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    oi mate, you solo raided earlier today.
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    This just in from Highlands tonight, United States Military Police have made multiple arrests against members of a terror group operating inside the United States Military. The Group, ominously named "Down with Canoon" or DWC, was arrested after photographs by A.P were released, showing key members of the group meeting with Taliban leaders shortly before an attack was made of Lieutenant General Canoon's Life. There are multiple reports coming out from the Military Headquarters that General of the Armies Halstead has authorised a strike package against the Taliban in response to this and other attacks, with the strike to occur in the next 24 hours. This is a developing story, more news to follow.
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    Breaking News out of Highlands tonight, United States Military Police are today investigating an attack that has killed General Etho and his bodyguards. General Etho, a long serving and well decorated member of the United States Marines, was serving in an intelligence role within the military after an extended period of time as General of the Armies. Military Sources speaking on the condition of anonymity due to not being authorised to speak to the media, stated that General Etho was investigating intelligence of planned Taliban attack. "We believe Taliban assassins planted intelligence that led the General to this location, for the purpose of launching this ambush" News is circulating around Military Headquarters that General of the Armies Halstead has ordered strikes against high value targets of the Taliban. This is a developing story, more news to follow.
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    That wasn’t a excuse I really did think someone called raid i had people in my ears screaming “come get us” and “they called raid” so it was difficult for me to think properly. Again I am sorry for any time wasted dealing with me. Also I didn’t say “i didn’t solo” I stated “how was that a solo” because I thought raid was called. -sorry
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    Neutral - +1 Quit active, positive impact on RP scenarios, trustworthy (shitting my pants doing a trust exercise with jesse in a promo training) -1 due to warns
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    Introduction: Force role-play is when you literally get forced into a role-play situation, Example: You are eleventeen, Leader of Faithfuls. You are now being interrogated by a MP. The Military Police initiates FORCE RP by questioning "We scanned your face and found you on the Taliban List.". (That is force RP) Another example of Force RP is "Patting you down and found an item which forces you to stay in jail, i.e A bomb, phone, etc." This clearly is unfair on the Taliban members who are wrongly accused and clearly held in for a long period of time. This clearly needs to stop. Force Roleplay is a clear loophole in the rules, by being able to grab any item or fake your way to find identity's, i.e. Facial recognition units to gather people's roleplay name, regiments and RP Ranks. and phones with incrimination data to associate civilians with the Taliban. Force Roleplay is a clear loophole in the rules. Meta game/fail rp is clearly being walked around when force rp is present. How this can benefit both sides in a broken role play manor Force role play can benefit both sides, by being able to walk around Fail RP, you can know who the person is and what they do. This is useful especially in the jails. By knowing who they are and who they work for, they can determine how much of a threat they are by not even doing some serious role-play work. Why this rule should be added This rule should be added to encourage more complex role play in the jails, by working out who they are through complex role-play, it would be fun to either find out who they are and what they do or being in the role play environment. Adding the rule would also patch the loophole where Force RP can walk through Fail RP/Meta game during certain situations. TLDR: Force rp is a loophole where they force you into roleplay situations by using metagame, etc. This 100% wont be looked at but should 100% be acknowledged by the community, I don't care if this gets denied or hate. I just want the community to know the issues that make this server "Crap"
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    Now that's just rude mate, might have to revoke your rank
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    +1 People always claim that Taliban don't RP, but this is one of the many reasons why we don't RP with the US, whenever there is interaction between the US and Taliban, US will always take the rank and faction that floats above their heads into consideration, event though it is considered meta-game. They then force RP onto these innocent Civilians, already assuming that they are Taliban and take extra steps in proving it, such as "/me finds armed device in pocket", even after they strip themselves. Another occasion where RP was forced on me was when i had disguised myself as US, as soon as people saw the Taliban tag above you head, they will follow you non-stop, asking to check ID and even though you follow the steps correctly, you are still detained, because they will always find a way "plant" evidence onto you.
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    You can use /roll to counter unfair RP. If they roll lower than you the RP must go in your favour.
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    +1 Personally I am confused why this isn't already a rule. Literally can incriminate a player who is roleplaying as a civilian with /me finds gun. Today eleventeen and I were roleplaying as clueless tourists from Ethiopia Highlands which we RP'd being exploited under gunpoint then being forced to enter the base then surrendering ourselves to Security Operations, a simple arrest was guaranteed but then it just extended to someone /me finding suicide vest which nearly led to our execution until a higher ranking stood in, on many occasions will this occur which ultimately stops the possibility of Taliban RP to even occur at this rate. Simply implementation of this wouldn't harm RP in anyway, it just stop the ability to randomly force an aspect of RP onto another players as this can clearly be exploited.
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    Your getting confused with the way that we deal with annoying Russians.
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    @CovaLyou will be lucky that you dont get dragged out of your bunks at night and taken to the black site to be killed at this point.
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    More Breaking news out of Highlands Tonight, United States Military Police are investigating another attack that was targeting General Etho's funeral. The Funeral, attended by personal of all branches of the military, Russian Special Forces and members of the local population, were preparing to say their final farewell to the General when a truck, driven by a member of the Insurgency, ram through the base security and into the crowds. Major BananaKing, Commanding Officer of Military Police for the Highlands region, told reporters that the attacker, identified by his alias "Sleepy Helium", breached security during a sensitive time of the service. " It is with sadness that I report tonight that seven United States Servicemen, two Russian Special Forces members and one civilian were killed in the attack. An additional 13 Servicemen were injured in the attack, including First Lieutenant Jesus. The attacker drove a modified decommissioned military vehicle, designed to inflict maximum carnage." The insurgent, who attempted to flee the scene shortly after the attack, was shot dead by Russian Special Forces members shortly after the attack. Reports from inside the Kremlin report President Putin has offered President Trump his unconditional support in destroying the insurgency. More to follow.
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    Neutral - Youre quite active and see you around the base a lot, but as Ian said, try and get more known with the other faction so more people know who you are.
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    +1 I have only recently started speaking to him but he seems like good staff team material.
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    During a recent event this message showed up and while I didn't kill him I did hit him and if we had actual one hit guns he would have died. Due to the shit quality of my computer it was only recording at ten frames so you may need to pause and use slow mode to verify or just use this picture (I have my hit markers set to red). @Asatru
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    @BananaKingI didn't add that in, from memory that was what someone had the music bot playing.
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    IDK why I got dragged into this just cause you treat your hoes like shit, left me out on the corner earning money for your gang wtf i got ghosted, at least have the dignity to pick me up at the end of the night. I cherished my relationship with my bigdaddy until he pimp slapped me for earning 3000$ buy " Negotiating " with the main client dazza, I was never good enough
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    No protection was used in the making of this film. "Trojan. Pleasure you want. Protection you trust. Motto: The Official Condom Of The Hip Hop Kulture."
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    Personally, I think this would be a cool addition to the game If it was made compulsory after getting MSGT (or some rank) this would promote not leaving the regiment and "regi Hopping" obviously they can be changed if the need to be but something similar to legacy would be awesome!
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    Just do it on jungle at the waterfall, "swim day on christmas" we can but up a tree and everything
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    @Dragoul stop trying to be amin x
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    +1 yEAH Nah, Honestly joey is one of the most responsible people I know that players on CG, If anyone should have the role of moderator it should be this man. He has personally helped me run regiments and is well time managed and doesn't act like a little kid when shit aint going his way, Would make a great addition to the staff team
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