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  1. Denied. Please wait one month before you reapply.
  2. Thank you for your application to join the staff team. Your application is Denied. Feel free to reapply in two weeks.
  3. You lied to me when I approached you last time about hacking, why should I take your word for anything?
  4. Denied. Why have you reported this? From what I can see, you and him have had an argument about a non-CG related matter and your trying to get back at him via his staff position. In your opening statement you said he called you dumb, yet I don't see that mentioned once in there. I see he called you immature, which there is nothing wrong with that. Even I call people immature at times.
  5. You've been unbanned. Please re-read the rules before you continue to play.
  6. Seems about right. Your application has been denied, feel free to reapply in two weeks when your activity has improved.
  7. @Sloppy Any memory of this ban or the reasons?
  8. I think I've seen enough Feel free to reapply in a month (July 2019).
  9. No response Feel free to reapply in two weeks.
  10. Last time I went to Tali to deal with a problem in DBs, certain High ranking members started shit-talking us immediately after they thought we left. Some of it is staff, but sometimes, its the high ranking non-staff that need to step up too.
  11. Why should I unban you?
  12. What's your response to this cheetos
  13. You have been unbanned. Do not disappoint me.
  14. If I were to unban you, do you understand that any future issues will result in your removal permanently from the community?