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  1. On behalf of Canoon Denied. Feel free to reapply in two weeks.
  2. All posts irrelevant to this topic have been hidden. These things can be discussed in private messages. Contact me if you believe one of these posts are relevant to this application.
  3. Issue resolved. Locked
  4. Contacted via Discord.
  5. Halstead

    adios bb gril

    by by men, had some ebic moments on minecraft aye 😞
  6. You thought crashing the server was the right thing to do? Just saying that should be an instant deny.
  7. By w i k k a, chuck us an invite to play some siege some time aye
  8. Halstead


    got our pickaxe swinging from
  9. Locked at request of user User has created new application.
  10. You can copy and paste it onto a new thread and I can close this one, everyone who posted on this one would just have to repost their opinion again.
  11. If you’ve read many of the warns handed out for bans, you would see the staff team not giving out ban lengths longer than a month, depending on the circumstances of course. My final answer is -1. An Application is supposed to be formal, yet there’s grammatical errors throughout the application (I’m not trying to be the grammar police here). Some answers could be expanded on. I say run this through Grammarly or something to fix up those small mistakes.
  12. User is not banned. If you continue to waste staff time with false appeals, you may receive Forum and In-Game punishment Locked
  13. Actually incorrect. Trainers are required to go through the Taliban information when training.