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  1. You missed this part. Please add this to your application or your application will be denied.
  2. Denied Your history is quite extensive, you can wait out the ban. Any further rule breaking will incur harsher punishments. (Concurring Senior: Asatru)
  3. This incident will be investigated further.
  4. Denied After talks with the staff team, we have decided to deny your appeal. Feel free to post another appeal in 2 weeks.
  5. Player has been punished accordingly.
  6. This report will be looked into and a response will be given very soon.
  7. Make a proper ban appeal in English.
  8. Looks like the staff member that banned you was given the wrong SteamID. You are now unbanned. Sorry for any inconvenience. Locked
  9. Maybe put more effort into this appeal and be more sincere if you actually want to be unbanned?
  10. He’s reached 1LT, he’s become a lot more mature and calm, we’ve given a few questionable figures a chance at EM, I think Ronan has definitely earned a chance to become an Event Master. Good luck
  11. HC applications coming 2020 Trainee+
  12. Very bad choice, big mistake, Asatru is going to abuse you
  13. Hello there. Don’t listen to this Asatru guy, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Delta is pretty bad ngl
  14. Update this suggestion with the correct template or the thread will be locked.
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