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  1. No. Try again when your not meming the appeal process
  2. After speaking to the Senior Staff and Owners, I've reduced your ban to one day from two weeks. However, When you come back please review the rules in relation to solo-raiding and when and where you can PVP (attack) other players. If you continue to minge / cause issues, punishments will increase.
  3. Appeal denied. Wait out your two week ban, and be glad its not longer with your history.
  4. Do not disappoint me. Accepted.
  5. If I unban you, do you agree to be on your best behaviour, and not cause issues? IF you do get unbanned, It will be your final chance, do you understand that.
  6. Denied. If your going to treat it like a joke, I'm not going to waste my time looking into it.
  7. I'm Currently reviewing this, @Asatru can you post your side please.
  8. You've been unbanned.
  9. Declined. You lost your Respected due to abuse of the rank last time, and you've yet to demonstrate that you can be trusted with it again. Feel free to reapply in 3 months.
  10. You've been unbanned. Do not disappoint me.
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