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  1. -1 your need for detail and depth is low for example when it says "one paragraph" you have a sentence or two, put more of an effort in the questions and then I possibly may change my response. but good luck.
  2. +1 great member in the community, he respects others, hes active and would one of the best people that deserves respected good luck
  3. I have ran into a lot of new US Pvt's that ask "what is tali?" or "how do I join tali?" and when I ask them did their trainer go through tali bits and they mostly say no.
  4. +1 sounds good after the mass recruitment that they did this afternoon
  5. -1 as the others said just came back from a huge loa so its gonna stay, but like what dex said I will change it if you keep up your good activity so far
  6. I have a full carton of apple juice in the fridge waiting
  7. -1 I dont thing you have improved from being mingey and you have been rude to some stuff sometimes before.
  8. -1 never heard of you and your grammar is poor too making it look rushed
  9. -1 App looks a little rushed add more detail
  10. there is a thing called administrate that makes them invis and noclip and you don't know when they do that
  11. -1 they wouldn’t ban people if they thought that they were cheating they would do multiple tests to see and since you were banned you must’ve failed em’
  12. yea it needs more tweaking
  13. I agree should be the same for people at different areas of the country
  14. +1 although I am QLD a lot of people I talk to that are active on the server are either in New Zealand or NSW
  15. -1 As said by matrix not enough hours on the server