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  1. Bro I haven’t cheated on alts the whole reason I made those alts was just to play normally. I don’t even remember having any interaction with you man, I know you by name but I barely know anything about you or even talked to you before.
  2. You have no proof of me using cheats on alts and I was mainly streaming my game on Tony Montana alt which I was cheating on or any of the alts. And on the Tony Montana acc I was in a voice chat were I said it was me Mudcrab. You know it’s your word against mine so you are just trying to get a reaction at this point which you are not getting. Moreover you seem to be quiet the judge of character when you yourself aren’t a saint. I haven’t attacked your character, however you attack my character in an attempt to disprove me. And I wasn’t lying I haven’t cheated on any of the alt accounts I would just play normally like any other player.
  3. I didn’t use cheats on alts I don’t think you understand friend. And Asatru didn’t catch me mid call I literally came forward and said hey I’m an alt of Mudcrab. But hey change the narrative so you can have a laugh
  4. Asatru didn’t wasn’t the one who banned the alts and I didn’t use cheats on the alts lol.
  5. No I won’t stop trying and I don’t particularly care if people have made jokes about me. Also I’m not sure why you brought up Syn who I haven’t mentioned nor have any connection to. Also it quiet odd that you messaged me one day asking me about whether or not I had alt on CG and you said you didn’t care that I made one but then you turn around and say what you just said.
  6. SteamID:76561198356465134 In-game alias/rank: Mudcrab/PVT or PFC not quite sure Who banned you?: Views Ban Reason:Cheating Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Perm What happened?: In summary i got caught cheating one day and left the server prior no cheats were used some were experimented with outside of the server. I won't address the nuances of why i cheated as I'm owning up to the fact that the situation would've been handled differently by me. Why should we unban you?: Once again I'm aware of the fact of making alts, however i was playing normally with no ill will. I wanted to play the server plain and simple. I believe that every punishment has due and mine has been paid; moreover i have learned to not be so confrontational at the discretion of other players (Yapopey and godofcats) who i seeked advice from seeing they were easy to talk to and nice. I wont go into any loopholes or justifications to why i did cheat. I only request that you find me worthy of a second chance of redemption and to play the server again thank you. Evidence in your favor (Optional): None.
  7. Miller is kind of a peaceful dude he was joking around doesn't really deserve a ban.
  8. You said stop when i entered the call with a voice changer as a joke completely and unrelated to whole matter of the ban appeal And by the way you said stop and then i left the call shortly afterwards.
  9. Say what you want Asatru the day i got banned is the only day i ever had cheats on the server whether or not you believe that is up to you. On the Tony Montana account i streamed my game often and showed that i had no cheats and no intention of getting cheats. I also remember mentioning to you in that little call we had that i had hacks yes; but only used them on a singleplayer server. The thing i have right now is my word and I'am sticking by it.
  10. Ban Appeal Template: SteamID:76561198356465134 In-game alias/rank: US PVT Mudcrab Who banned you?: Views Ban Reason:Cheating Ban Duration:Permanent What happened?: The whole ordeal began when i experienced a huge amount of toxicity on the server from other players which i reciprocated poorly with comments and insults. The fights in ooc would eventually start getting noticed by commanding officers in the US which gave me the reputation of a minge which i didn't quite like. The situation was also made worse when i tired joining marines and Yapopey (who i have no problems with and is one of the nicest dudes on the server) said i couldn't because of the fights i had in ooc i have also been paid a visited by merlyn who demonstrated the same concern as Yapopey. After all was said and done i went to join 75th all went well till Ozziefan (i think) said what everyone else was saying. The whole situation made me angry and one faithful day i decided to use a cheat by the name of smeghack on the server it took about 15 minutes for me to get dragged into a sit and get banned. Why should we unban you?:I have made an alt account by the name of Tony Montana. Although me i broke the rule of ban evading i feel like i demonstrated a willingness to be friends with everyone and during the time i have made an effort to always stream my game to show that i'm not cheating anymore or planning on doing so in the near future i'm also eager to rejoin the community in the hopes of helping the 75th boys back to strength. I also am eager to come back with more self control over my anger to prevent a case like this from every occurring again. Evidence in your favor (Optional): Despite me having next to no evidence the only thing i can say is that the day i got banned it the only day i ever used cheats on colossal gaming i did have other cheats but i only used them in a single player server with bots. I also had a previous discussion with godofcats about the accusation that i was cheating beforehand and he informed that before the day i got banned there was nothing concrete or conclusive on me.
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