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  1. +1, Recently meeting this player and I have seen his activity on the server has been increasing, I would like this candidate to become staff on the server to bring something else, something different towards the staff team, and I believe this player will do good in either dealing with tickets, or rule breakers, would love to see him and his potential if he becomes a staff member of this fine community. Hartman - ex RU CWO VKS, ex US Scout Commander, ex ISIS man, ex secops cpl (5 minutes being inside the regiment), ex taliban member, ex UN member, PLA Member (boom)
  2. +1 Would be a great Discord Administrator.
  3. +1, I was with this guy on before with Guardian Networks with Azza as was previous Head Dev, then I went away, but when I was with him as staff, even having a rank of a head dev (with all the powers) he had nothing bad happen or did anything wrong, I don't understand why this guy, with all his previous experience, on why he isn't staff I guess (again or so) Just accept the bloody man and stop delaying him ffs, Thanks, Hartman (True OG)
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