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    Just to reinforce the rule anyway, Never take the intel twice in a raid Or the admins are gonna come after you and make you Give it up and ban you until your time is up. If you have been banned for this, you should now know to never Pick up the intel twice and if you’re gonna do that, The admins will pick you up and never let you down again
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    +1 Although Kyoshi's return was only quite recent, I've found him to be a pleasant bloke and very non-toxic, showing me you are mature. I see you following the rules and enforcing them, which shows your capability. Good luck in the application.
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    I heard 2021's coming out soon I would recommend looking into it.
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    +1 No clue how the tf they are going to fix this but it does need to be fixed. (it also happens to taliban and other sub factions btw) To explain it in a little more detail: You know when a raid starts, the enemy and allied factions will fight should the enemy make it to intel normally they can grab it being a good rule abiding man but with this glitch sometimes, and when its the FIRST time someone is taking intel during that raid it will display this message "Intel has already been taken during this raid" despite the fact it hasn't so its very annoying. I do believe something should be done about this. I hope its fixed soon.
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