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  1. + / - With this app I'm not going to +1 you and I'm not going to -1 you I belive that if you pick up your activity it can help your app more. But please proof read and edit some of your punishments for people please take what Asatru said into consideration. But anyways Good luck!
  2. What was your old Steam ID (and your Steam Name)
  3. (fix it please) +/- Same with asatru re-read it, if it improves I'll change it to +1 if it doesn't it will be a -1 +1 Okay so I have read it you've added stuff and seems to do well in-game Good luck!
  4. +1 This cool kid I have seen this cool kid on everyday (less then 3 hours and sometimes more) and is very mature for his age as most people his age pretend to be funny or minge. He does sometimes minge but at a low standards in OOC situations that he can improve on though, as being staff though Rhys you need great responsibility that you have, you need to be active (you are), need to listen to everyone (you do), not be bias to your friends and people in your TS, and not to be minge. You are setting yourself as and example to those that want to look up too people. Rhys you would be one of those well deserved people for that. (if he was power-hungry he would still be commander but I would love to hear your reasoning to that decision)
  5. 1. Fix that please and do your in-game name (SFC of Delta Force) 2. you don't have the amount of time to be a staff on the server you only have 22.7333333 hours on the server "You must have at least 60 active hours on the server." Overall, -1 main reason/only reason is that the applicant doesn't have the required amount of time to be staff.
  6. +1 great guy and no doubt that he will do well (Joel)
  7. +1 active, nice, Good RPer, works well as a team and able to handle things under presure glhf my dude hope you get it, you deserve it
  8. +1 Active is a cool dude, respected and well know by the Community