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  1. User is not banned. If you continue to waste staff time with false appeals, you may receive Forum and In-Game punishment Locked
  2. Actually incorrect. Trainers are required to go through the Taliban information when training.
  3. (On Canoon’s behalf) Accepted
  4. Please fix your application with the full application. It can be found here:
  5. It was fun while it lasted. Good luck with your future
  6. Please use the suggestion template for a valid suggestion:
  7. (On behalf of Canoon) The report has been resolved.
  8. A skull is displayed above the players head anyway. It is not RDM if they have a bounty though.
  9. You missed this question. Other than that, +1 - You are quite active and well known by most, you talk actively with the players in Discord. I've also known you for quite a while now and you are a mature player. However, your TeamSpeak presence is quite low and if you were to be accepted, TeamSpeak would become a requirement to use. It would be good to familiarize yourself with it and talk to some of the people in it as well beforehand.
  10. -1 - Grammar is unprofessional (examples: “imma”, “u”), the formatting makes it extremely difficult to read. Your behaviour in game is poor at some points and breaking the simplest of rules. There is no such command as “!tphere” that you used in your application. The time played on the server you provided is in hours, which in incorrect. You need to convert those minutes into hours if you want to supply correct hours on the server. Again with ULX, there is no such command such as !deathlogs and !warn. !warn is a seperate add on (Awarn) same with the logs we use (pLogs). I highly suggest you put this through a grammar checker (like Grammarly), fix up the application and your act in game.
  11. Neutral - When I come on after 8:15 event you are still on for a while after the event is finished so you are pretty active throughout the day. But as stated above by a few others, I’d like to see you more known by most other players and clock in more hours just so you can familiarise yourself with members and the game more. Good luck
  12. One of the predator maps are being considered for the map rotation.
  13. Same old FS2 Me for US and Ian for Taliban US have SAS which include Pilot and Fighter Pilot classes and Taliban have al-Shabaab which has a Pilot classes (classes need fixing so they aren’t available yet) The 2 air regiments as said above and a half faction half regiment, Spetsnaz, that are allied with the US. Their base is the old gas station point with walls around it