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  1. mf its a transport heli lmfao but yes too many helis on the server imo
  2. Well i guess this is it ;< Its been a hell of a ride in CG and I had alot of fun in it. Although I was being a minge i didnt mean most of it. I just want to wish everyone a good farewell and i hope you stay safe in this pandemic. @Sherlock for being my singaporean brother in CG and the only cool SG mod i know @Linus For being a swag general and being a minge @Kiba For being a swag gamer and my child @Demonic For being deaf and being a cunt and tolerating my minge moment @Lucifer Morningstar(pro) For being a actual legend when i was in SAS and teaching me how to fly a helicopter and killing other people. And also recruiting me into SAS @Ezygle for being sexy @Izaakk for being a minge and stealing the cactus with me @Aracard for being a gay person and bullying me @Jack-0ff for being my son and a gamer at PVP @Shalashaska for being a inactive Beijing SF officer and being a good teamwork man Although i made almost everyone here pissed at one point, I hope you forgive me lmao and dont rape me Thank You and goodbye. -Sleepy/ Rando.
  3. +1 would be very interesting and people need money and levels quick, especially to newer players. Would be cool to see achievements and stuff
  4. rest in piece dingo :c ps: thanks for giving everyone minister :) feels great being a minister imo
  5. +1 As a medik i like healing and idk what their hp could be if they need it or no +1 i dont like npcs so would be nice to look at their hp before raping me to death
  6. If this is a way to make UN interesting pls take stuff from here because i have same idea but for RU - Anyways, -1 for now. Would be nice to see a EU sub-faction in CG but the maximum classes in 1 regiment is 2 I think but can you elaborate what kind of special weapons that you can add like idk gas grenades *cough* anyways, pls show us special weapons and have some sort of European weapons like the HK brand or smth. also what would the UN base look like iff the EU changed the UN and vehicles look like or vehicles are. G36c is already used alot by the US and Taliban. Also, reps? who would be allied and neutral too? What is their main objective? What is their business in the region etc. I hope you take this into consideration - sleepy
  7. +1 it would be kinda cool to add back the UAV for the 2nd commandos The 2nd commandos are literally the same thing as the defense force but with different weapons and no change at all 2nd commandos gotta be special to have its seperate tryouts
  8. midday more like epic :c goodbye you gamer
  9. +1 very cools mans and would make a great mod i just know it
  10. Suggestion Name: Selling weapons Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): menus Addon Pack (Optional):no Addon Pack File Size:no Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): I want this to be added so that we can get rid of the guns we dont want to have so that it doesnt clog up our inventory. Just give back like 1/4 of our money and we will be happy about it when we sell it Screenshots (Optional): nien
  11. +1 very professional + learns from his mistakes + very cool guy = very good resource to staff team
  12. +1 People can change I just know that.
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