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    Suggestion Name: Buff Dart Gun Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Regiment Weapon Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): So basically, my Hypothesis is if Buff Dart Gun, because Buff Dart Gun, is Buff Dart Gun. Additional Information: The subject ( @dean-chan) during the test was standing still with no movement - an unrealistic combat situation. In addition to this, the subject had full HP and Armour When the subject is already in the act of sprinting and gets hit with a dart, the subject can still sprint without the slow effect the 'poison' gives. 1 Dart - 1 Dart Gun Dart can kill a person with max HP and Armour. Upon further testing, the overall damage is RNG - sometimes the subject does not die in 1 dart. - 1 Dart Gun Dart can be out healed using a medkit. Note: The subject out healed the 1 dart and never went below 84 Health. 42 Charge was left on the medkit once the dart stopped damaging the subject - eventually got back up to full HP. 2 Darts - 2 Darts can kill a person trying to heal themselves. It took 20 seconds to kill. Note - the 2nd shot was shot directly after the first, in a real combat situation, the likeliness of the 2nd dart hitting would be unlikely considering the opponent would be moving around. - With 2 people healing the subject, the subject never went below 68 HP and was able to out heal the two darts. With 70% of the US fools being officers with medkits or medics, this is some tom foolery. 3 Darts - 3 Darts can kill a person with two people trying to out heal the 'poison'. - 3 Darts can be out healed with 3 medkits and the subject never dropped below 64 HP. Conclusion: Buff Jart Jun With the magazine size of 3, the dart gun is made completely fucking useless, being able to out heal the 'poison' with medkits. A sniper rifle is more efficient than the dart gun, being able to 1 shot HS and the opponent not 'out-healing' the fucking bullet in their brain and the sniper rifle having 9999 bullets. In addition, the time to kill for a singular dart is 15 seconds. 15 seconds is all it takes to unload an entire 100 round fucking magazine of an LMG. In comparison to other Taliban regiments, Al-Qaeda gets the short end of the stick with ISIS getting an RPG, Malakand receiving extra HP and a flamethrower and Taliban Army getting the HK-XM8 (Al-Shab00b fly shit). With a severe increase of magazine size as well as damage per tick, Mr Jart might actually be useful.
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    +1 Definitely needs a buff, I believe that it should do more damage and be more viable in combat. Great suggestion.
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    +1 Still Not Powerful Enough To Be Useful In Combat
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    Saying "GL is good but its gotten 75th officers demoted" may be the most foolish argument as to why they deserve ANOTHER op gun. It's quite obvious that all of the 75th officers that have been demoted for killing themselves with the GL were very dense individuals using it in CQC and saying 'oops' everytime they rounded a corner and launched themselves and another taliban to the moon, sometimes even a couple US with them. Maybe some grenade launcher training needs to be happening in 75th since it seems Miller has been the only one with IQ high enough to grasp how to properly use the GL. -1
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    +1 cause al qeada assassin also gets the worst gun on the server as its regiment weapon
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    +1 I'm going to agree with Rhys and Dean on this one, Kind of a useless weapon at this stage.
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    +1 Dart gun is bad, its what made me leave ghost even with the extra speed its not worth it with how bad the dart gun is.
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    +1 Why is everyone hating on getting it back? It never ruined anyone's experience when the server had it ages ago, Developer 1 in console looks bad and possibly if there was a way to have a new kill feed to be toggled off or on would be great.
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    Content Packs All the necessary addons you need to join the server. Step by step guide: Step 1. Subscribe to the following addon packs via this link You are now done. If you receive this message "Missing Map: rp_highland_colossalgaming_v1.bsp", go to step 2. Step 2. If you are missing the home map download the map via this link Step 3. After downloading the map navigate to steam/steamapps/common/GarrysMod/garrysmod/maps. Step 4. Move the file you downloaded into the folder Step 4. Restart your Garry's Mod and have fun!
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    Denied. Feel free to reapply in two weeks.
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    developer 1 Do that in console and look at the top left of your screen
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    -1 I don't feel that the point of the dart gun is to be used as a primary weapon (the way you compare it to guns makes me feel you are implying it should be used as one), I feel it would be more sensible/appropriate to shoot someone with it then switch to a primary and finish them off. Personally when I have been hit by a dart gun I haven't had a medkit or a medic available to heal me on the spot, so it just sounds like you are using the dart gun in the wrong situation. If you are using a dart gun when there is someone with medics around them you should probably re-look at your strategy. The RPG that ISIS gets only has 3 rockets, and it is not that good, neither is the 160 HP that Malakand gets (mainly because they are fat shits and move like tortoises), sure if you are using it in the right situation, the flamethrower and rocket launcher would be pretty good but you know, so could the dart gun.
