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  1. i dont get why you were holding the gas grenade in the first place
  2. eleventeen


  3. +/- idk what he even did in the first place smh. someone fill me in on it, i forgot
  4. @Deston stfu ricer, i know you own this car you gay *niceperson*
  5. +1 If you are getting spawn camped, do not spawn there
  6. +1 Old mate isn't perfect, none of us are perfect. Give Midday a chance, that's what Trial staff is for lol
  7. I can see where the current rule is useful. The US always gets fucked in events. No cap. Im literally flying in the sky and looking at map possession during events and most of the time, when Taliban gets the map posession (50% or greater), they always advance to the spawn. By allowing the enemy side to shoot into the barricade is the single most dumbest thing i have heard. It encourages spawncamping. By allowing the side being spawncamped to shoot out without getting shot allows them to jump back into the game without any support. Oh shit, forgot to mention. @
  8. We should be able to exchange money amongst ourselves through a command. Money is a form of currency which is useless until used. I'm currently sitting at around 1 million Colossal gaming dollars because i'm a stingy cunt and didn't buy anything. I would like a way to exchange money for services, like buying back imprisoned Taliban. Colossal gaming money has a lot of potential for role play scenarios, Back in 2018, Ansar Al-Sharia was a regiment which used handcuffs to kidnap people for ransoming. That was when you could pay the ransoms. Now, ransoming is useless, there is no point of kidnapping US. 'Only 1 Buffalo/SuperDiamond Allowed', 'Only 1 Venom is allowed, and when it crashes you must wait'(or some restriction like that). Those restrictions make the resources scarce and make lets say the US majors and SAS not want to give up those heavily restricted resources. My Proposal is to add back '/givemoney' as a mean to increase a role play opportunity for the US, Taliban, AUSTRALIAN ARMY, RUSSIAN ARMY, PEOPLES LIBERATION ARMY and maybe the United Nations. Currently, Security Operations is currently struggling maintain people and gain people in their regiment, Adding '/givemoney' will give an opportunity for Security Operations to expand on their role play. Scenario: [Civilian] gets arrested for trespassing [Military Police] Gives the option for either an arrest or pay for bail - Lets say max they can put bail is $500 [Civilian] Chooses to pay bail and gets released under restrictions. - Gets everything taken from them 'Stripped' If the Civilian chooses to be imprisoned, they will be put in jail. So when Ansar Al-Sharia was being developed, It's Intention was not to be the Sec-ops of Taliban, but to be a way Taliban can get money through role play rather than other means back then. So Right now, there are 6 fucking factions. US, Taliban, AUSTRALIAN ARMY, RUSSIAN ARMY, PEOPLES LIBERATION ARMY and The United Nations. So lets say Al-Qaeda Bandits have a US SSGT Kidnapped. That can open a lot of fucking doorways, Instead of asking for a fucking object that is useful until blown up, despawned or stolen. They can use money for fucking useful things. Scenario: Taliban Kidnaps a US SSGT and Informs US US goes to UN to organise a negotiation with the Taliban Taliban attends UN Embasy and negotiates with the US They come to an agreement of [$1000] for the release of US SSGT US Pay Taliban [$1000] Taliban Pay UN [$100] for Fees - Thats if the Taliban attending the negotiations isn't stingy Taliban Release US SSGT. To make everyone happy, you need to add rules so this is in order. 'If you are ransoming a Neutral/Enemy Faction's soldier, you must not ransom said soldier for higher than [$...].' - Only Related to money. 'Maximum bail price is set at [$...] - Set bail at reason with the crime committed.' (If a civilian was arrested for trespassing, the bail would not be the maximum asking price. It must be in reason.)(Only for US) 'Scamming is not permitted.' - Applies for everyone. 'Kidnapping cool down is [Minutes] for the kidnapper' - This is so factions cannot just keep kidnapping and ransoming. 'OOC Information cannot be used to determine who you will kidnap.' - You cannot use the name above other's heads, vendettas, grudges or hatred to target a player and kidnap them. (Lets say you fucking hate US Captain eleventeen, you fucking wait outside of the US base and wait for him. He comes out of the base and you fucking kidnap him.) - That used OOC information to benefit them in that situation which is metagame. Thats not epic. Any more rules hmu For anyone who thinks this is going to break the economy, lol the only way to gain money is to kill and fucking capture points basically. Hold my beer while I go print some more CG money
  9. +1 So when I was running Taliban Army, Hattie proved himself to be a loyal person when I transferred over to Al-Qaeda. Hattie is a person who has a lot of potential, in roleplay and as an administrative figure on this server. Hattie shows an extreme knowledge of Roleplay and is very kind.
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