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  1. stupid ban reason for an undeserved ban he only killed 2 neutrals so technically its not even a massrdm, kinda disappointing considering views has been staff for a while yet cant hand out reasonable punishments, telling someone they're getting banned as soon as you bring them into a sit is doing a disservice to the player and the server
  2. Neutral I'd +1 but I don't really think there is a need for discord administrators at the moment, there's already like 7 and there's generally always at least one that is online.
  3. +1 A Vietnam War RP server would be a really great addition to the community! The amount of work needed to do something like this can hardly be considered a lot, who needs more devs and a new staff team anyway? I'm sure that this server would grow to become a thriving new MilitaryRP server in the community. Another great, thought-provoking suggestion like always!
  4. +1 This is a really cool suggestion. The map is COMPLETELY different to the already present junglestorm maps, and the vietnam war theme of this map would mean it would tie in with the WW3 part of the server really well. Keep up the great ideas!
  5. Today a legend dies RIP best bunny hopper on CG
  6. great northern original or iron jack
  7. Nikolai

    post your cats

    my cat died in 2016
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