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    This just further proves how shit the dart gun is. If we're using the RPG and flamethrower as examples of their 'right situations', let's brainstorm. We've got numerous different situations for each. For the flamethrower, it's dominant in CQC for obvious reasons - especially in objective-based scenarios with the user being able to spam the doorway or choke point with a constant flame, denying any entry from the opposition. The RPG is great in a similar situation if there is a choke point that the opposition needs to pass through. Not to mention it's splash damage, the 3 rockets that come with that is guaranteed to get multiple kills. Though the RPG is inconsistent at times, it has the ability to one shot. And what about Mr Jart? The situation you've given is completely useless in most scenarios unless the opponent has never played a first person shooter before. Firstly, "I feel it would be more sensible/appropriate to shoot someone with it then switch to a primary and finish them off". What is there to finish off? The time to kill is 15 seconds on a singular dart. By the time you pull out a primary or even secondary weapon, you would've taken a shit ton of bullets due to the attempt to pull out a different weapon. Not to mention the dart gun has probably done around 10 damage by then. If you were to shoot more than once with Mr Jart, the enemy still has more than enough time and health to kill you before you switch to the primary. I've tried this exact method of shooting and switching to a primary and it worked on very rare occasions. The only times it worked were on maps like the shitty low FPS bridge map, in the lower level of the bridge where there are walls that pop out and can be used as cover, allowing you to switch from Mr Jart to your primary weapon. In saying this, you still can't 'finish them off'. Whilst your idea is good and makes sense in theory, it doesn't work as its intended because the dart doesn't do sufficient damage within the time frame of re-peaking with your primary. Secondly, "The way you compare it to guns make me feel you are implying it should be used as one". It's in the god damn name, Dart-Gun. It's a DONOR EXCLUSIVE weapon that is apart of a DONOR EXCLUSIVE class and in comparison to other regiments such as 75th, ISIS and Malakand, they all have 'guns' that are used as 'guns'. If anything, this only proves that it should be used as a gun. If an individual with the special class package wanted to stay in Al-Qaeda and climb the ranks, the Assassin sub class is practically useless considering the $35 it's worth. The utility within the class is absolute garbage compared to the bandit which has cuffs (allowing an extension for RP) and medic (no explanation needed here). 35 Buckers for a 15 second to kill, inconsistent and E x t r e m e l y S i t u a t i o n a l "Secondary Gun" according to yourself. Finally, "If you are using a dart gun when there is someone with medics around them you should probably re-look at your strategy". I'm beyond baffled as to why you have bothered to type this complete and utter useless string of words. Majority of the models look the same compared to each regiment's sub classes. Not to mention, when I'm out here trying to point and click on heads, the first thing that comes to my mind is to take time out of my thought process of; are they pushing me? Where the fuck am I getting shot at? Oh shit, fucking grenade, hit legs and run! And change that to; which clown is a medic and can out-heal Mr Jart? In Conclusion,
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    I don't even want to bother commenting on your childish reply. The dart gun doesn't just do damage, in case you haven't noticed it slows the targets and also makes their screen green, which believe it or not is pretty off-putting for most people. The dart gun is not a fire-arm, it is an air gun. You are comparing an air gun that shoots darts at around 400 - 600 feet per second to a fire arm that shoots large metal projectiles moving at 2000+ feet per second. I am beyond baffled that you think all models look the same, are you blind? The majority of the models definitely do not look the same compared to the other sub classes, maybe if you come on the server once in a while you would figure that out. If you are already getting shot at, then you are using it in the wrong situation, the dart gun was implemented for stealth purposes, not when you are already getting shot at by multiple people. If you don't know how to use the dart-gun effectively (which you obviously don't), don't use it, simple. You go from comparing the dart gun (an air gun) to sniper rifles and LMGs to comparing it to the flame thrower and the RPG, as I stated before, use them in the right situations and they are effective, are you going to use a flamethrower from 50+ meters away? How about using a RPG from a few meters away? Or maybe an SMG to shoot someone that is 200+ meters away? No, you aren't. Before I go, here's a hint how to use the dart gun. Use it when your target can't see you (it's silent and makes it harder for them to see you)
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