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  1. anyone remember when funky threw tiki's self confidence out of the window by posting the staff vote of Tiki's event master application? I 100% remember this... You got community banned for 1 month. Thats fucking sad...
  2. Suggestion Name: Add buy-able ammunition instead of spawning with ammo. Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Menus Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Ammunition currently in the server is not buy-able, but you spawn with it. Buy-able ammunition would be a game changer in colossal gaming and would open new paths, and also help balance the economy by making people spend money on "need items", I.E. Ammo. The server will have a feel of "Ultra Realism", by being able to purchase ammo boxes, crates. It can help the server out by letting people "PAY FOR INGAME MONEY" and also devide the server into two economical groups, The Rich and The Poor. The rich are the people who can carry themselves in the battle by getting more kills for their ammo, and the poor are the people who cant carry their own weight and ammo, either by buying too much ammo or just dying in general. Event masters can also spawn in ammo crates during events to avoid this situation. I.E. Spawn 2 large AMMO CRATES for each faction, if its gone, its gone. Overall, the buyable ammo system would open new economical paths both IRL and ingame, by seperating the economy into two and also the option to "buy money" btw the buying money is a meme, hopefully it does not happen...
  3. eleventeen


    hello i am eleventeen, and i would like to apply for admin! where do apply?
  4. @Sloppy thats a graphics card you egg How amin makes his extra money to fund for his "Google Home Mini"
  5. you fucking sound like you just ate a school before you made this shit...
  6. Don't shoot cunts that shoot you, Unless if they are on the opposite team. You should've have learnt this already.
  7. we do... i got a crowbar that i spawn in with my qmenu