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    Discord ID (name#2003):Soap#1346 Discord alias/rank: Raptor cant remember my rank What happened in your perspective?: i was being rude and very toxic towards many people in the discord community for me being permabanned i decided to release everything else out on the community for no reason. Why should we unban you?: i would like to be able to have one more shot at the server and be able to chat with the community its been over a year now so i have managed to clear my head away from the server people being able to do more things i like now but i just really want to try again at the server and in my favor i would like to apoligize to everyone for what i did to you and even if i didnt do anything to you im still sorry P.S. look i get it nobody likes me idc if u hate me or not but dont -1 just becasue u ahte me u dont know me that well.
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    It hasn’t been two years btw. we don’t want you back, you were overally toxic, constantly rule broke (iirc the most warns/one of the most warns) and were not an easy person to get along with. You lied your way out of situations that came back and bit you in your ass. Take the hint your server ban appeal for when you got permed last year (less than 10 months ago)
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