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    For the benefit of my physical and mental health, I'm going to be stepping away from CG for the foreseeable future. I don't know when, or if I'll be back, but it won't be for a while. @silenced @Yapopey @Dr. No Pancreas @Miller @Linus @Aracard @Cap @Merlyn @Kruuze @Erik Fox @Snake @Yapopey @Views sorry to anyone I've missed, I'm really tired. Thank you for being the building blocks of this community, and helping set a foundation for me to come out of my shell and have a lot of fun with you all. I will try and keep in touch with you as best I can. For the people that I've had some drama with in the past, or think I dislike them, I apologize. I want to focus on whats in front of me first, not on you. It's all water under the bridge. Alright, I don't want to make this too sappy. Later
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    Sadly, even this compromise is a bit sided, as the taliban, unless they want to use the slower, more cumbersome trucks would be at a disadvantage, our utility truck and car that are mostly used have about 1/2 of the health of the US Humvee (its like this because the tali car is a little quicker I believe), in about half a mag you can get a taliban car to smoke while it can take 1-2 mags to make a US humvee smoke, making it harder to fearRP any factions that have humvees... so all sides but taliban.. A way around this, I could see, is maybe making it only specific regiments can fearRP people out of vehicles, E.g Taliban's Al-qaeda and US's security Ops could fearRP people in cars while regular regiments wouldn't be at skilled at convincing people to get out of the safety of the cars, I know a lot of people will dislike this idea, but really think about, taliban Al-q job is to kidnap and Security Operations job is to arrest, it would be only natural for those regiments to have the linguistic ability to convince someone to leave their vehicle
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    Sad to see you go, take care of yourself and best of luck with future endverours. o7
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    I'm gonna miss you on the server bud, I wish you the best for your future and I hope we stay in touch, talking to you is always a blast. Love ya gamer
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    See ya later solider o7
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    pinged twice B) I wish you all the best Tyto; I encourage you to remain focused on the future and not get bogged down with everything, it can be hard
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    It saddens me that so many players don't want to see isaiah unbanned. He has proven that he is truly sorry. He can't take back what he has done, but he can rewrite it with good memories. Hopefully, higher staff will be able to understand that. “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” -Mahatma Gandhi
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    I have talked to Allah and we have both decided they are not allowed no more
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    o7 You were a good staff member, good person to speak with, sad to see you go but I wish you best of luck
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    damn sad to see you go - wish things could've gone down differently but i guess as a wise man once said, it is what it is i just hope you're getting the love and support from your irl peeps and know we are always here if you ever want to talk because i nor anybody else here wants to see you fall only this witch is allowed here is some suggested reading/viewing while you are gone PepeLa 'D' always remember to only say the n word in private https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgiC8YfytDw may socialism forever be when the government does stuff sir o7 o7 -linus
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    Please keep in contact and make sure to look after yourself. Beijing SF will remember you within their ranks and make sure you’ll be remembered for what you did. You’ve been given the call sign “Spartan”, with this call sign, you don’t die. You go MIA.
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    Was fun having you on CG. Sad to see you leave, but we all have a time to go, may Allah be with you, and forever in your grace. Long live da CG queen!
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    I was an officer for a year and a half in US. Through that time I reached Major of Navy SEALs and General of Delta Force. From my experience you can easily leave base. Option 1: officers can spawn vehicles outside the base if you are standing on the wall or in the tower because you are in base still. Obviously this is difficult for a pvt-2LT. However, you can ask an officer to come with you. Option 2: When leaving from inside the base use the side gate!!! Even if you're lazy leaving the fromt gate is easily achieved by gunning it full speed out the base. It is failRP for Taliban to get into a vehicle moving at speed. If one person does it, tell them in OOC and try again. If it happens again make a ticket. Generally players will stop doing it after being told off. Option 3: leave on foot from a tower at the back of base. Both Registan, ww3 jungle, and the coming fs2 edits have towers that are not watched by Taliban.
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    Clearly you haven't been playing the server long enough, majority of my men who capture people is fearRPing them out of cars when US decide to stand stationary in their cars when talking to people, the only times its used to kill people are if they are a direct threat to something the taliban are doing The problem with argument, is people are given the option to join US or Taliban when joining the server. Second problem is, the skill level isn't always the same, its not NBA professionals vs high school kids, the NBA professionals are mixed in between both teams, both major factions have very high skill players, its just due to the numbers the US have that their high skill players make up a less percent than compared to taliban. US also have people that are able to be skilled pilots and players, you aren't naturally born good, you have to put in commitment to becoming good at flying helis or PVP, its just US don't seem to want to do that, while I do see some people try, I've not really seen SAS train a single one of their pilots outside of first joining the regiment. And yes, you are the US forces, expect to get new players as everyone wants to be the hero, your officers should be prepared for new players and be teaching them, like marines already do.
