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    You admitted to breaking FearRP, even if its not intetional. Its a warn, aka an Administrative note that the incident occurred. It is the most appropriate action to take in this incident. I'll see what some of the other senior staff say, but to be honest, be glad its a warn and not a ban. C
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    Suggestion Name: Prestige Pistols/Secondaries Suggestion Type: Weapon Addon Pack: Any that the server devs see fit Addon Pack File Size: Reason: We're grinding away prestiges for primary weapons, but secondaries seem rather lacklustre. Perhaps something as simple as knives or pistols with skins and stat bonuses similar to the primary weapons would help make them more interesting and sought after. Even if they aren't extremely powerful, having unique pistols or knives would look nice, and fit a certain niche for some players. Who doesn't want a Gold Deagle? Screenshots (Optional):
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    +1 Even though i dislike you a lot i do believe you would be a good staff member
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    +1 The application itself could be improved, but i've had this man under my command before and he's a pretty nice and chill guy and I see him around quite a bit. Could do pretty well as a staff member. Goodluck Ethan ❤️
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    Literally What canoon said, It isnt a punishment and unless you had your weapon out on safety there isnt anything staff can do to fix it. You just have to move on.
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    +1 cool guy reliable and intelligent and handsom he would suit very well as a mod Ethan Shirley CWO 75th
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    Please use the correct forum template:
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    So like its a simple +1 I believe you should be Mod, you as Mundy said have great potential and I believe you are 100% fit for this position.
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    +1 Great guy in the community, has great potential for the server too! Would like to see you as a Moderator
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    +1 Very Good app, very nice and active guy
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    Staff Members In-Game Name/Alias: Wikka Staff Members SteamID: Staff Members Teamspeak Name/Alias: (optional) Staff Members TS UniqueID: (optional) Where did this occur? Military RP Type of Report: Warn Reason for Report: Warn seemed a bit bs Evidence: Wikka-fearrp warn, in my warnings list Extra Comments: I was sitting outside the US base, I notice a taliban coming at me from across the road with a rifle, in total silence, I panic, pull out a gun and ended up not killing him, off pure instinct mind you, not a conscious effort to break the rules at all, in which I'm getting punished for, human nature, a legit human reaction, magnificent lmao
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