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  1. You're all below Badger @Feralswan @BigDaddy Check out Badger's Hut
  2. Login to the new donation page and hop in-game, after you have done that, message me/Pingas/Amin and we will set your donation package. Donate
  3. Please follow the correct suggestion template
  4. Please use the following application template for suggestions
  5. Suggestion Template --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestion Name: Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Screenshots (Optional):
  6. The server actually does have a loading screen prepared, it just currently isn't working
  7. +1, I certainly see some potential with your level of coding, although it's simple everybody starts off easy. Good Luck with you application
  8. Denied We recommend that you use your remaining ban time to think over your past actions rather than trying to get unbanned instantly
  9. Resolved The issue has been addressed in the staff meeting. Further abuse will lead to appropriate punishments.
  10. Denied You previously had outstanding activity, feel free to apply in 2 weeks if you decide to pickup your activity again.
  11. Denied Player is inactive