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  1. Denied Put effort into a proper appeal and it might be considered.
  2. Locked and moved Reapply once you have met the pre-requisites.
  3. Why should you be unbanned if you were only causing trouble and breaking the rules?
  4. Please state the reason for your ban to the best of your ability and a proper reason as to why you should be unbanned or risk being denied.
  5. Accepted Don’t let it happen again.
  6. Denied You were warned previously for this sort of behaviour within a 48 hour period of the ban occurring. If you have an issue of what other users were posting, report it to me or another Discord Admin.
  7. The amount of warns you had played a part in you receiving a permanent ban from the server, not just you “taking out” a “rogue” player.
  8. Last I checked you had some 20+ warns? Want to explain that as I’m sure that played a part in your ban.
  9. Not everything can be depicted from real life as there would be significant imbalance issues. Flame thrower is fine as it is now.
  10. Please edit your suggestion to follow the template provided
  11. Contact me on discord to discuss this further. joni#8704
  12. Accepted Conditions as per your server unban conditions, you must be respectful and follow all discord rules. Failure to do so will result in the ban being reinstated.
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