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  1. Denied Next appeal date: Never unless Canoon says otherwise
  2. joni

    ban appeal

    Accepted Concurring Senior: Asatru
  3. joni

    Ban Appeal

    Moved to correct sub forum. Please use the provided template so we can understand your appeal:
  4. Try writing something more formal like Pingas said. This is a permanent ban, and most likely your final chance of being unbanned on Colossal. Try make something more appealing that will make us think you have changed. Also that message above doesn’t really help you
  5. +1 - Great staff member before, I know you will do an even better job than before. You have my full backing
  6. I don’t see the point in continuing to use the TeamSpeak as only staff use it. However I will speak to Bobby about it and he can decide on it.
  7. joni

    Forum Rules

    Just want to remind people that rules for the Forums do exist. Make sure you follow them to avoid punishments on the forums.
  8. ZABOOT!!1!1! Don’t tell anyone but I’m going to mass promote you
  9. An application isn't the place to have mini discussions about how much grammar should be in application and whatnot, if you want to have these discussions, take it to private messages. Those comments have been hidden. Say your thing and leave it, the applicant can respond to it if they wish, but take other discussions to private messages.
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