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  1. i don't get how anyone here is going on about un settling conflicts for the taliban and the us, cause honestly what's the fucking point. the whole thing in the server is that my side good other side bad, i don't want some random sub fac to come in and be like " no no no its time to all be friends again" cause its times like those that just fucking kill the server. us don't need more of a reason to be lazy fucks and sit around us base at the front gate or in the tower so just get rid of un. if there isn't enough people for all sub facs to just be full most of the time or at least have active member on then axe it, it only helps the server more by sending those people to make the ok regis even better
  2. i legit just sat there spam clicking the refresh button until it let me join cause i swear its never done this before
  3. SteamID:STEAM_0:1:425425037 In-game alias/rank: sgt meryl Who banned you?: deku Ban Reason: mass join Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 2 days What happened?: so i tried to join the server but it wouldn't pop up in the normal browser so i had to use the legacy browser which always pops up with a little window saying connection failed when i try to join so i have to refresh it a bunch till it works. eventually it works and then i see that i'm banned for 2 days for spam joining when i didn't even know i was spamming chat. Why should we unban you?: i wasn't even trying to spam i just just trying to join the server cause i hadn't played in a week and also 2 days seems extremely unfair even if i was trying to ( which i wasn't) seeming as people have done it before and gotten 5 mins to 2 hours
  4. i mean i know everyone knows him but his only played 6 days recently out of the whole month -1 also you say that you want to change up the events so they aren't the same boring thing but in your event crafting you proceed to make it literally every event ever made with the exception of making the map flat grass which i honestly don't understand why you would use.
  5. love that i'm unbanned and this still hasn't been accepted or denied
  6. you act like i'm putting them in the middle of the spawn and not off to the side where the only people who would run in to them are people doing it on purpose, and the reason should be pretty clear seeming as you were in taliban, to have a laugh cause i thought this was colossal gaming where we actually have fun with this kind of stuff and not icefuse where you are banned for anything and punished for fun even if everyone is ok with it.
  7. the 3 people thing isn't really fair cause i didn't even mean to do that, as i said after i was sorry and it was just a case of me not watching my screen also the 1st part is just the same case of the 2nd part where the only difference is i got banned in the second part
  8. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:425425037 In-game alias/rank: Meryl Dpl Who banned you?: uni Ban Reason: unintentional mass rdm Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 3 days What happened?: so it was the very beginning of the second part of the event and i had placed a slam and a bunch of people ran in to it, at first i thought nothing of it cause everyone was just having a laugh of it, then i got dragged in to a sit which no one had made a ticket on, an admin had dragged me in to a jail cell and told me he he was going to ban me for 3days for mass rdm Why should we unban you?: i really wouldn't have a problem with this ban if the people involved had actual had a problem with this and made a ticket(which none of them did) which is why I'm even making a ban appeal, it isn't like i'm some new player whose joined the server and is shooting everyone in spawn, I'm a regular player who even use to be em till i left who placed a slam that people ran in to and had a laugh about. ps: the reason why it says new member is because i had to make a new forum account
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