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  1. Halstead

    bye guys.

    Cya buddy. Good luck with whatever you do in the future
  2. They should be doing 2 minimum unless Ellion has changed it.
  3. There is already a timetable for EMs to fill out times they are able to host events on.
  4. +1 - Wikka has been a great friend and a member of this community for a long time. He was well respected and like Asatru said, didn’t go out in a shitty way. I’d love to see you back on the server 😄
  5. +1 - Application is good, active and past EM. Would be good to see you back on the team. Good luck! (maybe when you get time on your computer to edit the app with some formatting to tell questions apart 🙂 )
  6. +1 - Great player, well respected player within the community. Application is good and I like your event crafting. You’d be a great addition to the EM team! Good luck 🙂
  7. If there is a regiment really in need of another Officer, a tryout may occur or another Officer (or 2LT) may transfer.
  8. Neutral - Youre quite active and see you around the base a lot, but as Ian said, try and get more known with the other faction so more people know who you are.
  9. You just came back like 2 weeks ago and already got an app up? Give it a month or 2 and then maybe.
  10. +1 - Application is quite detailed, you are active and communicate with other people. Activity is good and all round good person. TeamSpeak activity will need to improve but I’m willing to overlook that as it can be improved easily.
  11. +1 - Low numbers, definitely would be useful to help increase numbers.