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    For the benefit of my physical and mental health, I'm going to be stepping away from CG for the foreseeable future. I don't know when, or if I'll be back, but it won't be for a while. @silenced @Yapopey @Dr. No Pancreas @Miller @Linus @Aracard @Cap @Merlyn @Kruuze @Erik Fox @Snake @Yapopey @Views sorry to anyone I've missed, I'm really tired. Thank you for being the building blocks of this community, and helping set a foundation for me to come out of my shell and have a lot of fun with you all. I will try and keep in touch with you as best I can. For the people that I've had some drama with in the past, or think I dislike them, I apologize. I want to focus on whats in front of me first, not on you. It's all water under the bridge. Alright, I don't want to make this too sappy. Later
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    As you may be able to tell from the title. YungQuiggy is gonna have to go for a little bit mainly becuase there is a mfing winged cogroacgeh hiding somewhere at my compooter rn and that means I can't play CG Gmod MilRP until it goes elsewhere. I will return once this winged cogroacjeh is died. ok bye
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    You have a good idea here, instead of indestructability you could suggest to just raise the HP of the wheels by 1/3 or 1/2 of the current pool. personally have no idea how the wheel destruction stuff is written as I think badger made it ages ago, but it should be possible. (it also could just be scaling based on total HP pool, but like I said no idea how its written) Specific values would have to get tested by our internal team for that though. Vehicles are meant to be somewhat strong but we want to try to avoid situations where raiding is just - drive car in base, take intel, drive out with 20+ people shooting at you (Yes I know you can do this in transport helicopters as well due to high HP pools, but tail rotor is easy enough to shoot off) US have always had issues with 'leaving the base'. but honestly just don't go out the main gate, jump in a tower and hop the wall, seemed to work for me in US 99% of the time. You guys are kind of a bit unlucky though since Jakob pretty good with attack Heli now. Jungle inherently had that issue of people not leaving, the map is nostalgia and the layout isn't my favourite, base is big and open (somehow encourages people to stay inside when the base is huge and open) ______________ On the other point (Taliban cannot fearRP any vehicle from the US) I strongly disagree there, you already cant fearRP a moving vehicle, and once shot at (even once) by the people trying to fearRP you out of the car, you don't even have to listen to them. Like in any FPS game you got to keep moving Thanks for taking the time to make a suggestion regarding this issue. Regards, Pingas
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    Before I lock this, I just want to clear something up. There is currently no blanket "your never coming back" bans for players who have done a bit of time in the community. Each unban appeal is taken on its merits, as is every other staff decision. I'm going to lock this for now till a response is ready to go (Hopefully tomorrow night) so this post doesn't get clowned.
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    Sadly, even this compromise is a bit sided, as the taliban, unless they want to use the slower, more cumbersome trucks would be at a disadvantage, our utility truck and car that are mostly used have about 1/2 of the health of the US Humvee (its like this because the tali car is a little quicker I believe), in about half a mag you can get a taliban car to smoke while it can take 1-2 mags to make a US humvee smoke, making it harder to fearRP any factions that have humvees... so all sides but taliban.. A way around this, I could see, is maybe making it only specific regiments can fearRP people out of vehicles, E.g Taliban's Al-qaeda and US's security Ops could fearRP people in cars while regular regiments wouldn't be at skilled at convincing people to get out of the safety of the cars, I know a lot of people will dislike this idea, but really think about, taliban Al-q job is to kidnap and Security Operations job is to arrest, it would be only natural for those regiments to have the linguistic ability to convince someone to leave their vehicle
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    It saddens me that so many players don't want to see isaiah unbanned. He has proven that he is truly sorry. He can't take back what he has done, but he can rewrite it with good memories. Hopefully, higher staff will be able to understand that. “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” -Mahatma Gandhi
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    Staff Management is currently reviewing your ban, and a decision will be made shortly.
