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  1. Appeal Denied Your lack of effort in any of your past and current ban appeals show absolutely no reason for us to even consider unbanning you. I recommend you rethink why you really want to be unabnned and actually providing readers with the correct information about your ban appeal. ^ is not the reason you were banned, you were provided this in your previous ban appeal as stated by Badger Proper Reason: PM @Bobby or @Canoon for further questions, queries or doubtful points. Feel free to re-appeal in 1 month (1/12/19)
  2. Able's becoming head admin and LucasH is getting Head Event Master But on a more serious note, details on the update will be released when the time is right
  3. Bobby


    This General Discussion can be about anything related to CG while the other General Discussion listed under Military RP is more focused with CG MilRP
  4. 30th of September 2019 Seats have been fixed. Including: Helicopter Seats Standard Seats
  5. Oh shite you did, but i've moved on, I have a new wife and kids
  6. Topic has been resolved. Locked and Moved
  7. My individuality
  8. Try robbing me next, you won't do it, pussy
  9. Should've done the ticket smh
  10. 7th of September 2019 US, Spetsnaz and Taliban Base Points added
  11. Bobby


    This task a grueling one,
  12. 4th of August 2019 Defibrillators nerfed to 80 damage per shock
  13. The Defibrillator will be nerfed in the upcoming update. Resolved and Locked
  14. Roleplay name: Fezza DiscordID (Ian#8208): Feralswan#2173 Current rank (including faction): US Army General Do you understand the R&R's?: Yes
  15. 3rd of July 2019 A few guns were re-balanced Animation SWEPs added to the donation store
  16. 10th of June 2019 Added the Littlebird AH-6 and Maintenance Station to the server Reactivated all donation packs PM @Bobby your SteamID64 if your donation pack is still not working
  17. 9th of June 2019 All players receive 25 Armour (Previous update) Added Vaults to the server Location(s): Small Vault: Industrial Compound (Objective 3) Large Vault: Research Facility (Objective R) Added Vault Rules Helicopter rules have been updated
  18. I think i had left one of my dolls in the storage room, i'll come pick it up sometime
  19. Taliban Al-Shabaab and Chiefs are now permitted to spawn in the MH-6 Locked and Moved
  20. If you aren't able to purchase the $20 package talk to @Feralswan and he should be able to set it up for you.
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