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    Staff Members In-Game Name/Alias: Zynix Staff Members SteamID: STEAM_0:1:439743264 Staff Members Discord/Teamspeak Name/Alias: (optional)Zynix ynix Staff Members Discord/Teamspeak ID (name#2003 or UniqueID): (optional) Zynix#7878 Where did this occur? (Discord | Teamspeak | Forums | MilitaryRP) Discord and Military RP Type of Report: Rule break and breach of staff rules Reason for Report:Was referred here by Tropica Evidence: Today, I was playing MilRP and Zynix was in U.S base, pretending to be a Thai Maid. He wasn’t interrupting anything and I assumed he had an escort to I took it as some fun Rp and left it there. I went AFK in Delta Bunks for about 5 minutes and when I came back, Zynix was just wandering around bunks without an escort, so I pointed my gun at him and told him to stop right there. He ran away when I kept on telling him that he was breaking FearRP and to stop there so I could get an MP. He ran to the roof of Delta Bunks where I told him to stop multiple times while pointing a gun at him, but he didn’t so I shot him. I took it to a sit and Tropica took it. He heard both sides and said that he would warn Zynix but he couldn’t because he was an admin too, and to take it to staff reports. Last night he also leaked the additions of new Honey Badger rifles that were discussed at the staff meeting in the Delta Force discord, breaking staff rules
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    If possible I am going through my screenshots and find possible text of my ingame name abt the fear rp situation as for the leaking gun parts I will be going through old texts with my friends the same list I stated with delta force ( so it will be a big help if you can list the guns I said) (Or did none of the delta guys listen to me) he would warn Zynix but he couldn’t because he was an admin too, and to take it to staff reports. Did you read what he said in the sit? He did not continue the sit cause he and I were staff members. He did not give me a warn but said he does not have the perms to continue this investigation
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    One - For me your mic was soft and you were behind me like at a point when I am in first person not realising. (Tbh that was my fault since I had lag and my discord was on) Second- The honey badger part is acctually kinda obvious I was lying because I said honey badgers does 40 damage (My main obj of me lying to you guys is that you guys use other and not op guns as we have discussed abt the same topic in Fs2.) I mean everytime you tried to use your mic no one can hear you due to how soft you are sometimes ( you are 200% on my discord) ( or it is my gmod messed up) Comment: I think some of them delta force listen to me carefully when I said micro deasert eagle does 40 damage as well Evidence in my defence is none but: Why did you decide to kill me when I cleary said in the marine bunks I had trouble with my audio and I was rping with Kruuze. If possible please put the list of guns I said and the damage and the guns I recommend to use in battlefield situations.( and if you did not realise the guns I said are the guns for special classes and the guns you guys only use and talk abt) I forgot ask atsy,adam walker,Ibrahim and how abt all the people rping with me knowing I had audio problem and they let me rp with them If possible bring a witness as well to state all the guns I stated Even before I became staff I always make jokes abt guns being nerf and buff in stupid ammount Any evidence abt me lying: No but youu can ask friends like Altair,Grigory, Spartan or whoever that knows me abt my gun nerfing topic. _____________ (If I broke any rules I will take my punishment)
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