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  1. Eh, Chasing someone out of checkpoint to weapon search them or searching people in the vicinity of the base is fine, but it is somewhat completely retarded that an MP can just go out of the base and arrest/weapon search someone no where near the base. MPs are military pigs, not regular pigs. MPs and security operations should be focussed on keeping the US Base safe and they should be stationed at said areas at all times (of course with exceptions). I get that they have jurisdiction everywhere, but come on, an MP should be more worried about what is happening at the US base, not at the construction site. Also, MPs walking up to you and weapon searching you is just dumb, when in real life would someone just walk up to you, look at you, pull out a magic metal beep beep stick and then taze you because the magic beep beep stick says you have a gun, all while blankly staring into your soul through those black shades? "RP"
  2. -1 I have seen you on before, and you are a decent guy, BUT, you state that you are dedicated to the server, and yet you rarely play? Your answers are good, but there isn't enough there, I feel like the application was rushed. Right now I would say you are at most a 3, because of how active you currently are. Put some more effort into the app and increase your activity and I would happily change it to a +1. Also. try changing the colours to something more pleasant to the eye and fix the spacing between your answers.
  3. +1 I strongly disbelieve that the community has actually been "driven away" by Grandaddy Shed using good guns. I think that "driven away" is the staff team exaggerating people just ragequitting, if anything this shows that some people should just grow up, it's a game. The sniper rifles are a core part of CGs current meta and basically everyone that is a high enough level on the server has one equipped, it isn't even hard to be good with the sniper rifle unless you are new to Garry's Mod. Banning guns like the HK416 and HK XM8 is fine IMO as they are pretty OP, but not letting him use ANY variants of the Honey Badger and G36 is dumb. People should be allowed to play the game how they want. Just get good, noobs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #fixyashed
  4. +1 Has previous warn history of FailRP. Everyone is responsible for their explosives, him charging into a confined space like the jail and using a grenade launcher, and the fact he has a warn history shows his inability to properly use the grenade launcher. He has also obviously not learned from his mistakes either considering he has been doing it from a relatively low rank.
  5. +1 Miller is a really cool dude IMO. The answers for the scenarios are good and you are an active member of the community. Made me an epic birthday cake, even though it did almost cause a forest fire; screenshots attached. The colour looks like the Joker had a bit too much fun and let it out on your text. You would make a great addition to the staff team. :)
  6. No tank sir just car
  7. rename SAS to USAF USAF better planes are useless bring back the old helis
  8. Come on down to Dom's Luxury Car Dealershib! We have the best cars, and they are cheaper than your mother's cigarette habit! We have a premium lineup of new Ford Crown Victorias, Ford Crown Victorias, and Ford Crown Victorias! Buy one now for only $14,999 drive away and get a free nicotine addiction, you heard it right, a free nicotine addiction.
  9. Neutral You are a cool guy, and the effort you put into the app is alright, but the effort you put in when being an EM is apparently abysmal. This makes me think you will not do a good job being a moderator either. Based off how many warnings you have it seems you know and follow the rules, your answers seem correct, and you have previous experience being staff. If you can show that you are active I might change to +1.
  10. We are going back to diarrhea fury, they are removing the US and are replacing it with the Isreal Jew Force. All regiments are being removed in Taliban and the only regiment will be Palestine bois.
  11. Neutral You are a cool guy and you are pretty well known, but your activity is very poor. Your application is decent however the amount of effort you put into the scenarios, in my opinion, is insufficient. +1 if you put more effort into the scenarios and your activity picks up.
  12. -1 This effort put into this app is frankly insufficient, in my eyes you are immature and untrustworthy. "teleport them and question them give if there is a good answer give a waning (00.1% of that happening) if not give ban for 3 days", you did not check the punctuation, grammar or spelling of any of the answers, and in my opinion the answers themselves are incorrect, what is the point of stripping someone when they are jailed? There is an unacceptable amount of effort put into the answers, with the length of the answers usually around a single sentence. When saying if you had any bans you said no, then stated you had a ban from July. The link you gave for how many hours you have is a link to your steam profile which does not provide any information, and when I search your name on gametracker you only have 174 hours, not 502. You also only became active a few weeks ago, and your knowledge of the rules from what I see other people saying is not to the standard of moderator. https://www.gametracker.com/player/CoolEthanGaming/
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