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  1. +1 More EM's is never a bad thing xd
  2. +10 Um fuck yeh this looks great pls add this very fast thank you
  3. -1 We all know whats going to happen, too many dumb dumbs going ' hehe funny im a nazi' so no thanks im cool with un staying un
  4. +1 to new vehicles to sub facs -1 to getting something that big. ATM insurgents is a incentive to join UN if other sub facs had vehicles that could smash through other cars like insurgents UN would just disappear. I would suggest finding something that is iconic for sub facs that doesnt take the power of the insurgent away. Also i feel like only there should be a rank limiter on the new vehicles so only higher ranks could spawn it in
  5. Reading your App you have some great answer but like others have said you have only been back like one week and i feel like you not really known outside of US , i would suggest talking more in discord or ooc
  6. I posted earlier regarding app but you have updated it and i like ur event crafting +1
  7. +1 Bloke had a sketch past with bad behaviour but he's been on the straight and narrow for a while now also getting officer in aus so he has grown. Also we needs more EM's can always just not get em after trail if bad why not give him a chance
  8. Yeh Crafting is better but like Izaak said both parts are KOTH which can be boring as a 1 time event. But +1 from me now because you showed you can craft out a story that is appropriate RP for the server. The only suggestion i have is that you learn to edit map dupes so you can really run an event that is yours with a good story and also come up with better events then normal KOTH which people get burnt out on really fast. The best EM's make new gamemodes and not just run the same 3pc,koth shit over and over . So if you get EM status hopefully you can create some awesome gamemodes because we really dont need more of the same
  9. damn he really got you good
  10. TBH Your event crafting is a bit soft, as a server we dont need more of the same so if you can come up with more original and engaging events i would definetly +1 but at the moment im neutral because we need new EM blood so people dont get burnt out fast. SO If you can come up with a better event crafting and repost it here or DM it to some EM or mods to show you can im definetly down to +1 ya
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