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  1. Accepted Welcome to the Event Master team. Jump on TS for training.
  2. Accepted Welcome to the Event Master team.
  3. Denied Reapply in 3 Weeks
  4. Denied Due to recent previous warns & behaviour, your app has been denied. Reapply in two weeks.
  5. Denied Thank you for the application, attempt again in two weeks time. (with your own app if you want)
  6. Accepted Thank you for your application, See you on the server.
  7. Accepted See you on the server for your training.
  8. can there be Ghett Fahct in comic sans please with italics
  9. Nice ship meme but are those bionicles in the plastic box underneath your games
  10. . Denied . You have good, extensive event crafting. Due to your recent interactions with another community as staff, it was decided to give you two or more weeks to prove your activity and attitude towards the server. Reapply in two weeks. Good Luck.
  11. Denied As requested. _________________________ Thank you for applying.