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  1. Didn’t you like resign a week ago?
  2. Borderline Your application is detailed in my opinion and looks good. Problem I have is that although you may have a good ingame presense (wouldn’t know haven’t been on in yonks) I rarely see you interacting within discord or on the forums. You need to build up your presense in the community as a whole (maybe not the forums as much) but in the discord definitely. Good Luck For scenario one your answer could be slightly more detailed.
  3. And there’s no change in the HC models either
  4. At current stage, no -1 Server pop is already spread thin enough no need for another faction, regi or subclass at all.
  5. I’m heading out, burnt out of gmod entirely. Will still be here in discord and on here, idk might might not come back @Canoon Ran the best site 19 event with me @Kazi :( literally a minge @Deku Verstappen #1 @Barney on Meth @BugnarBing Chilling @Russ Don’t yell at em’s @godofcatsyell at russ @Views Cheers for letting me staff so long @Ezygle @Erik Fox @Candiey best Pvt - Officer and finally @cronbob you are heavy bob (Apologies if I forgot you and doing this now cause I forgot like 3 weeks ago) @Snake I’ll see you on the Dark side of the moon @Jake First Officer I had, shame you didn’t get to General
  6. -1 You were given multiple chances and had been given so much warning yet you continued to rdm and minge. Killing people ‘for fun’ isn’t a valid excuse to rdm someone.
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