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    Hello I work with Space ISIS and I take care of Taliban Naval Support.
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    Suggestion Name: UnFuck the M8A7 Suggestion Type: Weapon change Addon Pack: Prestige weapons Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): The M8A7, on release was a very strong weapon that rewarded fast reaction and fast finger skills (and some naughty Marines people using auto clickers) and was deserving of a nerf but no one this strong, the M8A7 is currently worse than that IA2 which is a level 56 weapon.. please for the love of god just raise its fire rate again or make it 3 round burst. Screenshots (Optional):
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    Hello, gentlement, kids, furries and fellow friends. you may know me as N3v, i would like to say that i had fun time on CG and have meet more people than i was expecting. Sad thing is that i would no longer alble to play CG anymore (however i may pop in once in a while) due to my schedual which is not compatable with the time of CG. As some may know that im a malaysian, while other thinks that im a philippines or singaporian i enjoy the confusion and makes them puzzle where im from. well then this aint a final goodbye, but it is a goodbye from CG Military server. i would like to thanks the following people who helped me and i pretty much enjoyed their company. Thanks to..... Asatru(like a brother but with a viking beard) Miller(allways be a fun furry) Yapopey (or yap) Kruuze Evil Purple (FUCKA YOU!!!) Pancreas (I will give u feet pics someday) Nomad (fun boi with the same personallity) Xhenoah (good leader... and silent guy for some reason) Views (guy with the mouth but Fun!!!) Hurricane (Had fun but never getting 1st LT) Thats all i can think of... If i miss out on anyone just comment The only person who missed 5 1st LT spots....
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    Photo or it didn’t happen
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    may Allah forever be in your favour
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    Chur bro, good luck with school.
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    smh my one got removed “With this balaclava, it hides my face from my victims that get burnt alive” born in 1992, Codename “Snake” lived a simple life until he got enlisted into the military. During this time, he managed to go undercover inside taliban ranks and leak information to the US armed forces, which led him to go undercover in the PLA climbing the ranks before he had to pull out. Snake then climbed the ranks of the 75th rangers getting into 1Lt, but with that he got sent back into taliban to spy more which didn’t last long and got sent to the AUS 2nd commando spot. Aus lasted a while but then the US marine corps needed him to boost the numbers and moral. After that Snake applied for the UN to take down war criminals, but with this came [Redacted section]. This led to the movement to registan as a 1Lt of US army, and now he is in Delta Force.
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