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  1. Accepted Be on for training
  2. Denied Reflect longer and reapply in a month. (If you can't even supply a steamID for us to unban, how would you do anything else?)
  3. Ellion


    i looe it
  4. Accepted Be on the server for training.
  5. Ellion

    Merry Christmas

    yayy hha mery chrismas
  6. Would have advised a longer period of activity before reapplying.
  7. Denied Come back with a good quality, completed app.
  8. Denied Reapply in a week when you have a good quality application with all questions answered.
  9. Denied Reapply in two weeks when you have improved activity. (At least 7~ hours a week)
  10. Denied Reapply in a week when you have a good application with all questions.
  11. I sound like an older timer
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