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  1. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:58766550 In-game alias/rank: MSGT Nikolai [I] Who warned you?: Asatru Warn Reason: Toxicity/disrespect - Being disrespectful to players is not tolerated as it creates a toxic atmosphere when trying to have fun playing the server. After being asked by staff to stop calling raids shit etc continued to say a raid was bad. OOC or in RP doesn't matter be respectful to the community - warn Evidence in your favor (Optional): The comments I made could barely be considered "toxic" or "disrespectful", I commented once in OOC that this was "the easiest promo i earned", in GC I stated "You guys really weren't prepared huh" and asked "Has the raid started yet" (in a taunting manner), I never once made a directly disrespectful comment to any person. After he told us to stop being dickheads, I asked "why, it was a bad raid", as I didn't understand why we should stop the banter. I was then brought to a sit where he attempted to explain why what I was doing was "disrespectful/toxic", I stated that I understand why I shouldn't do it in OOC but I don't see how what I said was hurting someone's feelings and how being afraid of hurting someone's feelings should affect my RP response considering y'know, how they just raided us, generally if someone is raiding your base you don't pat them on the back and say it's okay guys you can do better next time (In RP). I also didn't see him act on the banter coming from his own faction. I genuinely did not intend to be disrespectful to anyone on the server and I hope no one was hurt by my remarks. I do not necessarily care for the warn, I care more for Asatru to actually consider my point instead of brushing it off as pointless arguing. Apologies for the essay.
  2. +1 MTAR does around 168 damage per second which is worse than basically all regiment guns according to my knowledge. It'd have to be closer to 300 dps for it to actually be more useful than AUG A3 + Medkit + Defibs.
  3. i like this idea and all but what if i want to crash the server i cant just make a ticket and say hey give me a toolgun i want to crash the server smh
  4. Could you provide the actual gametracker link instead of a screenshot?
  5. +1 aint you head developer anyway man just give yourself respected
  6. +1 Respected member of the community, consistently active and would make a good EM. A few minor mistakes that I would like to point out in your scenarios
  7. -1 the sentinel/armoured models look ridiculous it looks as if a child got hold of a 3d printer and tried to print some ghetto starwars armour
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8fYSW53WsM
  9. Neutral You only came back about a fortnight ago and even then you aren't on that much. You should probably come on a bit more.
  10. yes 10/10 give drone weapons we get sprint and a drone sprint is handy but PLA get artillery strikes and rocket launchers AND an op weapon UN get a chonky ass bullet proof car RU get a mad attack heli
  11. hello furberger! sorry but youre video is removed?? can you stop being schube thanks
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