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  1. +1 This application is highly detailed and proves that you are capable and want to help out the Teamspeak server. Please stop eating my dog... ok.
  2. It's called Sugar Tax. Avoid buying those drinks and buy something much more beneficial
  3. All I'm hearing from the people that spoke out was, "Snake the people who trusted and stuck up for you". You were their friend, but they were your toys. Being an absolute twat and backstabbing the people who care about you the most is as low as the bar goes. Lower and you're going to be a criminal. Typing words and saying your "Sorry" is not right, You 100% need to not type an apology, you need to say an apology.
  4. lol, no one used that section on the forums. Lowkey, the only posts on that section of the old fourms were not even taken seriously.
  5. eleventeen

    Gaming clan

    you're looking at the wrong community to make a pro gaming clan. none of us are traps.
  6. i love the slight flaws in the images. and the wiki links
  7. +1 Cool dude, really wants to be em
  8. eleventeen


    first off, you used an invalid template by which you made up. Secondly, it was close enough to four seconds and you saw that he clearly made an attempt to do so. I don't get why you really have to take this to the forums. It's a petty matter.
  9. Lol, there was an event gap on Sunday or Saturday. in this case, it was the 8:15 event where there were no event masters on to be able to hold the event. An Event master joined the server later at around 8:45 pm where the excuse was "it too late to hold an event." I'm not going to give out names, but that was a negative experience which shows unprofessionalism from the event team. I wish to see a change from the event team, but you can't when it feels like there is no boss commanding them.
  10. D E X Y L I K E S C H I L D S E X Y
  11. Suggestion Name: Car NPCs (Car spawner NPC) Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Vehicle/NPC Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): This Idea would hopefully bring more roleplay into the server by interacting with an NPC to get their car instead of a flying staff member with a physgun or a commander which uses the power of gayness to spawn the car. I know there's an NPC out there made by the Gmod Community which spawns in cars. But overall, this can overall help players interact and get vehicles faster rather than awkwardly waiting for a staff member to spawn them in a car or run around the base finding a commander to spawn them a car. This can also help when the population of the server drops due to it being too late in the night or too early in the morning, which results in less staff and fewer players actively playing the server which means fewer commanders. The NPCs will be placed in a roleplay environment (Garages or parking lots if they have any) inside their respected base.
  12. I don't know, You kinda did something that can never be forgotten.
  13. you kinda have been purposely slipping up by constantly disobeying and neglecting the rules which enforce the roleplay on this server. Hopefully, you can turn around and change. Its never too late to change in life.