zynix?
  5. Its not what I learnt at School that helped, but the skills I learnt to learn other skills that did.
  6. The Rocket launchers were balanced in a way that made it useful but not overpowered. You shouldn't be able to take out a whole squad with 1 rocket.
  7. Request Approved. Welcome back. Please remember to read the rules and ensure positive behaviour.
  8. Unban appeal accepted. Don't let this happen again unwanted
  9. Denied Your behaviour is still not to the standard we like Please feel free to reapply in 2 Weeks when your behaviour improves further
  10. This seems like something not intended. @Feralswan - Anyway of getting the menu updated so a "kick" command can be added for removal from Regis like the old system.
  11. In a practical sense it would be very hard to get it to work. Best bet is to shoot them
  12. This wouldn't work I'm afraid. Quite a few reasons Firstly, Civis wont be watching chat to see if a message pops up while they are doing donuts of the US base. It would also be hard to police it due to not being able to tell if the message was in range when the player posts it Simple solution, shoot the cars!
  13. From my understanding its based off the number of people your allied with I.E If Every Faction has ganged up on US, the deaths in each of those factions count towards the tali tickets. Intel doesn't fall into it. I am happy to be correct if i'm wrong tho.
  14. After speaking to the owner, you've been unbanned.
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