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  1. Please edit your suggestion to follow the template provided
  2. Contact me on discord to discuss this further. joni#8704
  3. Accepted Conditions as per your server unban conditions, you must be respectful and follow all discord rules. Failure to do so will result in the ban being reinstated.
  4. Denied It's 24 hours, wait it out. You know topics like that are not to be discussed.
  5. I may be warning people for "every little thing", but if it doesn't happen, the rules won't be enforced, then more people will break the rules. I don't see how that is power tripping if I am enforcing the rules imposed for the forums or discord.
  6. A list of all your recent steam names would be nice. I check gametracker frequently when users reply on applications, and from what I see, you are still not active enough to be able to reply to applications.
  7. sucks to see a great friend leave. keep in touch on disc and sc mate. good luck dude, come back soon
  8. Accepted Your ban has expired and has now been lifted.
  9. If you want a discussion, do it in a more respectful manner. We don't need an argument with inappropriate language. If you want to argue, take it to private messages. Comments that are deemed irrelevant/don't contribute to the suggestion will be hidden.
  10. Denied Feel free to reapply in 1 month.
  11. This guy is a bad among us player just so you know. Also hi
  12. Denied Feel free to appeal again in 1 month.
  13. joni

    Ian is a clown

    I concur with zynix
  14. Denied Feel free to reapply in 3 weeks.
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