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  1. new decade new yunder unban this man
  2. Jackal

    new year

    white rabbit is no returns
  3. Jackal

    new year

    pinch and a punch for the first day of the month white rabbits
  4. -1 I want to enjoy Christmas so this will be short I barely know you, apparently you don't even meet the prerequisites for staff yet. The effort you put in to the app in my opinion looks minimal. there are mistakes, so you lied about checking it, unless the software you used is crap. You have been on the server for just over 2 weeks which means you probably aren't very well known ^ This is irrelevant, and in my opinion makes you look immature. merry Chrysler
  5. -1 Not trying to be offensive, but I have no clue who you are. Since I do not know you it is hard for me to make a statement on your character. You seem like a nice guy according to yourself, so I will go with that. Your application feels extremely rushed, as there are countless grammatical, punctuation and basic spelling errors in this application (not to mention your answers very short). You have only been on the forums for a day or so, which makes me feel you are not very apart of this community. Although you have been quite active these past 6 days, you have also only been playing these past 6 days, and are definitely not an 8/10. Overall the obvious lack of effort you put in this application reflects negatively on yourself, and makes me feel that you will not put effort into being a good moderator. You currently have played slightly below 600 hours, which is fine but I am just telling you so you can your app. I recommend you wait a few more months to reapply so you can become a bigger part of this community.
  6. Jackal

    CG Rewind 2019

    i havent even watched the vid yet but +1
  7. Jackal

    ive fallen

    good luck my mans
  8. Neutral | Leaning to +1 Overall you seem like a pretty decent guy. You are active, and from what I have seen you acknowledge and follow the rules, however, there are some issues with the application, specifically for the first scenario, you state that you would extend the ban length based off of how many warns the person has, but you do not specify what warns would contribute to making the decision of the ban length, are you going to ban someone permanently for having several FailRP, or ban him for a month even though he already has 2 previous MassRDM bans listed in his warns? You have also missed some steps in the process such as taking into account the stories of both sides. There are some grammatical and punctuation errors that I recommend you review and fix such as "and then check his warns, and then decide the outcome based off his warns", and there are also inconsistencies with font and sizes that I recommend you fix, just to make the app look more professional. Good Luck!
  9. helo fagsbreath nice to meat you!
  10. is there something wrong in this photo
  11. -1 You are not going to be accepted. You are impersonating another member of the community, and you have put very little effort into the creation of this application. I personally think you should receive punishment for attempting to impersonate members of the community, but that is not my call to make. You are untrustworthy and unreliable, based off the effort you put into this application. You are unworthy and unfit to be a member of the staff team.
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