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  1. Accepted Please hop on TeamSpeak to begin your training
  2. All weapons on the server are currently being worked on and there will be a possible gun balancing update in the near future. As of now, nothing will be changed until the gun re-balancing is released.
  3. Moved to the correct section of the forums. Please use the correct template here:
  4. Resolved Staff should not be taking their own sits as factors such as bias can become involved* and the staff team is extremely sorry for the troubles Spooky has gone through. *(Some circumstances excluded)
  5. Moved to the correct section of the forums and please use the proper Suggestion Template
  6. Why bring back 24th? When we can bring back Semi-automatic Rugers? (Bob Jane you won't get this, but when 24th was revived a while ago by @Ghost, he then changed their regiment pistol to the Ruger which had the highest fire rate when changed to semi-automatic.)
  7. H E L L O C i t i z e n
  8. Hello ex-major of 75th Rangers
  9. Denied Please use the proper Ban report template..
  10. Resolved and Closed Kitty/VenoM has been banned for 1 week and has also been talked to.
  11. Locked and Moved Request of User Reopened
  12. oh shit the cops are here!
  13. Warning: Keep this report on topic, any further discussion on irrelevant topics will result in forum warnings. Topics such as other players demotions, arguments between players/staff, complaining, staff dis .etc. do not need to be brought up here. Do NOT quote this message. You have been warned -Bobby
  14. *DENIED* Incorrect Template