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  1. Allahu Akbar! !حمار القرف مثلي الجنس الثدي ماعز
  2. +1 Good script, can use a bit better grammar to flow but overall a nice little switch up. I haven't talked to you much but you seem pretty invested already. I'm aussie cunt on the google document btw
  3. Goodbye mundy <3
  4. mooooooo

  5. -1 You've matured heaps but not enough. You still fuck around quite a lot, often breaching boundaries and pissing others off from what I've been hearing. I just don't think you're quite ready with your current attitude, it still needs fixing. You can be serious when you want as shown when being my lower ranking officer. You fuck around a little too much.
  6. Ok buddy, Fix up your app. Make a new one. -1
  7. Neutral The briefings were nice and long, Your event crafting did not have any CSAY commands nor timer commands despite "use full details"... Fix it up, it'll be a 1+
  8. -1 Fix up the app. Little responses in the paragraph questions and poor grammar. ^ Why is your answer in the scenario? ^ Poor grammar, 1 part, No commands showing how to do things.
  9. +1 Give me back my helicopters With jungle's skybox it would force players to have skill rather than them being able to glide safely in outer space like on FS2 I reckon the only reason USAF got the role of being shit on FS2 was because the skybox was so high, enticing astronauts into pilots jobs. On jungle, you've probably gotta dodge trees and all that other shit, something astronauts aren't used to. Jungle will bring back skilled USAF (hopefully) I'd be happy to remake it. make me cmdr pls thx
  10. If you're a scout, you need to learn how to conceal yourself. There are plenty of bushes that you can use in this map. You just probably need to learn when to shoot and when not to.
  11. Hell yeah dud you're fucking good with a guitar lol
  12. +1 I enjoyed your events while you were EM. Just don't understand why you would use a mortar in a mall views we need more event masters
  13. -1 Dunno who you are, cant use gm_balkans as an event map and your playtime is super low. Basically what is said by banana v The maps you can use are as follows; Cityruins / de_desert_atrocity_v3 / de_forest / gm_atomic / gm_coolsnow / gm_coolsnow / gm_diprip_dam / gm_emp_bush / gm_emp_glycencity / gm_emp_mvalley2 / gm_emp_palmbay / gm_emp_streetsoffire / gm_gecasino / gm_industrycompound / gm_islandrain_v3 / gm_redrock / gm_sevenhedges / gm_toysoldiers / rp_construct_v1 / rp_downtown_v4c / rp_predator_v3_016 / ttt_theship / zs_abandoned_mall_v6b /
  14. Ellion

    Farewell Ting

    He was such a nice guy 😞