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    Request by @Kruuze He wanted it to be a night scene but gmod being gay so afternoon it is
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    I was an officer for a year and a half in US. Through that time I reached Major of Navy SEALs and General of Delta Force. From my experience you can easily leave base. Option 1: officers can spawn vehicles outside the base if you are standing on the wall or in the tower because you are in base still. Obviously this is difficult for a pvt-2LT. However, you can ask an officer to come with you. Option 2: When leaving from inside the base use the side gate!!! Even if you're lazy leaving the fromt gate is easily achieved by gunning it full speed out the base. It is failRP for Taliban to get into a vehicle moving at speed. If one person does it, tell them in OOC and try again. If it happens again make a ticket. Generally players will stop doing it after being told off. Option 3: leave on foot from a tower at the back of base. Both Registan, ww3 jungle, and the coming fs2 edits have towers that are not watched by Taliban.
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    pretty sure the what you said was If your suggestion was to be added, It'd tip the server majorly in US favour as fearRP out of vehicles is the main way of capturing US. The LAV has a large but not giant pool of health and it would assist US majorly in raids, as taliban don't always have members that have explosives such as the RPG equipped, its more common for jihads or grenades which you have to A.) Be close or B.) Hope they don't move out the way and taliban don't get the luxury of focusing on one car, its most commonly, a Hummer, then a LAV, followed by a blackhawk, meaning we have to focus on the LAV and the blackhawk which are high HP vehicles, being unable to break the LAV tyres would make it an even stronger raiding vehicle, tipping raids in US side. Let move onto the other issues you mention in this, US can do something, if checkpoint is full of taliban LEAVE OUT THE OTHER EXIT all bases normally have two exits, you can leave out the other one, people like kruuze, and yapopey and other officers do this to avoid conflict. and you speak as if the taliban helicopter was doing more damage than the US one, it isn't, US just doesn't have any good pilots. MooMooCow aka Pingas is a really good pilot, and when going to the US side I've seen him pull off 60+ kill bounties and strike the same fear the US feel when they see a taliban helicopter, there isn't a mis-balance in gear and US don't need more things to help them, the only unbalance is the unbalance of skilled players, more skilled players enter taliban then they do US, thats why it feels like its unbalanced, not because it is but because of skill level difference. if you wanted these things added, you'd see way less taliban players than there already is. There isn't a way to fix skill unbalance unless you want feral to open a second server for high skill players TLDR; The server is fine as it is, there is no need for a rebalance, the only unbalance is skill level between players.
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    I have talked to Allah and we have both decided they are not allowed no more
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    I've not posted on any of his appeals. As someone that doesn't know the player very well. Yes he may be remorseful for his actions, but as Bob Jane has explained management have denied others who have also been banned for hacking. Unbanning one hacker and not others isn't a good look so it's a yes to all or no to all situation really. Anyways, good luck.
