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    hi im razi pls react agree thanks
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    -1, You are so toxic on MilRP and i feel like a person like that shouldnt be able to hold a rank on discord or a gmod server without first improving
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    Too right mate. I've seen a lot of wacc stuff come from you. Unless you magically shape up everything and sort stuff out which takes a while you will get closer to a +1
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    -1 Your one of the probably the most mingiest people who uses the discord not including the countless times you've said Racial words and been muted for many things.
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    Seeing a response saying a perm ban is suitable for an RDM, I see you lack basic knowledge abt being a staff. Yes I do agree apps don't make the staff, the training does but you need to know at least or have a basic mind set when it comes to warns and bans. Your activity is kinda a meh due to you being afk, I don't see you much on the server making progress imo despite you being a faction leader. And looking at what Hubert has comment about your recent LOA, it seems ur not ready for staff in my eyes. I know what is it like for staff to be trained and what makes a good staff and I don't think your fit for it right now, I myself do believe I am not the best staff as I tend to bring past situations constantly being discuss and staff members do not like it being brought up as they do say its a thing of the past. Summary : Your not ready for staff, eventhough you can be nice at times this my honest opinion, I do not wish to share other peoples opinions about you and I will respectfully let them respond -1: Lack of knowledge of basics, Your not ready , If you starting to hate the server don't become a staff after @Hubert state your LOA it will take awhile for me to change my opinion about you best of luck on the app A simple screenshot can tell your activity and the server has seen your activity despite being a Faction leader You are clearly afk on the scores being put, even if you did abit of RP at least some kills you have been reported to the Swan before about your leadership in RU so mega yikes just letting you know if no one told you. ------------------------------------------------ Even if you did edit your application with new answers, I can still tell you need a 3rd app to fix yourself up. Good luck and run your faction btw we are seeing Hubert and Castle doing alot of work in leadership, I am not on much but I know what is happening on the server. ------------------------------------------------ I am reading, listening and looking into the RU/Servers opinion about you, fix yourself, their opinions are actual facts after confirming what I am looking into to sorry to say, as your old Captain please discuss with your RU men and fix yourself being a faction leader can lead you into staff imo as it changes staff opinions on you In result of opinions and comments: They are mostly negative comments than positives ------------------------------------------------ Responding on questions: I get the idea you want to help new young people but your activity is lacking how can we trust you about the situation of you being laid back and being nice or helpful if you starting to hate the server and being meh on activity, even when I was staff sitting in an admin room waiting for tickets and responding tickets as fast as possible I still manage to impact on the server. Responding on scenarios: You are trainable but you just recently change the anwers so yikes imo seeing you just recently learn it, as midday stated you repeated your previous app did you learn anything so far? If you don't mind can you dm me and I will give you a test which I gave to the staff team to be sure they know their rules ranging from easy, medium to hard (the test was mainly giving to t-mod and mods so it should be easy for you ( the test wont be like a scenario up to 120 words being explained and staff was involve with the rule being broken it more to understand if you really know the basic of the rules. Staff should be at least active in the past 2 weeks and remember the rules. .---. ,' `. ;;'-------':. ,;: -o` o` ::: Clown ,::'; .--(_)-.:::. :::::( __ )::::. `:'`' \_____/ ;'`';_ -hrr- \ V / \ ------------------------------------------------
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    -1 you lack the skill to run your own faction, the RU faction is being carried by the officers more than you, you’ve been inactive and now trying to apply for mod? Work on being more active, interact with your officers and help out the faction. Your attitude isn’t the best one for the staff team, it’s a trial period but perm banning someone for an RDM isn’t a good thing to do. Keeping a cool head also is needed for staff team, and you can’t do that. I’ve seen you get heated quite a bit. Until you can prove to me that you’ll change and improve on the server. It’ll stay a -1
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    i'm sorry but you are clearly inactive and don't really do anything for the server, not going to make this super long and detailed cause everyone else above me already said it -1
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    Please update your application using the current template:
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