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  1. +1 - I am willing to overlook your past behaviour as it has been a while since you have exhibited it. The EM team could use your help and hopefully you can bring some cool ideas to the table. Good luck
  2. -1 - After hearing you leaving sec ops then trying to ‘kill’ the regiment is extremely immature and silly. Next time you think something or someone is unfair, report it to HC or your CO, not try do something dumb. I don’t see how I was able to help you after you reported it to me because it was too late to even take action. I don’t see how you can be a staff member if you are going to be immature and perform actions the way you did.
  3. You were a good staff member and officer and would have you back on the team any day. Good luck with whatever it is you do in the future
  4. My other response broke formatting wise so I’ll give a quick summary without quotes so it doesn’t break again. You’ve just come back from quite a long break and you already have a mod app up. In my opinion 6-7 is quite high for someone who has just come back for less than 7 days, I’d say a 4-5 would be more appropriate right now. For scenario 1, you come to a conclusion of a 1-2 day ban for someone who has constantly been RDMing and has already gotten previous warnings to stop. The recommended ban length for someone breaking those rules is 1 week, or longer depending on their warning history within 1-2 months. Can you explain how you came to the conclusion of 1-2 day ban? For scenario 2, all possibilities need to be looked into, even if it’s not the owner of the account, all users are to be treated equally. Overall: My standing is -1 for now based on how long you’ve been away for and your recent behaviour in game. I feel you need to mature up a bit more before you take on a tough responsibility. I’ve also spotted some grammatical errors through the application so I suggest you take some time to proof read and fix up those mistakes.
  5. joni

    Hello guys

    If you want to speak to someone about unbanning another user talk to @Bobby
  6. Denied, use the correct template. Discord Ban appeals can be found here: https://colossalgamingau.com/forums/index.php?/forum/36-ban-appeals/ Server ban appeal template can be found here:
  7. Can’t believe you cut me from this without being contacted! You will be receiving word from my lawyer.
  8. Denied Feel free to re appeal in 1 month. (Concurring Senior+: Canoon)
  9. joni

    Hello I am Zynix

    High Command demote
  10. Denied Next appeal date: Never unless Canoon says otherwise
  11. joni

    ban appeal

    Accepted Concurring Senior: Asatru
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