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  1. Logar you were my favourite.
  2. Ok. The helicopter thing was a joke. Ironic that you are calling me out for RP when all you do everyday is AFK and wait til I do a single thing wrong and jump on my back. As for the RP thing. I was in there for a very specific reason, the reason I was there was this; I had a prisoner there I was monitoring the situation There was ongoing issues regarding whether or not the RP situation was legitimate or a failrp sit on the spetsnaz part. The main question I'm asking is this; Why - this being completely addressable in game - bring it up on the forums for a minor issue and constantly monitor me and my actions? You are very selective in game with who you choose to tell to RP and give orders to. That's my piece as far as I'm concerned, my actions (besides the heli thing (which should've been addressed in game, by the person affected)), didn't negatively effect anyone. The helicopter was landing and was going to be deleted anyway so I really don't see the concern here.
  3. Hopefully those not doing their jobs will be purged and new staff positions will open up. As for the Giant -1, I just do that for all my responses, makes it easier to see what type of response its gonna be
  4. +1 For you as a staff member, this app is fucking crazy good. But -1 at the same time because of the current staff situation (too many moderators + Mod-EM Ratio is shit atm)
  5. Ok. (This is from when it was first posted) Gonna chime in. Event Masters ≠ Moderators but also Moderators ≠ Event Masters I've spoken to numerous people regarding the "Verbal warning as an actual warning" issue. No staff member should be using AWarn to log Verbal Warnings. Ian himself has confirmed this. Along with other Senior+ Members of Staff. I'm fairly certain Canoon at one point confirmed this. As for the current EMs/Mod Team Staff share, heres the facts/statistics. Heres what the numbers look like in plain text. TOTAL STAFF 36 TOTAL MOD STAFF 23 TOTAL EVENT STAFF 7 TOTAL MANAGEMENT 6 Here's a graph Thats alot of moderators, admins, seniors etc. The issue isn't how many moderators there is but more how active they are and how well they are doing their job.
  6. -1 I'm going to be brutally honest and say I'm unsure if this is a serious app. However if you are being serious I would like to ask a couple of questions. I know this isnt too relevant but how old are you? I ask this because being a moderator can be a very stressful and demanding job not fit for younger people. You are usually dealing with 2 players+ that can be very heated. Is english your primary language? The reason I ask this is because majority of your time as a moderator is spent communicating with other players, listening and comprehending both sides of the story and coming up with a sound conclusion. Additionally, your app seems to suggest this is an aspect that needs improvement Are you prepared to increase your activity? On to the app. What? What? If he is MassRDMing and is well known it is likely they are more then aware of what they are doing. As for the punishment, obviously that will vary. JailTPing is good in this situation but there is alternatives which can be used depending on the situation.
  7. -1. In my experience with you, you are unprofessional and bias. Your activity is also not the best. Also Stop making fucking everything colorful.
  8. He gave feedback. He said he was clearly biased and didn't handle the situation correctly. Bias isnt really something you learn to not have. When you are a T mod, you should be as neutral as possible. Really? Pressure? Pressure has nothing to do with how he didnt listen to both sides. It has nothing to do with the its not my problem take it up with someone else mentality. If he needed assistance with a sit, he has: Admin chat, Teamspeak, Discord, Staff online.
  9. +1. I here about this sorta stuff often. He is in his right to make a report.
  10. www.teespring.com/stores/ghett or if you want the mug its streamlabs.com/itsdanielftw :P
  11. -1 App is horrible. Grammatical errors everywhere. Event crafting needs work. Application is rushed. If you really want to get EM, I'll give you some advice. Ask someone from the event team to assist you. Spend more time on it.
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