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    Sad to see you go, take care of yourself and best of luck with future endverours. o7
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    I'm gonna miss you on the server bud, I wish you the best for your future and I hope we stay in touch, talking to you is always a blast. Love ya gamer
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    See ya later solider o7
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    pinged twice B) I wish you all the best Tyto; I encourage you to remain focused on the future and not get bogged down with everything, it can be hard
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    How about a compromise; being in a vehicle that has potential to drive away/absorb bullets shouldn't make you an easy target for fearrp, but also being shot at once shouldn't make you fearless to anythign else. Thus, what if nobody can be fear-rp'd out of cars, however if your car begins to start smoking its durability is compromised and you're more willing to cooperate than to risk further desctruction to the car or the occupants. You could even extend this to LAVs and insurgents, because AFAIK the smoking effect results after achieving a certain percentage of total health, so their naturally higher HP would mean a lot more work to get it to a state of disrepair, keeping their high endurance. Just an idea. To be honest, yeah, I see both sides of this argument here. Many factions group up near the checkpoint just because it's fairly accessible for everyone and allows for RP. This means that for anyone wanting to take the logical exit becomes a natural target for any trouble-makers. Furthermore, many new people can become discouraged from what appears to be being spawncamped from outside their base. Unfortunately, the Registan base's second gate is sort of hidden, and I rarely see people leave from there. For the officers, well, it's a lot easier; you can just spawn a car over the wall — the USMC bunks are quite far from the auxiliary gate. However, it should be accommodated such that non-officers have ease of access to leave base, as they make up the vast majority. For Registan particularly, we have two vehicle dealers near the main gate, and none near the side. Why not move one of the vehicle dealers to the side area so that there is reduced clutter on the main road and less tediousness navigating the sharp turns to the second gate? In summary, I see where you're coming from Ben and I agree that it is an issue, but it's just how it's come to be. Taliban want to kill US, it's their purpose, so you have to find grounds where you're at an advantage, not them. I find that leaving base with a rough idea of where I'm going makes it easier to determine where to leave from, how to leave and to avoid certain areas. When there's an AH-6, it's like playing cat and mouse, you can't really fight it unless you're at base or on an objective with multiple people, but you can try and avoid it best you can. For some reason, the gate-camping ordeal only became an actual thing during ww3, that or I can't remember it before then. If there is a troublesome person/group hanging near the US base with murderous tendencies, I'd try to gather up some people or go myself to flank them and take them out. It leaves the majority of the people in checkpoint wanting to RP unaffected, but keeps the US safe. On a side note, the people that like to stay in towers to avoid having to continually dying and going to capture objectives have a fair way to play the game, I always see Taliban and US interacting in the checkpoint and I think that a few people defending in the towers and conversing with civilians is healthy for RP as well as balances the others who like going out for PVP and objectives. During raids/random events/vault, most will be told to come assist anyway.
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    Clearly you haven't been playing the server long enough, majority of my men who capture people is fearRPing them out of cars when US decide to stand stationary in their cars when talking to people, the only times its used to kill people are if they are a direct threat to something the taliban are doing The problem with argument, is people are given the option to join US or Taliban when joining the server. Second problem is, the skill level isn't always the same, its not NBA professionals vs high school kids, the NBA professionals are mixed in between both teams, both major factions have very high skill players, its just due to the numbers the US have that their high skill players make up a less percent than compared to taliban. US also have people that are able to be skilled pilots and players, you aren't naturally born good, you have to put in commitment to becoming good at flying helis or PVP, its just US don't seem to want to do that, while I do see some people try, I've not really seen SAS train a single one of their pilots outside of first joining the regiment. And yes, you are the US forces, expect to get new players as everyone wants to be the hero, your officers should be prepared for new players and be teaching them, like marines already do.
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    Lock the checkpoint down better, use the sec ops to scan people for weapons go out in groups and not 1 person but ofc 1 person is gonna get jumped by the 5 tali monkeys hanging around outside .
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    No, This is how it is in real life. If you leave the base you run the risk of being shot. This is the reason why US vehicles have more HP, for this exact reason. Making Taliban not able to fear RP would make insurgent extremely over powered, with its large HP pool If you don't want to die instantly, learn situational awareness (Speak to kruuze or nomad to help you for that) and use your equipment (Blackhawk, attack heli, large HP pool trucks and smaller HP hummers) if you make wheels unbreakable, it'll make stopping raids a lot harder, the US lav will become a pain if there are no explosives on
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    Sorry for the late reply. Will miss you bb. I'll fix up my pc soon so I can play bedwars with you
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    ACCEPTED Congrats, Your training will begin once on the server.
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    ACCEPTED Congrats, Your training will begin once on the server.
