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  1. Denied Do this before applying for Event Master. Many staff would like it if your behaviour on the server changes prior to having access to staff permissions.
  2. Denied Finish your application in notepad or word before putting it up.
  3. Denied Consistent activity or dedication to the server needs to be shown for Event Master. Reapply in a month.
  4. Generally the highest ranking online in a faction decides the reputation between other factions what is the days won system
  5. Accepted Be on for training
  6. Denied Reflect longer and reapply in a month. (If you can't even supply a steamID for us to unban, how would you do anything else?)
  7. Ellion


    i looe it
  8. Accepted Be on the server for training.
  9. Ellion

    Merry Christmas

    yayy hha mery chrismas
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