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  1. thanks, I will go to these places today and see if he is still there
  2. This man is a god. The IRL ISIS Senior Commander himself. Please help find this humbling man and in return, he will bless you with 100 goats and a gunshot from his motherland. and also a black whoopie Calling all CGX members to help find this man and all of the colossal gaming memebers. If you find this man, bring him to the CGX HQ at 123 fake street! Good luck gamers
  3. Habib should’ve gotten GOA. he taught us about the correct use of the tool gun.
  4. If you join the taliban faction, you will won’t face this problem.
  5. Lol, here’s a colossal rewind I did before I went on holiday. But special thanks to @Forza [CGFBI Director] For editing it and perfecting it. https://youtu.be/6n3pFFPSlW4
  6. +1 this man is a god at making people +1 u got me.
  7. Herro mr teddy bear. Me erreven teeren. hong kong Hong. shit they are gone. the curry muncher, the ass eater and the dick sucker are holding me hostage. They are feeding me curry and ass. Plz help or fbfc will eat my ass mr teddy bear sir /me salutes
  8. FBFC is inviting all the niggas that let him eat their ass. In return, they ghett to suck his dick Love u my big teddy bear ❤️
  9. ferals dream team more like Ferals dick suckers team