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  1. -1 Laid although you have played on the server more than your last time applying you still play the server low (are you a weekend warrior?) If you are a weekend warrior try to put in more hours on the server, try to enforce more RP, a way that you can enforce RP is negotiations for kidnapped soldiers as most people don't do much about it anymore (dk why its a genuinely a fun thing to do). And saying that "they must accept me" isn't a good look, and to be fair they don't really need to accept you they have an adequate amount of people on the staff team and others applying for it, to be honest I believe if you want to be on the staff team join the EM team (after you get your hours up). Please don't be a cocky smart alex in your application as you clearly want it but they don't need you but you need to show them why they are wrong. Please take time to read through all the comments and see how you can take that into consideration to improve your app next time. Also read through over applications that got accepted to try to see what they did in game and how you can apply that in game as well for you. Overall, Laid take time in applications as you are applying for them and at the end of the day they are gonna choose whether or not you are going to be in the staff team.
  2. +1 crazy imagination would make good events
  3. +1 A well known player throughout the community seen him in discord everyday deserves it cool dude
  4. +1 Hitbox bigger than the others, is annoying to play as.
  5. +1 cool dude, deserves it other reasons posted above
  6. +1 don’t really need to explain read above if you need one
  7. -1 Laid, I have you seen on before but not that much, you need to pick up your activity, it also gives you a hint when you say that you are 3/10 known on the server. Also, your answers for the questions isn't that good, it is low detailed, and seems like not much effort was put into your app. I suggest becoming more active, help people out in OOC if they need it, and to just interact with the community more in OOC, discord and TeamSpeak as most comments above are like "Who are you". With that getting through I hope you do take my advice in and improve yourself, but anyways good luck with your application!
  8. +1 Do I really need to say? 1. He is a respected player on the server. 2. He is active player on the community. 3. he is trust worthy. 4. He helps others when they don't know what to do. 5. he is a kind person. 6. Great Maturity. 7. Great leadership skills. And more! Overall, Miller is a great player on the server, he will definitely help the community if he gets staff, Good luck Miller on your application for it.
  9. Neutral Just wondering are you on loa at the moment because you haven't played the server for a bit? but on another note, your answers aren't that good could use some improving.
  10. -1 Seems Rushed, a Joke and treated like it isn't taken seriously. From your SteamID to being "100100101001". To you saying "Please let me be moderator". Plus the app isn't that detailed and looks very rushed, I suggest wait a bit longer because I didn't know who you were until 3 weeks ago, taking it seriously/put more effort and time into the application and even just talking to the community more from in-game to the official Colossal Gaming Discord to make you more well known/liked (not saying that you aren't liked) throughout the community as a whole. Overall, my response to this application is a -1 as it doesn't seemed taken seriously.
  11. But even your time before that was a bit iffy
  12. Neutral your activity in the last 30 days is not that good, your activity needs to improve
  13. Joel

    how to promotion?

    +1 Been playing for a few days seems capable of General
  14. Congrats Diirex, Jackal and Erik!
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