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  1. yes it no it wasn't, if you read. I explained it wasn't and it was for sending a gif.
  2. in my ban it was because off the gif I sent, snake said in the ban "I said don't send it again" didn't say anything about toxicity
  3. Ban Appeal Template: Discord ID (name#2003): Swampus.#9024 Discord alias/rank: Al shabab Daddy Swamp What happened in your perspective?: I sent a gif of a baby with the name Andreas in it, I'm not going to mention there discord name because I don't want t get in trouble for doxing again but even they said to me in person that they didn't really care I was sending it. Why should we unban you?: I have been banned for like 2-3 weeks now and I think that is a reasonable ban time for sending a gif with a name in it. Evidence in your favor (Optional): None
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