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  1. How did you rig that holy shit
  2. Still, you deserve a chance. It's always good to give people who's never been staff before a chance.
  3. why is everyone being so mean literally give him a chance, we wont know if hes good or not until he actually has a go.
  4. +1 I reckon give him a chance. Dude is very chill and has been playing the server for quite awhile now.
  5. i mean if someone who cheats gets unbanned why shouldnt you
  6. Should totally make that gif your banner for your forum page
  7. +1 pre chill and a good rust player lmao. although you've ran me over in a truck a few time you're a solid dude
  8. If you haven't noticed by now its a copy and paste off of Jimmy's mod app but reworded and some words cut out
  9. Better be a good gaming desk smh
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