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    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:165176179 In-game alias/rank: AT TIME OF BAN 2LT Isaiahh US Army Infantry Who banned you?: AT TIME OF BAN Speed Hause Fosbruh (Munted, Mundy, Mango, etc.) Ban Reason: Cheating (Appeal on Forums) Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Permanent Ban What happened?: Yet again, it's a simple event to explain. I cheated during an event, I was caught, brought to a sit, assured it would be a permanent ban and got banned. I set up an apology right afterwards, then went on a six month hiatus from the server before I would set up my three appeals, all in total spanned over another few months, being brought closer to a year off the server, as well as denied. Why should we unban you?: Just last night, which was the last day of school, I entered the CG's Got Talent event in the Discord server. Having to participate was a great experience, and it felt like I was apart of the community. Feeling and knowing that, I want to go back to the server and just have fun again. I can't dismiss the fact that I'll be just called a cheater or anything like that, not like I really have to care about it anymore. I don't mind it, because that just lets you know not to cheat. Overall, I have nothing else left to say. All my effort to try and get unbanned has already been used in my other appeals, and to use it again will result in the same DENIED. If I had something to say IF I had to, I'll just want to keep trying. And since it's the school holidays now, I got two weeks to integrate myself with the community more to pass the time. Evidence in your favor (Optional): Nothing. I'll keep adding more and more detail to the appeal, but not an entire novel. I have nothing else left to say but a request back into the server.
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    Thank you for taking the time to appeal. Unfortunately, the consensus of the management team is that its still too soon. Feel free to reapply in 1st September 2021.
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    Grand General Adi DECLARES WAR on ANY creates that DARE to have wings and FLY because the more they FLY there faster they ESCAPE from ALLAH
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    Request by @Kaptian Core
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    there are towers you can jump out around the base, sneak out and do stuff. if you dont want to get fear rpd in a car just drive and dont stop. its kinda irl
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    Yeah, nah, there is no problem having exceptions in cases where the community wants a player unbanned, even in real laws and courts within Australia and New Zealand, that are normally extremely consistent special exceptions can and have been made before. And I will argue that other hackers have been unbanned before as well as players that affected the community far worse than simple hacking has. And as you stated "Different values on different matters" is why this should be dealt on a case by case basis instead of just using blanket bans. A player that is perm banned for hacking, MRDM'ing, yelling slurs and death threats shouldn't be treated the same as someone that hacked, was banned and reapplied after a few months without major incident. Consistency is nice, but I'd much rather have unbans based on the community thinks is right rather than just denying all apps of that type. (Sorry for any grammatically errors, I've very tired, over worked and half sleep as I write this up)
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    Please keep in contact and make sure to look after yourself. Beijing SF will remember you within their ranks and make sure you’ll be remembered for what you did. You’ve been given the call sign “Spartan”, with this call sign, you don’t die. You go MIA.
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    bro what the fuck am i reading you had me engaged with the title and i thought an actual good suggestion was coming then i read this shit and now you've completely turned me against it
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    Is hacking really that bad that a 12 month ban is insufficient punishment? The guy clearly wants to play the server bad enough to make 4 appeals for it. I'd say that shows that he regrets what he's done and wouldn't do it again. +1
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    how far does it account for if i didnt stream it? it would make a huge difference if i didnt, but either way, i still got caught, and i own up to it. i dont get how "hacker is a hacker" can count for everything. its like saying a rock is a rock and can never be moved.
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    Beijing SF with tanks, and protestors
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    by giving US a massive buff?? lmao
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    This dude has tried again and again to get unbanned. I respect the grind for it. Isaiah is a clown for cheating for begin with, but you can tell he loves the community and wants to be part of it again. I really want to see him come back, on a trial period at least so we can trust him again. He's should really be unbanned especially since he has turned an eye on cheating. I believe we should unban him on regulations that senior + should talk about
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    Farewell! Good luck on future endeavors. Sad to see you go, I remember you from FS2 before you became a big man. Take it easy, man.
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    @Deeth wheres my tofu delivery driver
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    Rip da homie
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    damn gonna miss you man have a good one
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    goodbye deeth ill miss you pounding me in events it was fun pvping with you
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    I want my crowbar buddy back
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