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  1. I think indestructability now from all your points is fair, if they were to raise the hp of the wheels it'd need to be high enough so a single tali rocket doesn't immobilise the vehicle but not high enough where halting a raid is impossible. This is true, I think the cannot fearRP any vehicle from the US was a bit of a stretch. I would say cannot fearRP on objectives is fairer because it's an active warzone, it's nonsensical to be able to fearRP out of a car while in the middle of a hostile environment. The Taliban aren't disadvantaged because they can still stop points from being taken and shoot at a defenceless vehicles. Pingas the greater issue is that the new US members and current US members don't have a good incentive to leave base it's better to stay in base and wait for events or camp checkpoint because of the way things are now. I don't know a good solution for that but something has got to be done.
  2. Clearly you haven't played on the server long enough, most US captures are due to our own members willing walking into bases, most cases of fearRP result in people just being killed as soon as they get out of the car. Oh boy, the skill argument. Look if one side is vastly greater in skill then another side then an advantage must be given to the opposing side. Do you think it'd be fair to make a NBA professional vs a high school kid in a game of basketball? No, because the skill difference is vastly different. In the situation where the skill is this dramatically different it is ideal to give the less skill side an advantage as this equalises the playing field. The change isn't even offensive, it is a defensive one, in rise of recent development of attack helicopters showing up a lot more in number for the taliban side. "oh just get skilled players" that's entirely a flawed argument, we can't force skilled pilots to be on a side, that's entirely up to the person's choice, It's difficult to take your point seriously because it literally does not help in anyway to mitigate the issue. Just because there is balance, DOES NOT mean that it is balanced. Oh also the US gets lots of people BECAUSE WE ALWAYS GET THE NEW ONES. How bout you automatically make people join taliban when they join instead of US??? maybe that'll up your numbers. While this would've been a valid point for Jungle, the current map is registan and the exit is the most TEDIOUS exit to get to in a humvee or canvas, Kruuze and Yapoppey can leave via the other exit easily because they get Buffalos that can spawn in themselves, what is the average player suppose to do? Look right now the PVP is abyssmal, the US never leave base because it is the only safe place they can be most of the time, there is no incentive to leave the base for the US, there is no reward only RISK, I have spent a majority of my time leaving the base and experiencing the stuff outside the base and I gotta say, THERE AINT MUCH. Most of the taliban that want fighting are at the checkpoints, in attack helicopters or camping around the map! Time and time again I ALWAYS get jumped by an attack heli and there is virtually nothing I can do! If I wanted to cap an objective safely without blowing up, I can't! When 1 attack heli goes down another shows up in it's place because of how many attack pilots there are. The only time it is remotely possible is during low pop hours and at that point it's just a mindless grind without fight. You know the PVP is terrible when US have to avoid confrontations instead of taking up fights, because of load of disadvantages that come with being OUTSIDE THE BASE TLDR;Hostage situations are done mostly when US want it to happen, Skill differences between sides should insight balance for newer players, stop paraphrasing to twist my original meaning and there is no incentive to leaving the base because the risk outweighs the reward for NEWER PLAYERS.
  3. Ah yes let me just hop out of my hummer while being shot at, better yet why don't I hop out of my car when an attack heli is shooting me that'll help! Also my suggestion isn't gonna stop all the conflict between tali and US only to mitigate the disadvantage US are at by leaving the base. I feel like you didn't read any of my points or replies.
  4. I said US vehicles not UN, also sec ops arent always guarding checkpoint, just because it can be done doesn't mean it is. Honestly, The US vehicles dont have that much HP a few mags (5 will destroy them easy) also the attack heli is extremely powerful blowing vehicles up in 3 hits. None of your points solve the greater issue, if they're a ton of tali outside US and no sec ops guarding base (which is all 80% of the time), there is nothing US members can do. Also With the raids thing, if a squad of tali are focused on any vehicle it'll die in seconds, explosives do insane amounts of damage to vehicles so really it shouldn't be an issue when stopping cars during raids. , In the grand scheme of things a single Tali can cause a lot more harm then a single US can handle, that speaks volumes to the unbalance. Also when I say instantly I meant that hyperbolically not literally.
  5. Suggestion Name: Mitigating the Tali vs US engagement issue outside base Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Vehicle Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Introduce a proper solution the Tali v US engagement issue. Mechanically there is no point in leaving the US base because you get jumped immediately without being able to do anything against an attack, either you get blown to shits by an Attack heli or you are fearRP'd out of a car and then killed. I say a good way to mitigate this issue is to make it so Taliban cannot fearRP any vehicle from the US and give all vehicle wheels indestructibility. Using the LAV argument is invalid, it only allows 1 person to use it and is restricted by how many can be active at a time (1). Also the vehicle is a 75th exclusive vehicle, meaning, every other regiment has no actual way to mitigate this issue anyway. The only incentive for the LAV should be its speed and health over the other vehicles in the army; this'll still give the LAV its position as the "ideal" vehicle for capturing intel during raids and wartime so the vehicle doesn't become obsolete. In the future I see tali attacks as a thing still happening outside base however, the US have a chance to escape and not immediately become sitting ducks, being stranded and killed instantly by 1 tali attack rocket.
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