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  1. Able's becoming head admin and LucasH is getting Head Event Master But on a more serious note, details on the update will be released when the time is right
  2. Bobby


    This General Discussion can be about anything related to CG while the other General Discussion listed under Military RP is more focused with CG MilRP
  3. 30th of September 2019 Seats have been fixed. Including: Helicopter Seats Standard Seats
  4. Oh shite you did, but i've moved on, I have a new wife and kids
  5. Topic has been resolved. Locked and Moved
  6. My individuality
  7. Try robbing me next, you won't do it, pussy
  8. Should've done the ticket smh
  9. 7th of September 2019 US, Spetsnaz and Taliban Base Points added
  10. Bobby


    This task a grueling one,
  11. 4th of August 2019 Defibrillators nerfed to 80 damage per shock
  12. The Defibrillator will be nerfed in the upcoming update. Resolved and Locked
  13. Roleplay name: Fezza DiscordID (Ian#8208): Feralswan#2173 Current rank (including faction): US Army General Do you understand the R&R's?: Yes