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  1. 99% Of you won't know who I am but I thought that maybe 1 person who still plays would so I should re-introduce myself to you all. My name is Vincent (People formally knew me as "Graves") and I was a "Senior Admin" Back in the starwarsRP days (Roughly five years ago) A few days ago I got an email from someone I didn't know (I write his name as I assume you don't all know what everyone in your communities names are), It said; I instantly realized who Redacted was, it was the owner of my one time community "Colossal Gaming" A Big Tyke you all know as "FeralSwan". To say my first thought was "Feral is clearly still a cooked cunt" would be a slight understatement as I had never had someone from my past email or message me out of the blue. But after doing a little investigating and some soul searching I realised I missed being in some sort of community. I am coming back home. TLDR: I am an old dog coming to the server to see if I still like it.
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