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  1. +1, Honestly he should have another chance as he's been trying for a while
  2. Wiskey

    Ghett Abusing

    I’m well aware of why arch got demoted. I’d argue that physgunning a car with players in it across the map Is worse then spawning a heli at FOB.
  3. +1 - Experienced, Mature and would be a great asset for the team
  4. Wiskey

    Ghett Abusing

    You can make dupes in SP. Arch did his at like 8 in the morning when even fewer where on and he still got demoted. Shit was still going on if you check the Killfeed. - if you don’t want to RP it then ask to be TPed under the map They may have not followed your orders but Physgunning them across the map and despawning the car was certainly not the best way to handle it. If you had just despawned the car then it would have been better. Well the video is certainly enough, and it doesn’t seem too selective as you look to be the main offender. You could provide more context though / what you recall was going on with the in game sound if it’s a big deal to you
  5. Wiskey

    Ghett Abusing

    Soooo many things wrong with that video I think that Jakob made a mistake with timing, that’s fair enough and I don’t think he is intentionally trying to mislead. Ghett that was a great breakdown of something that realistically didn’t matter. You also RDMed and Q menu abused. You’ve done similar shit in the past and a ban could be appropriate for this, at the very least a demotion for this Matrix: If it was dealt with at the time then fair enough but if Jakob thinks that it wasn’t dealt with correctly he can still bring it up here. - you also did some rather mingy shit here and you should be punished for that IMO I think that ghett should receive punishment for this and also Aleks should get a talking to as this would get any trial EM or Mod demoted instantly.
  6. Neutral. I’ve seen you disrespect EMs recently. Not exactly what I would like to see in a moderator, however your activity has improved a little and I think you can improve and become a good moderator
  7. +1, Did well today and would be a great asset. I personally know that’s he’s great at dealing with people in difficult situations (Sky) would like to see him on the team. though toy soldiers is a interesting choice
  8. Perm banned and critizing people on maturity
  9. @CHEIF anything to say about this
  10. +1 - Elventeen is active an has been given access to noclip and cloak in the past and the worst thing he did was make a shitty choke point. I think that tenteen could be good as a tmod
  11. Ghett copied nana’s response from over a month ago. That or he forgot to swap onto his alt again because as we are all just ghetto’s alts
  12. If you want to go for EM just edit and fix up the app, if not then @Echo
  13. Neutral Your responses are some of the best I've seen and your event crafting is good, and I think that you could do well on the team. However, I would like to see you on TS3 a little more. my only issues with your app are stuff that would be covered in your training so I won't mention it. You simply haven't been on for long enough and the whole shooting into spawns isn't what I would like to see in a Trial EM. At the end of the two weeks I will change my comment First Seen: Sep 07, 2018 10:19 PM Been on since jungle?
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