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  1. great northern original or iron jack
  2. Nikolai

    post your cats

    my cat died in 2016
  3. im 27th on the zynix leaderboard lets go
  4. her ass is the size of the moon Its fake asf
  5. dunno coomed to evelin stone a few times if anyone here says crystal lust imma fight you
  6. Nikolai


    yeah i wanted free minecraft 2013 working no virus and i got baited
  7. Nikolai


    everyone already calls you the biggest clown in cg
  8. It's been ages, he's been active in the community for a while now and is deserving of another chance. Also he plays osu, so fat +1
  9. fuck yeah 3 would be passionfruit imo
  10. Nikolai

    go to fruit beer

    i dont drink cruisers im a real man
  11. When you go to a user's profile, their is an error with the latest messages, instead of saying "Nikolai replied to User's topic in Section", it says "User replied to topic's Nikolai in Section". It isn't a big deal but I figured I would make a post about it anyway.
  12. Nikolai


    habby birfday
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