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  1. HyPear Mei

    ok so

  2. you like femboys you ape but for the app not that i really care give it to the cuite
  3. So nice I am very christen boy I believe in the Jesus.
  4. Hello this thing on
  5. SteamID: Im not sure you will probaly know from other things but idk if it changes when i change steam name, also dont know how to find it. In-game alias/rank: SISI NTS Mei/ SideWaysDolphin for when i got unbanned somehow. Who banned you?: Asatru for Views, then Jazmin cause some clown unbanned me. Ban Reason: Something i dont know cause i got rebanned cause was unbanned so it changed. Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): PERM What happened?: Many thing we all know of by now like come on its me but if not, I was toxic and outright disrespectful to players and staff in many many different ways, many counts of RDM, MRDM and VRDM, fail rp, Doxxing and other i think not to sure go look at other appeals to see what else. Why should we unban you?: Really I dont know so many reasons to keep me banned for good reason as well but really who ever unbanned me you are a but seriously you are right to have your opinions about me but I have grown even if you dont think so and for my toxicity that will always be here depending on how it is but if you need give me a set of rules to follow like @Snake said in my last appeal that i think will be a smart idea to keep me in line for a time period of however long.
  6. DENIED Up the activity and lower the racism then you will be accepted but until then smell my balls and try again in 2 weeks. Best cg staff -Mei
  7. Did I come on alts yes did I break rules not really just ban evasion rule, all I did was kill tali and since when was that a big deal tali kill each other all the time. I'm not going to argue with your -1 but really I came on alts to play the server and yes I broke ban evasion and killed allies but still don't see why other people don't get banned when they kill each other tell me that. I'm not in the discord or anything else do if things have been so changed i would not know of them.
  8. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:237692984 In-game alias/rank: ISIS NTS Mei. Who banned you?: Ah Asatru on behalf of views I believe something like that. Ban Reason: Don't know the reason that's on the ban haven't looked at it since I got banned. Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): PERM What happened?: 45+ warns of many things like MRDM, RDM, Staff disrespect and other things I don't know the names of. Why should we unban you?: Despite my behaviours I was an active member of the community known throughout for good and bad reasons many of them that I should stay banned for. I was toxic towards people many times and I understand that it isn't fair on other players to be called retards and other various names and I have seen my behaviours were wrong and have thought it out hoping that if I am to be unbanned I will show more mature behaviour while playing the server making sure I am not to step out of line thinking I can do what I want whenever I want and will abide to any rules put in place if I am to be unbanned. Evidence in your favour (Optional): NA
  9. understandable just give it to him who cares
  10. Ban Appeal Template: Discord ID (name#2003):HyPear Mei#0001 Discord alias/rank: Nitro Booster What happened in your perspective?: well many thing happened with many warnings I don't have any exact knowing if what they are since happened little bit ago know but general disrespect towards server staff, constant breaking of TOS through sending black men twerking or some other NSFW stuff, hate speech videos of Nazi people burning pride flags, many bait videos couple crash videos to all round pretty not cool stuff. Why should we unban you?: Well I'm not really sure why you should, you have all the right to keep me banned and away from the community due to my past behaviours and actions but I feel I have been in the naughty corner long enough to some extent and I wish to be apart of the community again. Evidence in your favour (Optional): NA
  11. Penis is very smelly finally have time to shower now you left the server get in there boy stinky cock
  12. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:237692984 In-game alias/rank: ISIS NTS Mei Who banned you?: Big man did Ban Reason: lots of things idk cant look what was actually written there Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): PERM What happened?: lots of thing just check the warn list Why should we unban you?: Im Coolniceguy23 think about it im cool and nice best combo and idk high server numbers good only if one extra low numbers big bad Evidence in your favor (Optional): Look at this cat getting a mad fade trim.6CCEBEC0-B898-48D7-A572-3B1E13FCD111.mov
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