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  1. Hey everyone, I've decided that we don't host enough competitions on here, therefore I am launching a CG Forum Slider Background Competition. The winner of the competition will receive a special tag on the forums As displayed in the image, the photo will cover a large portion of the front page. The theme will be obviously MilitaryRP, the rest will be covered in the rules. Rules: 1. You can submit artwork that you have created. If you're working as a team, mention all authors. 2. Screenshots need to be created purely from assets of Garry's Mod. Custom models, textures, and particles are allowed as minor components but cannot be the central focus. No copyrighted material is allowed. 3. All screenshots must be primarily created with Garry's Mod. You can use Photoshop or any post processing tool for minor enhancements but it still should be recognisable as created in Garry's Mod. 4. Your submission must be a .png, .jpg, or .jpeg with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and minimum size of 1920x1080 because all winning submissions will be downscaled to this resolution. Please keep your original image until the competition ends. 5. It is highly encouraged to use the same addons as CG MilitaryRP linked here 6. Your screenshot should not have HUD, black bar on the edges or viewmodels in it. (I did copy this from the Gmod Comp) Recommendations : 1. Create something that fits the theme of the forums, dark, simple, aesthetic 2. As the slider only captures the centre of the image, make sure your screenshots main focal point is the centre 3. The contrast of the image will automatically be lowered by the theme, so don't make your screenshot too dark 4. Make sure the image has a high resolution Original Image Size After Being imported Original After Being imported Competition ends 5/7/2020 Winners will be selected the following week PM @Bobby on discord if you have any questions queries or doubtful points
  2. Denied We currently have enough discord admins
  3. Denied We currently have enough discord admins
  4. Denied We currently have enough discord admins
  5. Accepted PM me in discord for your rank. Let's see how u go
  6. Bobby

    Is Deku a clown?

    Hide your kids, hide your wife
  7. +1 I would like to fly a Cesna
  8. The event masters have taken this into consideration and faction siding has been considered more deeply
  9. Although it is beneficial to have something like that, you will need to wait if you would like a more optimised system. For now just use the presets menu that come with CW 2.0 by selecting your attachments, F3 and saving your preset.
  10. Denied We currently have enough staff for the forums
  11. The whole idea around pre-defined models are to give the players a sense of progression when they climb the ranks. Allowing players to customise their own model loses this sense and provides less motivation for players to rank up, alongside the fact that players can equip themselves with bodygroups that do not necessarily suit their rank rank. Another factor towards this is as @Asatru mentioned, it create slag on the server which is unfavorable.
  12. Accepted See me for your training
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