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  1. 10th of June 2019 Added the Littlebird AH-6 and Maintenance Station to the server Reactivated all donation packs PM @Bobby your SteamID64 if your donation pack is still not working
  2. 9th of June 2019 All players receive 25 Armour (Previous update) Added Vaults to the server Location(s): Small Vault: Industrial Compound (Objective 3) Large Vault: Research Facility (Objective R) Added Vault Rules Helicopter rules have been updated
  3. I think i had left one of my dolls in the storage room, i'll come pick it up sometime
  4. Taliban Al-Shabaab and Chiefs are now permitted to spawn in the MH-6 Locked and Moved
  5. If you aren't able to purchase the $20 package talk to @Feralswan and he should be able to set it up for you.
  6. Bobby

    Problem you

    Hello, I see you discovered the forums
  7. Denied None of the questions in the template(linked below) have been answered. Please follow the template and resubmit your application
  8. I would just like to say, please keep the toxicity out of this post, there is no need to start unnecessary feuds between users and certainly no need to shit talk each other on an application. Unnecessary comments will be removed and warns will be given out when deserved. Now, please keep your toxicity to yourself and give @BananaKing constructive criticism on his Teamspeak Admin Application. (I would also like to state for the future, if you have a problem with someone's reply on your application, talk to the privately and sort it out between yourself. There is no need to call people out just to prove that they are wrong) Please do not quote or reply to this comment. Reactions are appreciated
  9. Suggestion Approved US and Tali should now both have a Health Station
  10. Please use the correct format when uploading a suggestion
  11. There is something similar already in the works Release Date: TBA Keep an eye out on forum announcements
  12. 23rd of April 2019 Added in new flying regiments Helicopter rules have been updated. Read in TAB menu Q menu has been fixed for Officers and Chiefs The following can now spawn in WAC Aircraft US Officers SAS Pilots SAS Fighter Pilots Al-Shabaab Pilots