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    +1 This is his 3rd ban appeal and his a nice guy, no fake ass thats gonna minge makes 3 ban appeals just unban him already, his ban is older than some CG players age.
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    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:165176179 In-game alias/rank: 2LT Isaiahh US Army Infantry Who banned you?: Speed Hause Fosbruh (Munted, Mundy, Mango, etc.) Ban Reason: Cheating (Appeal on Forums) Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Permanent Ban What happened?: If you have gone through my last two ban appeals, you will know that the reason I was banned was because I cheated on the server, and it was during an event that I was caught. Earlier before I was eventually banned, I was caught streaming my cheats, but the community was actually considerate to just warn me not to use them, instead of straight away reporting me, which was extremely kind of the playerbase to do. But I was selfish at the time and during an event, I locked onto an invisible no-clipping EM or Staff, and soon afterwards, I was brought to another room. I was assured by Munted that cheating is not tolerated and that the punishment would be a permanent ban. I owned up to it and asked if I could leave because I didn't want to see the ban ticket on my screen, which I will admit, is a bit confusing because I own up to it but didn't want to see the ban ticket. After that, I went to the forums and put up on apology post to at least let you know I feel regretful. And realizing that the community literally warned me about the consequences, I feel extremely guilty and idiotic for being neglectful to those guys, and I really am sorry for disappointing you. Why should we unban you?: I think I should be unbanned because I believe that the cheating is in the past, and I understand if you still think that the damage is still affecting the community and the playerbase in a way. I did use a cheat client and streamed it, and it was a stupid move. But I still hope that I can be accepted back in to play on the server; start over, try other regiments and the new guns that have been added, because to be honest, I have missed out on a lot of cool stuff that I want to try for myself. I also believe that a majority of the playerbase is willing to let me back in, at least the ones who remember me or the ones I've interacted with. I've already moved on from cheating, it wasn't right, and it isn't right. Nobody shouldn't be doing it anyways, and you can take it from me. Nobody should be cheating nor having the intention to cheat. I'm willing to actually use my head again, to having common sense and think stuff through. If I do end up being accepted, I'll be extremely happy to be let back in. If not, I'll just keep trying, even if it takes a while, I'm willing to keep trying. I don't want to give up because I enjoyed this commmunity more than anything else. Evidence in your favor (Optional): Nothing. Note: I'm sorry if I didn't word it out properly or explain myself effectively, I didn't want to make my post look like a copy from other appeals or my older ones.
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    Hope you enjoyed your stay, feel free to rate us on Yelp! Good luck with your future ventures.
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    o7 midday, goodbye for now chad gamer
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    Germany promised to not start another war yet in 1939 invaded poland -- Just because its unlikely doesn't mean it can't happen, hopefully the new head staff will have a open mind and not be a yes man
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    +1 never had an issue with him, don't see why he shouldn't be unbanned
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    Neutral - I feel like you could be a good mod if you put the work in for it - but I also agree with some of what Demonic has said and we have so many mods at the moment that I feel like it might be a good idea to wait for that to die down a bit and then reapply again. -Linus
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    Neutral for now. While there are times where you're very responsible, and try to uphold community values. There were also times when you just straight up minged in the face of staff and Sec ops (god rest their souls). While a one time thing is fine (and this was just a one time thing), you then started chastising US privates in debrief for partaking in the minging activities which you yourself took part in. This isn't me blatantly saying I don't support you either. I think you'd make for an excellent moderator if that sort of behavior doesn't happen again. From what I've seen, you were punished for that behavior, and what I've heard from others (i cant go off much as i can't hear you myself) is that you regretted it deeply. I'll change my response to a +1 in support of you being a mod if I see your behavior improving from what I've seen before
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