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    -1 "Just don't spawn there." Is a horrible excuse to allow spawn killing and is on the same level as "Get Good". Just because you want easy kills doesn't mean you can be a dick. The battle should be for the point not under the point and you might say, "Capping the point will be a lot harder if you don't spawn camp." but that is the challenge as the defenders should have an advantage. Also there's the fact that when you yourself die constantly in FOB you will bitch and complain. A good exploit of the rule is to not cap the objective and instead go down and wait in the spawn room for people to spawn in for a easy kill. The fact that this exploit exists is why there should be a protection area. To actually counter the "Just don't spawn there" excuse, What's the actual point of having a forward spawn area if you're not going to use or it's being camped. Not spawning at the FOB nullify it's existence and it would be better to remove the spawn altogether as so new people don't get confused and accidentally fall into a death trap. The fact you complain about this shows that you have not put much research into this and that you are probably not the person to be tackling this type of suggestion. So I ask you this, Do you want to have a quicker spawn? Then cap the point at the front and don't go inside. We can solve a lot of problems just by doing that but sadly we don't live in a perfect world and one person is going to go in and spawn camp. The question is, will it be you?
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    Suggestion Name: Allow Spawn Camping Rule From FOB Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Rule Addon Pack (Optional): N/A Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): The rule for FOB has been the same for the past 3 Years and has never been a problem, if a player had a problem with it they would just not spawn there. Why change the rule now? I understand it's spawncamping, but they chose to spawn there, they can choose not to spawn there and not get spawncamped, it's their own fault if they're being spawncamped. Some reasons I can think on why you would add this is: Bounty gets super high Kill farming Spawncamping You should just remove the text screen honestly, 90% of the server would agree because every faction does this when they can. Screenshots (Optional):
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    +1 If your getting spawn camped just dont spawn there, you choose to spawn there and you choose to go balls deep into the PLA's favorite s*x dungeon. Its not a spawn because you pick if you spawn there so remove the sign,
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    Nope, i didnt design the ones atm. The ones i designed werent submitted, and the staff member that i worked on them with submitted his own
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    +1 It ask if they want to spawn there and if they know they are getting spawn camp they can not spawn there
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    "Crouch jumping compresses your hitbox so its small as fuck" "Crouch jumping fucks your model" "That crouch jumping fucker" "Omg he is fucking crouch jumping" "Crouch Jumping is so fucking broken" "Crouch Jumping literally fucks your model" 2020, Isn't the year of the Rat, Its the year of the Sook. Boring shit This shit is sketchy af, but it proves the point. Time to do a Scientific fucking report. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Aim: To find out if jumping whilst pressing (Crouch bind) breaks your hotbox so you gain an advantage. Hypothesis: If we Crouch whilst Jumping, the player will not break their hit box. Fuck the Equipment and Method. Results: What I found was interesting, after talking to regdab during a CSGO game. He told me that nothing happens. It doesn't break the hotboxes. Here is what I found. The Yellow Box is not the hit box, but its basically your model boundaries. In this example, it shows if a player was standing onto of me, he would be standing on top of the "invisible" yellow box. Play in 0.50 Speed or lower for analysis In this recording, it shows that the Hit Boxes don't compress or "fuck up" or break your hitbox. It shows that the hitbox follows the player model and during the crouch jumping it shows that the hitbox doesn't fuck up. The red line is meant to show you roughly the line of fire whilst holding a gun. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Alright, conclusion time. Fuck up if you say it breaks the hit boxes, it doesn't "so i was wondering what would happen is someone crouch jumped what would happen to the hitbox" - neetnevele "nothing idk why people complain" " it doesnt mess with hitboxes it's just like you crouch jump " -Meles meles Finishing off with "pretty sure they complain because you move like 1m when you crouch while in the air" Using crouch jumping is just UNFAIR, ONLY if the person who you are against is doing it People are witch hunting for crouch jumpers and they get hard for it. Answer, Yes it gains an advantage. BUT if you both do it, does it really gain an advantage? Thanks.
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    Crouch jumping is a cringe tactic but there are worse tactics that actually need to be addressed for example Headglitching. Let's have a witch hunt on headglitching instead.
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    -1 Lemme be clear chief you came into my regiment channel and started yelling at Santa for supposedly telling admins that you were ban evading its your fault not his and refused to listen when told to stop. So I don't see why you should be banned as well for "harassment" to other players. Wait the full month don't ban evade and put your head on straight *mic drop*
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    I'm pretty sure that's it's been tested enough times to know what it does to a hitbox.
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