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  1. Neutral - good guy, but the way you left was not in a good way. You’ve also recently come back. Even though you are quite well known, give it a month or 2. Good luck
  2. Who was the staff member who banned you? (should say on the ban tab when loading into the server) To get a ban that long you would have at least done something else?
  3. Judging from your ban reasons, you need to sit this one out to learn from what you did wrong. Also incorrect sub forum to post this appeal.
  4. Just saying, if he wrote it up from scratch, it would most likely be the same as it is now.
  5. The way this was implemented was to give US more of a chance. The decision on helipads was to not have any. There is no problem with Taliban just hijacking the helicopters.
  6. I read your event crafting again, I suggest actually taking your time to fix it up instead of rushing to finish the second part. Like Ellion said, there are not actual actions in setting up your event except the description and briefings (only the first part). Properly take these feedback comments into consideration and fix up the event crafting. People will tell you to fix it, but it doesn’t mean to rush it and make it look worse.
  7. Only one part in event crafting? Might want to fix this up.
  8. And pingas xd. Login to the new donation page and provide those people with your SteamID 64.
  9. Talk to your Commanding Officer to place them then get an admin to perm prop?
  10. I don’t know exactly how it’s set up but it’s in a way where if you are in a sub class, you can only see that chat and talk in that chat. The best High Command can do it just ignore it (like I do) unless it gets changed.
  11. Neutral - You seem like a chill person but like others have said you have just joined the community and just need to be known more by other staff and players and get more of an understanding of how the game works. Also most people are open for other users to join their channel on TeamSpeak so give them a poke and most times they’ll move you and start chatting.
  12. There are plenty of bushes on the map you can hide in
  13. 😞 Sad to see you go buddy, still one of my best friends 🙂❤️ Keep in contact aye