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  1. @dInGo I dislike people with the skin colour: BLACK because they are N_GGERS
  2. Hello, I have left the server. Thanks to these people: @Deston @Dragoul @Reapara @BigDaddy @Ian @Heinz @Habibi @Sangria @Views @Pingas @Mad Cats @Mundy @Wikka @Wiemers @Razi ♛ @Tristin David @HELIUM @Unwanted @Jordan @LUCAS H @Papa @Codycococo™ @Able @Jacob @King @n[skillz]z @Tander @Clarence @Pedz @dInGo @Raspy @aladeen @Ghost @uno @Robert @MoonMan @Nani Mc'Greese @Canoon @crudes @Bobbo @Bobby @Yak Mid @Deku @Merlyn @Hamad Sincerely, eleventeen output_free (3).mp4


  4. +1 Razi is a mature young man who has an interest in both cars and also has an interest in administrating the "Colossal Gaming" Discord server. Razi is a very ambitious young man and is capable of administrating the server. Razi has learnt from his past experiences, and advances through life with every experience he has had the chance to take. Not only is he a capable young man, but he is a cool cat.
  5. eleventeen


    when you enjoy colossal so much, so you join the army.
  6. i dont get why you were holding the gas grenade in the first place
  7. eleventeen


  8. +/- idk what he even did in the first place smh. someone fill me in on it, i forgot
  9. @Deston stfu ricer, i know you own this car you gay *niceperson*
  10. +1 If you are getting spawn camped, do not spawn there
  11. +1 Old mate isn't perfect, none of us are perfect. Give Midday a chance, that's what Trial staff is for lol
  12. I can see where the current rule is useful. The US always gets fucked in events. No cap. Im literally flying in the sky and looking at map possession during events and most of the time, when Taliban gets the map posession (50% or greater), they always advance to the spawn. By allowing the enemy side to shoot into the barricade is the single most dumbest thing i have heard. It encourages spawncamping. By allowing the side being spawncamped to shoot out without getting shot allows them to jump back into the game without any support. Oh shit, forgot to mention. @
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