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    More Breaking news out of Highlands Tonight, United States Military Police are investigating another attack that was targeting General Etho's funeral. The Funeral, attended by personal of all branches of the military, Russian Special Forces and members of the local population, were preparing to say their final farewell to the General when a truck, driven by a member of the Insurgency, ram through the base security and into the crowds. Major BananaKing, Commanding Officer of Military Police for the Highlands region, told reporters that the attacker, identified by his alias "Sleepy Helium", breached security during a sensitive time of the service. " It is with sadness that I report tonight that seven United States Servicemen, two Russian Special Forces members and one civilian were killed in the attack. An additional 13 Servicemen were injured in the attack, including First Lieutenant Jesus. The attacker drove a modified decommissioned military vehicle, designed to inflict maximum carnage." The insurgent, who attempted to flee the scene shortly after the attack, was shot dead by Russian Special Forces members shortly after the attack. Reports from inside the Kremlin report President Putin has offered President Trump his unconditional support in destroying the insurgency. More to follow.
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    Entralink's Ban Appeal SteamID: STEAM_1:1:88648480 In-game alias/rank: Entralink/User. Ban Reason: Doxxing a staff member. Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Permanent. Why should we unban you?: I feel really bad about what i did, and even though i have a past of being a minge i really want to come back to the server and play again. Leading up to my ban i was trying my hardest not to be a cunt (Like i was in Seals) and just RP. In my time in the 75th Rangers i was starting to enjoy the server again and then i did what i did and got myself banned. I understand if people on the server don’t want me back due to what i have done in the past. I hope that everyone can forgive my actions and allow me back on the server. Evidence in your favor (Optional): None.
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    Your ban has been lifted. Do not let it down.
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    Application Denied You currently don't meet the set requirements to apply for this rank, same reason previous application was closed. Please make sure you meet the requirements before applying again.
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    +1 will join back to tali if added
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    +1 because he non stops follow the rules and a nice person
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    -1 Use to shoot at spetsnaz and when he would get shot back he would say "I was only joking if I wanted to kill you, you would already be dead" in OOC. Unless you can show clear improvement I will keep my -1.
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    Phat+1 I have spoken to him recently and he has expressed wanting to rejoin the server and follow the rules. therefore I see no reason he should not be unbanned
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    +1 calls me retard, bad hairline, homo etc. Legit though he rectified his relationship with the person that he doxxed and has had time to mature and reflect on why he wants to play CG again.
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    +1 Been talking in the past couple of days seems like a cool guy and really wants to come back to the server -Lil Gucci
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    Least I said no homo.
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    -1 from what i have seen from you in the past as a 75th you were a minge and i havent seen you in the past month and have only noticed you like 3-4 days ago and talking shit in private msgs in game because i promoted one of my rangers
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    Sorry new phone who this? I’ve heard the name, haven’t had any experiences with you ( at least I don’t think so) idk might have shown up a bit in last 2 weeks but I wouldn’t know as I’m on a long ass LOA
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    +1 i noticed you have been getting better recently on the server, i see you helping more people around the server and taking control of your regiment whenever they brake a rule also noticed you are less mingy then how you were before
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    Press F to pay respects
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    Shit make a grown man cry
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    Breaking News out of Highlands tonight, United States Military Police are today investigating an attack that has killed General Etho and his bodyguards. General Etho, a long serving and well decorated member of the United States Marines, was serving in an intelligence role within the military after an extended period of time as General of the Armies. Military Sources speaking on the condition of anonymity due to not being authorised to speak to the media, stated that General Etho was investigating intelligence of planned Taliban attack. "We believe Taliban assassins planted intelligence that led the General to this location, for the purpose of launching this ambush" News is circulating around Military Headquarters that General of the Armies Halstead has ordered strikes against high value targets of the Taliban. This is a developing story, more news to follow.
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