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  1. -1 You aren't welcome here anymore haven't you got the message by now?
  2. Taking requests to make buff as fuck looking regiment artwork, here is a picture for reference -
  3. +1 We need him back, he was the only good senior of the EM team. Bring him back
  4. +1 Seems like a well put together application. Although a few answers could be a little better, I've seen worse and have still got accepted. Good luck!
  5. Al-Qaeda none none none none none none none
  6. -1 You have come on the server twice now on 2 different alt accounts, and blatantly broken the rules on them. You didn't even attempt to play the server properly while on your alt accounts and that just shows you haven't matured during your current ban. I believe the community isn't ready for you to be back, you need to give it more time before people will consider you to come back to CG.
  7. First one looks dope I'm not gonna lie last ones a meh +1
  8. I understand where you are all coming from, I would feel pretty annoyed if I got banned for messing around when the Taliban do exactly the same. But unfortunately rules are rules. Yes no ticket was filed but admin chat is a thing remember, complaints go in and out of there and I believe that's why this happened in the first place. Also another thing, just because there was no ticket doesn't mean it can't be dealt with. If we see a Mass RDM in logs, that doesn't mean we assume it was for shits and gigs, it is our job to look out for stuff like that. Although you broke rules, Taliban do this on a daily basis and I believe this only was to muck around with friends. This ban should be reduced or revoked.
  9. This app looks great and your questions seemed to be well answered. Unfortunately, you're gametracker doesn't reach the minimum to become a mod (60+ hours) which in the past 30 days you have been on twice . Be more active on the server and I'm sure you'll get accepted! Goodluck.
  10. Follow the template and fill it out correctly, then I will tell you why I banned you. Also,
  11. -1 You mic spam to the point where it has now become your personality and it's incredibly unfunny. You have been officer once and got demoted after being it for 8 days and your overall application looks like its been rushed and event crafting makes absolutely no sense. There is a lot more to improve overall on yourself and your application. Things to improve: - Know the community on a scale on were people know you are approachable and friendly. I believe the community and staff would know you on a scale of 3-4 out of 10, not an 8. - Possibly become officer to be more trusted, since you have been demoted in the past. - Quit the mic spam, it's overall made you look annoying on the server and simply a main reason I am down voting this. - More detailed event crafting and overall application (fix your spelling please), refer to a successful app here (Alpha's);
  12. +1 Native is a pretty cool guy, he can get a bit heated sometimes but honestly who doesn't lol. We need staff so yes!!
  13. -1 I haven't seen you on the server for long, your game tracker proves why and I believe you have made this app too soon. In my opinion putting a 7-8 out 10 on how well the community knows you is very generous for how long you have been back for, which I have looked and it has only been 1 week. I understand old players might remember you but in the servers current community I don't think much people know who you are. Your event crafting is very basic, you haven't included CSAYS, Reps, Detailed briefings, Timers etc. There is a lot more to improve on this application and I believe you are not ready yet. Also you haven't met the requirements to this application, if you had a look at the pre-requisites it states you need more then 60 active hours on the server and this excludes AFK hours. You've been back for a week and unfortunately on your gametracker it shows you haven't reached the minimum of 60+ hours. Things to improve: - Know the community on a scale on were people know you are approachable and friendly. - Reach the minimum of 60 hours. - More detailed event crafting and overall application, refer to a successful app here (Alpha's);
  14. +1 Tropica was a great staff member in the past and I don't see why not, the staff team needs it at the moment.
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