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    Greetings all! If you don’t know me, I’m Toby Tee. I’ve recently applied for the position of Moderator. My current app has been locked for activity reasons and I have the feeling that my app will be denied. In any case, I’d like people’s feedback on what I’ve been doing poorly and what I can do better. Whether it be toxicity or immaturity, please give me a slice of feedback for my endeavours. Thanks in advance, Toby. (P.S, don’t say activity pls. I’m already cracking down on that issue.)
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    @Ezygle Wait that was actually comic sans? In mobile it shows up as a fancy cursive font lol. @Midday I'd love to hang out in your private channel my dude. @Ian I'll go and chat with some people! @Mundy I'll also go hang out with some staff. Thanks all for the help!
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    Neutral I like, but at the same time, 105mb is pretty big for 4 guns... IDK how bad/good the prestige guns are, but they can't be that bad if they;re being used that much, all I see is "____ killed you with KN-44" lately.
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    Like mentioned above, activity can be one thing, but you should always put yourself out there. Things such as; - more involvement with RP with other factions - Discord usage, either text chats or voice, and - general involvement in OOC Everyone can be active on a server, but it's best to get to know people and for people to get to know you, this then making it easier for them to communicate with you later on, vice versa. This will also help the community to have a better understanding of who you are, there are plenty of active people on this server, but most wouldn't know who they are because they don't have that much involvement. Anyways, good luck!
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    Hey, being an event master is hard work. If you’re up for the task, so be it. I think you have matured over the ages and are ready and willing to take this position head-on. I’ve never experienced toxicity from you throughout my time in the server. I’m a tad bit biased because you’re one of the few people who reply to me when I say good night in OOC. That’s a +1 from me chief. Good luck, and all the best.
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    +1 You’re experienced and well versed with being staff. Whilst some of the things you’ve done that have been described above aren’t very good (mic spamming & prop removing) everybody deserves a shot. Plus, if you abuse your powers, the role can be removed. Good luck!
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    forum admins please delete comment
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    -/+ Neutral at the moment, you seem to have the right mindset for the Event Team but some changes can be made to your application, would love to see what you do for the staff team if you do get accepted good luck mate.
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    Hello all I am here to say hello to your faces. ( I'm still not VET ) NEGATIVE REACTS ONLY
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