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  1. - Re-added prone - Re-added leaning - Simultaneous prone and leaning - Removed anticheat leaked changelogs
  2. one of them uses the server time and the other your userset timezone which probably broke it I think
  3. next person to post in this thread gets owner
  4. ur name rhymes with ben10
  5. I think I'm in a fairly unique position to say this in that I've avoided the inevitably formed cliques around here and I've spread my wings across and maintained open communication with just about all staff and regular players across Colossal Gaming™ If you ever feel compelled to harass someone over what are essentially actions of gameplay that ultimately have no reward of value- whether that be recreational hacking, banning, killing, whatever; then you need to start thinking about more than your dumbass military (or staff) rank. What end will it bring you? There's a reason you'll generally notice that adults on the server will involve themselves in this bullshit a great deal less, and that's because they know there is no end. Those who harass will get a brief period of sourly earned satisfaction; those who are harassed will probably come out disgruntled, annoyed - or depressed. I'm not going to delve into mental health because i'm not qualified to, but people have self harmed because of a whole lot less. There's obviously recent and ongoing events that have sparked this, but not necessarily as you may think. I may personally even argue that recent events have not reached a level that is particularly drastic or bullish, but the mob mentality that's surrounded them leaves a bad omen for what could always escalate to far, far worse. I'd love to say that I trust people around here and around Gmod, around game servers in general to know when they should stop - but I don't. "x should harden up" is often a valid argument, but burning down a house doesn't make it fireproof. Don't feel like you have to babysit everyone, but think about the benefit to you vs the detriment to others when you're talking the dumb shit that you inevitably will.
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