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  1. +1 Mature & nice guy. Would do well in a staff role imo
  2. Sick Asatru. I like the adaption of this idea, keen to see how it plays.
  3. Thanks Russ. Fair point mate, due to lack of experience I certainly do not know the technical limitations with Gmod maps. However, you may be misunderstanding the concept of this idea (or i'm not understanding your comment lol) There is no need to create additional maps or do anything different from a mapping standpoint, we can use CG's existing map pool and use these to populate the campaign map. E.g. Mall (Territory 1), Registan (Territory 2) etc. Then once US/Tali sides have decided what territory to attack, we change to those maps. The only thing that would be effected is the RP and preparation behind each event. Re: applying for EM. At this stage, I can't seriously commit due to future time constraints, but open to the idea and i'll certainly consider it.
  4. Suggestion Name: Multi Battle Campaign Suggestion Type: Event Reason: Create a weekly campaign event that players are invested in the result, in turn driving higher levels of roleplay and enjoyment for the CG community. Brief: I have an idea that could contribute and tie into already existing event timeslots. I have planned and executed something very similar for the Mount & Blade: NW community with great success that boasted record battle attendance. This idea could be tricky to implement with sub-facs on the server (Not to mention additional EM workload), but I believe it’s worthwhile making this suggestion and gathering feedback. Essentially, a campaign map is drawn with each army having a HQ at apposing sides of the map. The campaign map could relate to a real life engagement or could be completely fictional. Regions are then numbered and assigned a Gmod map to be played every time a side attacks or defends. To spice things up, support can be added (e.g. Heli, Jugg, Weapons cache) to specific territories and is owned by the faction currently owning it for use in defence only. Prior to battle, faction leaders meet and decide which region they wish to attack. Once decided, leaders then meet with EM’s in discord and announce which territory their faction will be attacking. Whoever attacks first is then randomised and briefings get underway to prepare for battle. See below VERY rough example Campaign map based on Afganistan. There’s definitely room to chop and change the amount of territories in order to ensure the campaign doesn’t become boring or dragged out. Some additional clarity: 1. Attacks can only be carried out if a held region boarders the enemy territory. 1 Tali/US attack and defence per event. 2. In order to win the campaign, US or Tali must capture the apposing sides HQ. 3. Either the faction is responsible for ensuring its members are online and the driving force to motivate activity, or can stick to the current method of sub-facs being used to balance number discrepancies. Similar to the Operations CG has run, bonus levels or money could be given as a reward to the winning side. Keen to hear feedback on if this would work!
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