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  1. Bobby


    Hey man, if have any questions feel free to ask @Halstead
  2. As you all know, the forums are now officially back up and running, will be rolling in a few plugins and as you may have noticed the steam login method has changed to Steam Integration instead of Steam If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to PM me or list it in the suggestions sub forums Updates shown below New Steam category User info now displays secondary groups and displays Steam Info In order to set this up players need to follow the guide in the account settings to set this up Happy Gaming Gamers CG Management Team
  3. Appeal Denied Your lack of effort in any of your past and current ban appeals show absolutely no reason for us to even consider unbanning you. I recommend you rethink why you really want to be unabnned and actually providing readers with the correct information about your ban appeal. ^ is not the reason you were banned, you were provided this in your previous ban appeal as stated by Badger Proper Reason: PM @Bobby or @Canoon for further questions, queries or doubtful points. Feel free to re-appeal in 1 month (1/12/19)
  4. Able's becoming head admin and LucasH is getting Head Event Master But on a more serious note, details on the update will be released when the time is right
  5. Bobby


    This General Discussion can be about anything related to CG while the other General Discussion listed under Military RP is more focused with CG MilRP
  6. 30th of September 2019 Seats have been fixed. Including: Helicopter Seats Standard Seats
  7. Oh shite you did, but i've moved on, I have a new wife and kids
  8. Topic has been resolved. Locked and Moved
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