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  1. 23rd of April 2019 Added in new flying regiments Helicopter rules have been updated. Read in TAB menu Q menu has been fixed for Officers and Chiefs The following can now spawn in WAC Aircraft US Officers SAS Pilots SAS Fighter Pilots Al-Shabaab Pilots
  2. The ban listed by Ian is accurate https://gyazo.com/d0270ecae8c6fb969a835817f4a48350 (WA time that would be 9:42)
  3. Resolved If you type in colossalgamingau.com it will automatically redirect you to the new forums. Its only if you type in colossalgamingau.com/index.php that this error will occur The old forums are considered as an archive for OG members :)
  4. I would just like to point out that using comic sans may not be the best choice for a formal respected application, if I was you, I would change the font and slightly increase the font size of your application.
  5. be honest, you don't have to lie
  6. +1 People always claim that Taliban don't RP, but this is one of the many reasons why we don't RP with the US, whenever there is interaction between the US and Taliban, US will always take the rank and faction that floats above their heads into consideration, event though it is considered meta-game. They then force RP onto these innocent Civilians, already assuming that they are Taliban and take extra steps in proving it, such as "/me finds armed device in pocket", even after they strip themselves. Another occasion where RP was forced on me was when i had disguised myself as US, as soon as people saw the Taliban tag above you head, they will follow you non-stop, asking to check ID and even though you follow the steps correctly, you are still detained, because they will always find a way "plant" evidence onto you.
  7. Issue Closed The player has not given any further information regarding the issue
  8. Suggestion Rejected The home map colossal_fs2 is currently broken, therefore we are unable to swap to it. Thank you for your suggestion!
  9. Suggestion Rejected Although we do believe that purchasing ammo does add realism to the server, I believe the current economy does not support being able to purchase weapons and ammo. Thank you for your suggestion!
  10. Application Denied Please meet the following Pre-requisites before reapplying
  11. Application Denied Please meet the following Pre-requisites before reapplying
  12. The team chat has been fixed with the release of the January update