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  1. doesnt isis infantry get hk 416
  2. +1 GL SPAM. GL SPAM. GL SPAM. GL SPAM. GL SPAM. needs a buff buff the gl whats the point of a gl if it doesnt 1 shot everyone within a 1km radius
  3. isnt this something that should be dealt with in pms or some shit i dont think anyone cares
  4. +1 cool man good discord admin haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.mp3
  5. more examples for model fixing would probably be a good idea + a before and after
  6. Nikolai


    you forgot nomad he should be snr fur by now surely
  7. my car photo is from google bc i cbf going outside for a photo ford fairmont ghia 2004 ~300hp
  8. +1 Just bring back old killfeed tho
  9. +1 Can come across as somewhat blunt at times (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) but is mature, responsible and would be a great moderator.
  10. A lot of the gold guns have superior, lower-tier variants smh what is the point of grinding for levels when higher tier guns aren't even worth it? pls fix
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