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  1. eleventeen

    bye man

    sad to see a nice man leave. f
  2. oi cunt, I was just browsing through discord and found this random video. Might help you get staff.
  3. i feel like you're just on to grab power.
  4. and you fucking spent $7 on a cancer stick.
  5. it shows how poorly you and others handle money
  6. +1 this is a cool cat i respect this man
  7. +1 cool feline he is a benevolent man who i reverence
  8. Do you understand that we cannot force people into Taliban? No one wants to join Taliban and I can say without a doubt, it won't change. Majority of the players on Taliban are low ranks, and replacing the chiefs would be impossible without being yelled at for mass promoting. If you have noticed, when all the "minges" left taliban, so did the skill on taliban.
  9. Plus one this man is a nice person who I respect.
  10. eleventeen


    Good idea mr balloon. /me salutes
  11. developer 1 Do that in console and look at the top left of your screen
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