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    @Quickhell video0.mov
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    Suggestion Name: Allow players to filter OOC Suggestion Type: chat Reason: Many players including myself do not enjoy playing the server when there is lots of toxic arguing or complaining in OOC. A veteran staff member even made custom code to filter out players by steamID for this exact reason. However, the average player obviously cannot do this themselves. I believe this feature should only filter OOC, all other chat features tsay, pm, comms, etc should not be filtered.
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    Suggestion Name: SKIN/Models Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): all factions/rigiments Addon Pack (Optional):none Addon Pack File Size: none Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): ADD: So got a idea you have to donate to be able change player *skin* and *model* but its limited what you can choose to what ever Faction/Rigiment your in so if don't like your current one you change it up from hat to shoes. For example im in 75th only clothes i can wear has to be same\similar colors. Screenshots (Optional): none
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    +1 You can edit skins, and I've seen in other servers ways to do it as a user. restrict certain things to officer and it should be good.
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    It's not happening. Not worth the time.
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