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    Denied Thank you for the application, attempt again in two weeks time. (with your own app if you want)
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    Got it, I'll accept the inane faggotry of this. -1 TS is dead, the rank doesn't allow you much with a TS server that's only used by staff now. Don't waste time going for this role, you're better off with forum mod.
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    lucky you then, because half the time when no other staff are around he can bearly keep himself contained, and has to lie to get his way
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    +/- The app is well written, but I have seen you be rude towards lower rank people and if what Ghett has said is true I don't want a biased and unprofessional person running the TS. That's not true he has put a solid 88 hours into the server in the past week
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    Locking this till I get home.
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    sorry dude, piss poor excuse.
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    @BigDaddy these wanna be gangs just cringed me out.
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    is this legal?
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    +1. I here about this sorta stuff often. He is in his right to make a report.
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    -1. In my experience with you, you are unprofessional and bias. Your activity is also not the best. Also Stop making fucking everything colorful.
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