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  1. I agree should be the same for people at different areas of the country
  2. +1 although I am QLD a lot of people I talk to that are active on the server are either in New Zealand or NSW
  3. -1 As said by matrix not enough hours on the server
  4. -1 Never heard you before and I suggest that the app needs re-work but also I suggest spending more time on the server than 16 days as that you have only played 2 weeks and 2 days whilst not having your link to your gametracker so you might be sayings that you have been apart of the community but you might've not been playing for that long everyday for a solid amount of time Needs: - Improve application (e.g. Get your game tracker) - Improve time on the server/get more known through-out the community
  5. -1 anwers looks rushed and you were being a minge the other day
  6. -1 as for the same reason what canoon said why only US can. If they get helicopters they are just going to get to the front gate faster camping them but if you want wait at FOB and steal one
  7. +1 Your app is well made with reasons on why you want to be staff. You are well known throughout this community and can talk to people easily, your activity is doing very well and the thing you need to do is to get on TeamSpeak because I don't think I have seen you on TeamSpeak. But there are some easy mistakes in the app for example you said !kick twice in the ULX commands but can be easily fixed Good luck (my favourite skinny boy)
  8. Now I would spend more time add more detail give like examples (e.g. I will tp to him (!tp)) like do the commands your talking about then you should have more detail then I might reconsider my opinion once you have improved the app.
  9. -1 who? your app is big because of the text size but by the looks of it the detail and the amount of time you took on it seems little
  10. +1 active on the forums and deserves it
  11. +1 He has shown very good dedication, and I asked why he should have get it, (and those answers were questionable) he seems like a good candidate