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  1. SteamID: 7656119812881957 In-game alias/rank: Punjabi (I think) Who banned you?: TK Man Ban Reason: Mass Rdm (I've also alted a bit back when I was first perm'd but got on today on an alt to see what's up didn't break a rule except for ban evading got perm'd) Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Perm'd What happened?: So I created a good for memes called the Ponjabi Army all the taliban changed their name shown in the video below during an event and we all started memeing around a while after that me and a few mates massied, yelled at admins, minged and then got banned. After a few days I alted and kept alting then stopped for 4-6 months I believe and just today I alted to come see if I could come back but got perm'd and told to appeal which I am doing now. Why should we unban you?: It's been a year or two since my first perm which is enough time to give someone a second chance to say myself. Though I am bored from my current games and looking for a new server since GGS.SX has died, that has decent gun action and a large player base. So all I'm asking is for a second chance and even if I do get unbanned, I am aware if I slip up I'll be back to a perm and likely not to come back. But I don't blame you if you deny this request with my past bans but I promise to avoid major minging and major tos breaches if I do get a second chance (yes I will likely break a rule for time to time but that happens to the best of us). Thanks, Pablo. Evidence in your favor (Optional): N/A - (This happened around a week or two before my ban I believe (the video)).
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