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    by giving US a massive buff?? lmao
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    pretty sure the what you said was If your suggestion was to be added, It'd tip the server majorly in US favour as fearRP out of vehicles is the main way of capturing US. The LAV has a large but not giant pool of health and it would assist US majorly in raids, as taliban don't always have members that have explosives such as the RPG equipped, its more common for jihads or grenades which you have to A.) Be close or B.) Hope they don't move out the way and taliban don't get the luxury of focusing on one car, its most commonly, a Hummer, then a LAV, followed by a blackhawk, meaning we have to focus on the LAV and the blackhawk which are high HP vehicles, being unable to break the LAV tyres would make it an even stronger raiding vehicle, tipping raids in US side. Let move onto the other issues you mention in this, US can do something, if checkpoint is full of taliban LEAVE OUT THE OTHER EXIT all bases normally have two exits, you can leave out the other one, people like kruuze, and yapopey and other officers do this to avoid conflict. and you speak as if the taliban helicopter was doing more damage than the US one, it isn't, US just doesn't have any good pilots. MooMooCow aka Pingas is a really good pilot, and when going to the US side I've seen him pull off 60+ kill bounties and strike the same fear the US feel when they see a taliban helicopter, there isn't a mis-balance in gear and US don't need more things to help them, the only unbalance is the unbalance of skilled players, more skilled players enter taliban then they do US, thats why it feels like its unbalanced, not because it is but because of skill level difference. if you wanted these things added, you'd see way less taliban players than there already is. There isn't a way to fix skill unbalance unless you want feral to open a second server for high skill players TLDR; The server is fine as it is, there is no need for a rebalance, the only unbalance is skill level between players.
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    Lock the checkpoint down better, use the sec ops to scan people for weapons go out in groups and not 1 person but ofc 1 person is gonna get jumped by the 5 tali monkeys hanging around outside .
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    No, This is how it is in real life. If you leave the base you run the risk of being shot. This is the reason why US vehicles have more HP, for this exact reason. Making Taliban not able to fear RP would make insurgent extremely over powered, with its large HP pool If you don't want to die instantly, learn situational awareness (Speak to kruuze or nomad to help you for that) and use your equipment (Blackhawk, attack heli, large HP pool trucks and smaller HP hummers) if you make wheels unbreakable, it'll make stopping raids a lot harder, the US lav will become a pain if there are no explosives on
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    bye bye!!! here is deaf translation:
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    Clearly you haven't played on the server long enough, most US captures are due to our own members willing walking into bases, most cases of fearRP result in people just being killed as soon as they get out of the car. Oh boy, the skill argument. Look if one side is vastly greater in skill then another side then an advantage must be given to the opposing side. Do you think it'd be fair to make a NBA professional vs a high school kid in a game of basketball? No, because the skill difference is vastly different. In the situation where the skill is this dramatically different it is ideal to give the less skill side an advantage as this equalises the playing field. The change isn't even offensive, it is a defensive one, in rise of recent development of attack helicopters showing up a lot more in number for the taliban side. "oh just get skilled players" that's entirely a flawed argument, we can't force skilled pilots to be on a side, that's entirely up to the person's choice, It's difficult to take your point seriously because it literally does not help in anyway to mitigate the issue. Just because there is balance, DOES NOT mean that it is balanced. Oh also the US gets lots of people BECAUSE WE ALWAYS GET THE NEW ONES. How bout you automatically make people join taliban when they join instead of US??? maybe that'll up your numbers. While this would've been a valid point for Jungle, the current map is registan and the exit is the most TEDIOUS exit to get to in a humvee or canvas, Kruuze and Yapoppey can leave via the other exit easily because they get Buffalos that can spawn in themselves, what is the average player suppose to do? Look right now the PVP is abyssmal, the US never leave base because it is the only safe place they can be most of the time, there is no incentive to leave the base for the US, there is no reward only RISK, I have spent a majority of my time leaving the base and experiencing the stuff outside the base and I gotta say, THERE AINT MUCH. Most of the taliban that want fighting are at the checkpoints, in attack helicopters or camping around the map! Time and time again I ALWAYS get jumped by an attack heli and there is virtually nothing I can do! If I wanted to cap an objective safely without blowing up, I can't! When 1 attack heli goes down another shows up in it's place because of how many attack pilots there are. The only time it is remotely possible is during low pop hours and at that point it's just a mindless grind without fight. You know the PVP is terrible when US have to avoid confrontations instead of taking up fights, because of load of disadvantages that come with being OUTSIDE THE BASE TLDR;Hostage situations are done mostly when US want it to happen, Skill differences between sides should insight balance for newer players, stop paraphrasing to twist my original meaning and there is no incentive to leaving the base because the risk outweighs the reward for NEWER PLAYERS.
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