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  1. This guy is a bad among us player just so you know. Also hi
  2. Denied Feel free to appeal again in 1 month.
  3. joni

    Ian is a clown

    I concur with zynix
  4. Denied Feel free to reapply in 3 weeks.
  5. Veteran gang Make sure you pass, don’t do what I’m doing
  6. Accepted because Asatru forgot again
  7. Denied You are still not mature enough to hold a rank such as Discord Admin. Feel free to reapply in 1 month
  8. Denied Reapply when you can learn to take the application seriously and when you are mature.
  9. Players receiving the Respected rank is obtained by staff voting. If you have questions on how this works, contact a Senior Staff member+
  10. some dumb teacher had bad child stuff idk the full story
  11. Want to die rn because of school teachers don’t give a shit anyway, only funny thing that’s happened was one of the teachers at my school getting arrested
  12. Please change the template of your appeal as you used the wrong one and posted it in the wrong section.
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